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I want to level up my presentation game

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I don’t want to search for a presentation tool ever.

All PRO Plan features, plus:

Custom domain connection

Track form responses

Brand colors & fonts

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Petar G.


I started using Decktopus a few months ago and it's honestly the best PowerPoint alternative I've seen in the past decade. I don't know how they do it, but they always have new templates that are on point. There's a template for everything from business presentations to ad campaigns! The best thing is that with one click you can change the whole design without breaking anything.

Vishal S.


Fast and easy presentations. I make several presentations a week to clients and my training students. Decktopus is the best solution for me because I can build professional presentations much faster than PowerPoint.

Lesli A.

Limited License Legal Technician

Decktopus has different layout templates; this stands out with the same old presentation templates. A close second is the extreme ease of use. It's easy to switch styles but the program keeps colors according to your brand allowing a consistent look. I was looking to change up the same presentation styles as everyone else. The other templates allow my creative juices to flow to expand ideas. I mean I needed a landing page and viola Decktopus has it.

Mike L.

Systems & Methods Head

What I like best about Decktopus is the ease of use and collaboration features of the platform which makes it a very good tool for creating and showing presentations to your target audience. There is absolutely no room for slides to go off-brand on the overall design of each slide as collaborators can only edit the specific content on each slide. For individuals or businesses looking to replace their aging presentation software, take a closer look at Decktopus and see how it could benefit your business in your presentation requirements.

Malcolm D.


Speedy method to create a presentation that looks good. Many templates to choose from covering most requirements. I use the software to capture leads and create awareness for my online products.

Oliver D.

Marketing Manager

It saves me a lot of valuable time in putting together ideas, presentations, business proposals, and everything I used to do using PowerPoint. And my presentations look great, too; plus, I can customize the URL and send them to anyone using a simple link.

Steve B.

Music Ministry

Pretty easy concept, create an account and start working on presentations. Very easy user-friendly process of creating. You can take your typical presentation and make a proposal. You can embed forms, videos, and web pages. You can also convert the slides into bio links, funnels, or microsites.

Brian K.

Head of Marketing

Decktopus is a fast and easy-to-use platform, with no design skills required to create professional-looking presentations. You have the ability to add forms on a slide and collect data from respondents. Plus, the ability to embed the presentation on my website is a great feature. You can also use your custom domain name! Instead of spending hours, or even days on creating that perfect presentation, now it only takes a few minutes!

David K.


PowerPoint is cool but if you want to create a powerful presentation or a deck for your investors, marketers, sales, etc, Decktopus is the right choice. You can easily create a presentation in say 20 minutes (7 slides) then copy a shareable link and woolaaa all done.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have doubts, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know about Decktopus!

What’s the difference between the PRO and the Business Plan?

You can think of the PRO plan as the basic plan for those who only need to put a good-looking document together in a short time, however, the Business Plan is for broader use- with the distinguishing features: generating leads, analytics, custom domain connection, custom fonts & colors, and many more!

How does the AI credits work?

When you upgrade, you get AI credits to use AI features. Your AI credit quota refills every month.

Do I need to know how to design?

Absolutely not.

You don’t have to design anything on Decktopus, all the templates & layouts are already pre-designed. The only thing you do is fill in the blanks and bring your content to the platform. Your deck is ready in minutes and looks stunning thanks to auto-adjusted layouts & design patterns.

Remember, all Decktopus templates are designed by professional presentation designers.

What features make you different from other tools?

1) Forms: Decktopus Forms that let you collect data from anyone.
2) Voice recording: Record your voice instantly or upload it & share it with a link to give a virtual presentation experience.
3) Analytics: See how many times your documents are opened & which pages are looked at the most.
4) Embed: Embed any URL into your documents (booking pages, forms, etc.) OR embed your documents to your website with a no-brainer code.
5) Mobile responsive: Make your documents look like a website (microsite) on mobile devices.
6) Collaboration: Collaborate with anyone on the same documents.
7) Free image & GIF libraries: Just type in a keyword and pick the best one that suits your needs.

How are you different from other platforms?

All the other platforms are cool, but they do not let you save time as Decktopus does. Decktopus is a NO BRAINER.

With Decktopus, you do not have to deal with alignment issues, search for the perfect images or worry about lead generation + your audience is not bored to death because it’s interactive with forms, embedded pages, auto-played voice, and more! In other tools, you start with a blank page and have to struggle with design & formatting.

In Decktopus there are layouts, you just type your content into the editor area. Then, Decktopus converts your content into a good-looking document automatically & instantly.

Decktopus is more than a presentation tool with free image & GIF libraries. You can also insert built-in forms and let your audience submit any information. In this way, you can create leads or collect any other information within a single document & run any campaign you want!

What are the add-on features?

Add-on features include folders and webhooks. Folders help you organize your dashboard by sorting your decks. Webhooks are used to connect two different applications on your tech stack.

How safe is my data?

Decktopus partners with DigitalOcean's secure server provider and Auth0's secure authentication provider. All your data including login credentials and presentation data are kept in encrypted databases. Decktopus uses the Let's Encrypt SSL protocol to establish a secure network connection.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can! As long as you cancel your subscription you will not be charged further.

Do I need to download a program?

No, Decktopus works on the cloud. It means you can create, view, and share your document without any external programs. Your audience also doesn't need any external program to open & fill out your documents. You only need a stable internet connection!

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel it?

When subscribing to our services at Decktopus, it's important to understand and adhere to our refund policy. We do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions, and this applies to the full month without exceptions. The same no-refund policy applies to annual subscriptions, where you are committed to the entire year, and unused months are not eligible for refunds. Your agreement to this policy is required when subscribing to our services.