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Decktopus is a next generation, dynamic, and interactive document and presentation creation tool, offering a variety of slide decks and presentation templates that are ready to go at your disposal. Survey our templates under education, business, proposal, and online course categories as well as many more industries such as real estate, coaching, wellness, students, and more. 

What Presentation Templates Does Decktopus Offer? 

Here is a list of presentation templates currently available: (Please note that we are constantly adding new templates on a daily basis).

100+ Decktopus Presentation Proposal Templates

  1. Mobile App Business Proposal
  2. Consulting Business Proposal
  3. Free Business Proposal
  4. Construction Business Proposal
  5. Software Business Proposal
  6. Video Production Business Proposal
  7. Non Profit Business Proposal
  8. Marketing Business Proposal
  9. Interior Design Business Proposal
  10. Accounting Business Proposal
  11. Advertisement Business Proposal
  12. Catering Business Proposal
  13. Cleaning Business Proposal
  14. Corporate Business Proposal
  15. Sales Business Proposal
  16. Upwork Business Proposal
  17. Mortgage Business Proposal
  18. Digital Marketing Business Proposal
  19. Executive Project Proposal Presentation Template
  20. Engineering Project Proposal Template
  21. Design Project Proposal Template
  22. Construction Project Proposal Presentation Template
  23. Branding Project Proposal Template
  24. Technical Project Proposal Presentation Template
  25. Social Media Project Presentation Template
  26. Investment Project Proposal Template
  27. Grant Project Proposal Template
  28. Consulting Project Proposal Presentation Template
  29. Project Proposal Presentation Template
  30. Negotiation Proposal Template
  31. Sales Proposal Template
  32. Marketing Proposal Template
  33. Sales Proposal Template
  34. Mindfulness Course Proposal Template
  35. Yoga Course Proposal Template
  36. Business Coaching Proposal Template
  37. Executive Coaching Proposal Template
  38. Professional Coaching Proposal Template
  39. Online Coaching Proposal Template
  40. Online Yoga Course Proposal
  41. Executive Coaching Proposal Template
  42. Online Coaching Template
  43. Service Proposal Template

Business Presentation Templates

  1. Meeting Agenda Template
  2. Product Presentation Template
  3. Business Presentation Template
  4. Product Showcase Template
  5. Landing Page Template
  6. Real Estate Listing Template
  7. Giveaway Template 
  8. Social Media Strategy Template
  9. Covid-19 Precautions Template
  10. Necessary Travel FAQ Template
  11. Work From Home Template
  12. Covid-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know Template
  13. Content Strategy Template
  14. Sales Representative Document Template
  15. Sales Plan Template
  16. Sales Report Template
  17. Sales Document Template
  18. Marketing Plan Template
  19. Organizational Culture Template
  20. Checklist Template
  21. Checklist Presentation Template
  22. Test Preparation Template
  23. Cheat Sheet Template
  24. Company Culture Template 
  25. Hiring & Onboarding Template
  26. L&D Capability Framework Showcase by Con Soditis 
  27. Company Orientation Template
  28. Strategic Partnership Plan Template
  29. CV Template
  30. Product Demo Template
  31. Startup Pitch Deck Detailed Template
  32. Airbnb Pitch Deck Template
  33. Startup Pitch Deck 
  34. Team Portfolio Template
  35. Strategic Plan Template
  36. Progress Report Template
  37. Business Plan Presentation Template

Online Course Templates 

  1. Syllabus Week Template
  2. Online Class Template
  3. English Vocabulary Flashcards Template
  4. Checklist Template
  5. Cheat Sheet Template
  6. Course Introduction Template
  7. Online Course Template

Education Templates

  1. Happy Burger Day: Burger Recipe Template
  2. Mother’s Day Template
  3. Star Wars Day Template
  4. Homework Template
  5. Assignment Template
  6. Career Path Template
  7. Convincing Parent Template
  8. Convincing Parent Template: Decktopus Edition
  9. Thesis Presentation Template

What is a Presentation Template?

At some point in your career, you will likely need to make a presentation. For many of us it can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! With our presentation template you can easily create visually appealing slides. Add text, graphics, graphics, whatever you need. Read on to learn more about our presentation template and how it can help you and your team. What is the presentation template? Text and graphics that illustrate your topic. For most of us, giving presentations can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools. 

The presentation template can build your confidence by helping you deliver effective presentations.Use simple tools to create a visually engaging presentation that will keep your audience focused and engaged. When creating a slideshow with a team, you can share your slides, get feedback, and collaborate without missing a beat. Use the presentation template to save money. Time allows you to focus on your content. 

When to Use the Presentation Template 

Use the Presentation Template whenever you need to create a presentation. If you are a seasoned professional you will love using the template to customize your foil deck. If you are a newbie, the template will build your confidence as a communicator by making it easy for you to create an inspired and memorable slide deck that will make you feel like you are able and ready to present. 

Create Your Own Presentation 

Creating your own presentation is easy. The tool is the perfect canvas to create and share with your co-workers.First, select the presentation template, then follow the steps below to create your own. Think about what you want to get out of your presentation. What would you like your audience to come out with? Don't worry about the details. In the brainstorming phase, just write down everything you can think of. 

