Checklist Template

Our checklist deck allows you to create an eye-catching checklist that keeps you and your calendar organized. You can customize the checklist according to your design tastes and organizational style. Stay on top of chores, plans, responsibilities, while prioritizing and organizing your tasks!

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Easily Organize your Calendar and Tasks Through Our Checklist Template

Are you one of those people who has the hardest time keeping their schedule and calendar organized? Looking to create eye-catching checklists for your chores, responsibilities, plans and more? Here is a great template to help you prioritize your assignments, organize your tasks  and customize it according to your needs. You may need checklists for a variety of responsibilities, especially in your online course assignments, creating timelines for your coaching sessions, and organizing the online course curriculum. Alter it with respect to your design standard and preferred organizational style and use it as you go. Let’s dig in! 

What should your checklist include? Let’s take a look at what a Decktopus checklist deck template looks like. 

Must Haves for a Checklist Template Deck

Checklist Topic

Define your title, slogan and describe the concept of the checklist. What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your goal in creating this checklist? What are you trying to organize? 

Checklist Descriptions

Elaborate on the topic of your online course, and extend descriptions for key task/assignment areas. What responsibilities are you going to be taking on for your online course domain and what will be included in this checklist? 

Checklist Template

What is the checklist timeline, what are the tasks and when are they due? The due dates for your tasks should be outlined chronologically. Provide descriptions of these task items so that your checklist is explanatory. 

Tips and Quotes

Provide accounts of common pitfalls e-learning students may run into and extend tips for how previous students took on the challenge! 


Did anyone else take your online course and went through a similar checklist process? Why don’t you provide your students with examples from within the course domain and industry for inspiration. If you are a student, put in items that will grant you the motivation whenever you access this checklist template. 

Visual Aid

What is a template deck without visuals? Visuals are a must in every deck or document, even if it has to do with mundane assignments and task lists. Appeal to your online course audience so that they are engaged more on the task list. 

Who is the Checklist Owner

Why are you the one executing the completion of this checklist? Elaborate on your goals, the description of your role, and your expectations of your students or peers.  

Checklist Form

Keep your public engaged and let your students provide you with their email addresses so that you can immediately forward the checklist to them. Let them choose if they would like a PDF of the checklist and immediately collect leads of their email addresses. Then access a customized page of these results on your Decktopus panel, to immediately convert this audience into full time students of your online course! 

How Does Decktopus Work?

Decktopus is different than other template platforms. You don’t only use templates; you can also customize them via a single click and  generate leads!

1- Select one of the templates that suits you and your business needs

The sample templates contain sample content. Unlike other tools, with Decktopus changing the content is so easy. If there are 3 items on a slide, the only thing you’ll do is to click “add one more” to make it 4 items. Decktopus adjusts the layout and the design automatically.

2- Embed a form and start generating leads

Your document is ready, it is time to insert a form and let your audience send you responses. Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email notification and responses will be listed in a dashboard. Also you can change the email address to directly receive the responses.

3- Share the document online or insert it into your web page

Your document is accessible via an online link. So your audience don’t have to use any additional program to view or fill out your document. You can also connect your custom domain and insert the document into your web page.