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Generate more revenue.

Communicate within a deck with your potential customers, and make your team more efficient!

No matter what size your team is, time efficiency is what we all need! Non-designers designing proposals, your design team is already understaffed, and potential clients do not get back to you, so your revenue does not seem to be increasing.

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Loved by the community,
trusted by 100,000 users around the world

Is your design team understaffed?

Decktopus requires no design skills. Pick a template, fill in the blanks & your deck is ready!

Does it take forever for your customers to get back?

Use built-in forms and communicate within a deck.

Do you have low social media engagement?

With mobile responsive design, create any content & use it as your bio link to increase engagement.

Mike Lester

Systems & Methods Head

What I like best about Decktopus is the ease of use and collaboration features of the platform which makes it a very good tool for creating and showing presentations to your target audience. There is absolutely no room for slides to go off-brand on the overall design of each slide as collaborators can only edit the specific content on each slide. For individuals or businesses looking to replace their aging presentation software, take a closer look at Decktopus and see how it could benefit your business in your presentation requirements.

Loved by the community,
trusted by 100,000 users around the world

Do you spend hours preparing proposal decks?

Create decks in 10 minutes with auto-adjusted templates & layouts

Do you have to design everything yourself?

Choose a premade design that is applied to all slides

Do you want to focus only on closing deals?

See the analytics for your proposal deck

David K.


PowerPoint is cool but if you want to create a powerful presentation or a deck for your investors, marketers, sales, etc, Decktopus is the right choice. You can easily create a presentation in say 20 minutes (7 slides) then copy a shareable link and woolaaa all done.

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more efficient


more time-efficient tasks


more positive feedback


more revenue

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Pitch Decks

Give the ideal pitch to demonstrate why investors should support your startup.

Showcase Decks

Display thorough knowledge about your particular niche in a format that is simple to understand.

Report Decks

Use exciting, interactive reports to demonstrate your company's performance.

Show Value

Express the value within a document without any distractions.