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Company Culture Template
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Company Culture Template

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Company Culture Template

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Company Culture Template

This template can be used during company orientation conferences, pre-conference summaries, or just as a printable document. To kickstart the meeting by describing the company, culture, and facilities. The templates prepared on Decktopus are fully customizable according to the company branding like logo, color palettes, and fonts.

Company orientation is the best way to break the ice between current and new employees. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the company in bulk and start a conversation between new employees. Generally, this kind of organization is held in the meeting or conference room of the facility and generally, this kind of presentation is given by the HR team. However, companies often prefer to send a booklet of pdf as a pre-orientation. This template is prepared to meet the expectations described above.

  • About Us:

Major milestones and outstanding achievements can be listed.

  • Vision:

The company vision is introduced. This helps new employees to see the big picture and emphasize the company culture.

  • Products&Services:

Introduce the products and services of the company is a great way to break the ice since you can get feedback about current services and see if they have ever used products.

  • Company History:

The history of the company can be described with a well-prepared trailer video. Also, thought leaders of the team can come to the stage and describe the company.

  • Statistics:

Major milestones and achievements can be introduced.

  • Culture:

Giving examples and stories to describe the company culture is a great way to talk about culture.

  • Team:

At this slide, the team can be called into stage and you can ask them to introduce themselves.

  • Facilities:

Facilities and opportunities are the numbers one thing employees love to listen to! After summarising the benefits you can ask to start touring the company.

  • Questions:

Taking questions is a great ice-breaker!

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