Organizational Culture Template
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Organizational Culture Template

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Organizational Culture Template

A comprehensive organizational culture presentation and training is necessary not only for onboarding new employees but also for boosting the productivity of the current team members. The deck should cover for organizational domains that are stability, interdependence, independence and flexibility. The sub domains can involve things such as authority, enjoyment, safety, order, caring, learning, purpose, results and more. Outline the A-Z of your organization and company culture and explore how your company can do more to better serve its employees.

Through a solid organizational culture deck, you can deliver your values and culture domains to your prospective and existing employees, as well as create a comprehensive guide for how your company gives back. What should a comprehensive organizational culture template include: 

  • Organizational culture cover page
  • Company information page
  • Company products and services
  • Core values
  • Company culture
  • Employee video
  • Upcoming company events
  • Team
  • Facilities
  • Questions