Necessary Travel FAQ Template
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Necessary Travel FAQ Template

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Necessary Travel FAQ Template

It is an absurd time when travel is severely restricted, except for necessary travel. You need to still take care before you travel, especially if you are in the high risk group. You should also mind to reduce physical contact and keep minding your social distancing, as well as following local guidelines. You should also consider online booking and self tagging of baggage. Essential travel is considered to be work and study, economic services and supply chains, infrastructure support, health and medical concerns. Get tested up to 3 days before travel.

Here is what the necessary travel FAQ includes for when we can start traveling: 

  1. Necessary Travel FAQ Cover
  2. Take Care Before you Travel
  3. Travel Guidelines
  4. What is essential travel?
  5. Testing before travel
  6. Covid-19 prevention
  7. Do you feel it is safe to travel again quiz