Cleaning Business Proposal Template
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Cleaning Business Proposal Template

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Cleaning Business Proposal Template

The hard truth of the day: The cleaning industry is known for contractors who compete primarily on price, with their promise to be the best / greenest / most reliable, then offer a lower bid on the job and inferior performance on the job. This means cleaning companies like yours - who work hard, pay their employees well, and keep customers happy - need to bring their unique genius into every aspect of their sales process to get the job without dropping their supply.

Your efforts to impress a prospect can't stop when you leave the tour. The good news is that a cleaning service offering is a great tool for seeing how your business differs from the competition, and it is one of many companies that is not realizing its full potential. This article will teach you how to create a commercial cleaning service quote that will allow you to close the deal without lowering your price. an offer of services (and one of the most important things you shouldn't be doing) Let's get rid of that "no" first because it's a blast.

Don't focus too much on cleaning. That's right, if you've ever sent your prospect a cleaning service quote, they are confident that you have the right supplies and equipment, and that your employees know how to clean. The average person isn't that into commercial cleaning (strange, I know). Instead, your business proposal should focus on a few key things that set you apart so that the prospect is excited about hiring your team.

It seems unlikely that the customer would be enthusiastic about his cleaning company, but when Swept CEO Mike Brown was running a cleaning company, one customer told him his business was "great". A cleaning company? Cool? Mike thought he misunderstood the person. But the lesson here? That's exactly the kind of comment you should be aiming for! Now that we've got the "no" out of the way, here are six things your business should be communicating in any home cleaning proposal, cover letter, offer, or anything else. Communication that you have with your potential sales customer.