Define your audience 

Who are you? Do you know something about your topic or do you have to start from scratch? Defining your audience is a critical part of creating your presentation as it affects everything from the design of your stack of slides to the level of detail with which you explain your topic.What is the context of this presentation? Will it be for a hands-free meeting? A conference? The setting helps you determine how technical the presentation should be, how long you speak, how formal it should be, and more. his presentation. 

Treat it like a sample. Start with an introduction, do 3-5 main points, and then conclude. Include as much detail as you want; You can always reduce the number of words later. Make a draft of the text that will appear on your slides. Start by adding information from your outline to your slides.

Get creative with the pictures! Beautify your foil deck with photos, symbols, graphics and other images. Make sure the slides are easy to read, but don't be afraid to have fun with them. Pictures are a great way to keep your audience engaged. 

Share your slideshow with staff for feedback. Practice your presentation in front of an audience. It can be difficult to tell which aspects of your presentation are clunky, unclear, or boring, unless You really do the presentation. a dress rehearsal. Go through the slideshow as if you were at your meeting or conference. If necessary, give your audience time to ask questions. Invite your audience to give you their opinion. Keep refining it until you get a clear and concise presentation that shines.

Why Are Presentation Templates Important? 

Imagine being up and running for the first time in 15 minutes with a good selection of templates. Templates save money and time. Using templates helps to save costs and time. It is extremely profitable to already build a defined structure. spend more time on an offer than having to reinvent the reporting / matrix structures every time. 

In addition, Decktopus provides templates from some of our other users. Use the features of our tools, modify the templates provided or create your own custom templates. Deciding what and how to display information is critical to how information about your artifacts will be presented. It is important to be able to maintain the structure and appearance in a template for your different customers. 

Provide consistency and uniformity

Templates give reports / matrices a uniform appearance. Reports / matrices without templates can differ in the presentation of the information so that each employee can make an individual decision. To display this critical information Templates allow a consistent shape and structure so your team can find important issues quickly. Consistency impresses prospects and customers with your company's branding. Fewer mistakes Let's face it, we make mistakes when we are bored, such as cutting out and inserting between tables and documents. Templates avoid mistakes by enforcing consistent essential content. 

Templates are a framework of elements that must be in place to complete the report / matrix.In addition, templates always guarantee the complete completion of a report / matrix. When certain information needs to be filled in, it is more difficult to accidentally omit it from the templates. Templates have myriad benefits for businesses that use them, including saving time and money. , greater consistency, ease of use and reduction in errors. Templates help business and proposal development teams focus on what matters.

Reasons to Use Document Templates

A common nuisance for many trainers and developers is creating highly interactive and great looking e-learning courses without having to have coding skills or graphic design experience with Pest developers every day. A tried and tested method for this is the use of templates. You can use these resources to quickly develop engaging and interactive activities for students. Designing and developing an eLearning course certainly requires analyzing several factors for the process to be successful. Choosing the right template is one of them.

What do we mean by e-learning or education templates? According to the e-learning coach, the templates are: “A set of standard screens that you can create for a course to ensure visual and cognitive continuity. Students on a course share some similar characteristics.“So we can say that they are a framework for content. Templates can contain color schemes or themes, buttons, icons, navigation bars, and more. They give the courses a uniform appearance. 

Today there are several authoring tools that respond to current trends and, thanks to the use of templates, enable e-learning courses to be created quickly and easily. These resources will vary depending on the authoring system you are using to develop the course. Using an authoring tool like SHIFT for example, you don't even have to create your templates but choose the one you like best from over 300 different types and styles. 

Here are 10 good reasons to use templates for creating online courses: 

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Presentation Templates for Online Learning

1. Templates increase flexibility

Templates increase flexibility, are easy to update, and provide consistency across the project. 

2. They can regularly be improved

You can constantly improve them to meet didactic and technological requirements as well as customer needs. They can be easily tracked and updated.

3. They're easy to use

Access to a template library gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of pre-configured interactions without programming or configuration. 

4. They give you more power & options

Basically, they enable a large number of people (professional or not) to design eLearning. 

5. Ensure course consistency and uniformity

Standardization is an integral part of a course. This helps students navigate and use. When we talk about standards we mean: colors, fonts, sizes and layout.

6. Reduce rework time

With pre-made templates, you don't have to waste time creating or recreating courses from scratch. Just use the templates you need. according to your learning needs and use them again and again! 

7. Accelerate development time

Templates enable companies to create courses in a small fraction of the time it would traditionally take (the SHIFT template saves at least 50% in labor costs and up to 75% in program development) Templates are the perfect solution when you need a course or product update quickly.

8. They use best learning methods

Templates are a natural way to organize information and, for example, help students avoid content overload. Its design process incorporates best usability practices from the ground up. So you can concentrate on the essentials - another big advantage is that you can now concentrate on the learning content and less on how to make a button or slide look good. 

9. A great way to ensure effective content; and also a good design

Templates give your course a great look in a short time and without programming. You are a great source of inspiration! You don't have to waste time thinking about how to place the various elements or content, just organize everything according to the template you choose. The key is that you have a variety of ready-to-use design ideas on hand. This way, you can put together a great looking, quick course without thinking too much about the design. 

10. Reduce errors through extensive technical tests

Before a template is released into production, it goes through several tests on different platforms and conditions in order to rule out programming errors.

Decktopus presentation templates, proposals, and more, allow for you to quickly get started on your presentation, and fill in your content to have a slide deck that is ready to go in minutes. With 100+ templates at your disposal, get started on your presentation now!

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