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Level up your outreaches with audible decks.

Do you not get enough responses from your cold outreaches? Try giving your prospects a smoother
and customized sales process.

Then try picking a pre-made template, filling in the blanks in 15 minutes, recording your voice over your deck & just sharing it with an online link! This will give you a smoother & customized sales process while impressing your customers!

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Loved by the community,
trusted by 100,000 users around the world

Do you want to make your decks audible?

Record your voice over your deck and share it anywhere with a link.

Would you like to increase engagement with your potential customers?

With mobile responsive design, create any content & use it as your bio link to increase engagement.

Do you want to collect leads?

Use built-in & interactive forms to collect any kind of information from your audience.

Petar G.

CEO, Management Consulting

I started using Decktopus a few months ago and it's honestly the best PowerPoint alternative I've seen in the past decade. I don't know how they do it, but they always have new templates that are on point. There's a template for everything from business presentations to ad campaigns! The best thing is that with one click you can change the whole design without breaking anything.

Loved by the community,
trusted by 100,000 users around the world

Do you spend hours preparing proposal decks?

Create decks in 10 minutes with auto-adjusted templates & layouts

Do you have to design everything yourself?

Choose a premade design that is applied to all slides

Do you want to focus only on closing deals?

See the analytics for your proposal deck

David K.


PowerPoint is cool but if you want to create a powerful presentation or a deck for your investors, marketers, sales, etc, Decktopus is the right choice. You can easily create a presentation in say 20 minutes (7 slides) then copy a shareable link and woolaaa all done.

The impact of making your decks interactive


more positive feedback


more engagement


more sales made

Increase engagement & show value


Instead of over-used decks create appealing & super-customized content for your clients.

Built-in Forms

Collect leads with customizable & tailored-made forms from any platform.

Proposal Decks

Send tailor-made proposals to your potential clients who are interested in what you give.

Show Value

Express the value within a deck without any distractions. Embed videos, record your voice, and share anywhere.

Revolutionize your business presentations with AI-powered assistance!
Easily manage and create branded presentations for your organization.