Content Strategy
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Content Strategy

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Content Strategy

A solid content strategy is necessary for a company trying to grow their online presence, integrate relevant keywords and boost SEO scores and rankings. A comprehensive content strategy and calendar should be integrating how the content will be created, published through selected channels, amplified and offered conversions. The strategy should measure results of content initiatives for the near future and reflect relative business goals and KPIs for organizational values. Make sure you guide content creators to create keyword optimized content in line with SEO best practices to boost traffic.

Good content strategies should build brand authority and trust, while allowing for organizations to become thought leaders in their industries. The content strategy should identify a problem as a pain point, a target, a customer persona, solution, content type and channels of distribution, general purpose and tone of voice, and many keywords. 

What can you find in the Decktopus Content Strategy Template? 

  1. Content strategy cover
  2. Business objective and content calendar target
  3. Content distribution channels
  4. Content calendar goals
  5. content calendar
  6. tone of voice
  7. purpose
  8. targets
  9. customer persona
  10. KPIs for success
  11. Customer satisfaction
  12. Brand promises

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