Privacy Policy

Updated 21/03/2020


Data Controller and Representative

In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law”), personal data relating to you shall be processed by Decktopus Inc. (“Company”) as the data controller, within the below-specified scope.

Which Personal Data to be Processed

Expressly stated otherwise, the term “Personal Data” under the terms and conditions provided under this Privacy Policy defines the following information.

Pursuant to the Article 3 and 7 of the Law, irrevocably anonymized personal data shall not be considered as personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law and data processing activities relating to such data shall carry out regardless being bound by provisions under this Privacy Notice.

Decktopus Platform (“Platform”) processes data relevant to identification information, contact information, user information, user operation information, visual/audio data, operation information, operation security information, risk management information, marketing information and request/complaint management information provided electronically by the Platform user (“User”) during user login and the use of Platform.

Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data shall be processed with the purposes (“Purposes”) of;

Enabling the User to use the Platform, Making necessary works done by business units in order to benefit the relevant persons from the products and services provided by the Company,

Planning information access authorization of business partners and/or suppliers managing the relations with the business partners and/or suppliers,

Carrying out operations arising from the nature of the activities required for the improvement and provision of the services subject to the Platform,

Determining and implementing business and commercial strategies of the Company, reporting and conducting business developments activities,

Providing offers in line with User’s preferences while regarding its personal preference and likes and carrying out relevant operations,

Activating customizations presented via the Platform upon User’s request and providing personalized services within this scope, Improving the services provided by the Company concerning the planning and/or execution of the processes to establish and/or enhance customer loyalty for Company’s products and/or services, introducing new services and informing the User accordingly,

Carrying out necessary operations for the improvement of user experience (management of communication management process, executing satisfaction surveys etc.), following up the request and/or complaints of the User,

Planning and conducting market research activities for the sales and marketing of products and services provided by the Company,

Making necessary work done and implementing business procedures related with that by business units in order to carry out activities executed by the Company,

Planning and executing the activities required for the presentation, recommendation and promotion of the services provided by the Company,

Managing and executing activities of developing artificial intelligence used by the Platform

To Whom and For Which Purposes Processed Personal Data Shall be Transferred

Your personal data shall be transferred to our affiliates, business partners, suppliers, shareholders within the country or abroad, legally authorized public and private entities within the scope of the conditions of the processing personal data envisaged under Articles 8 and 9 of the Law and the Purposes.

Company has the right to transfer personal data to servers (servers may belong to Company itself, its affiliates, subcontractors or outsourcing service providers) located anywhere in the world except the User’s country of residence in order to receive hosting services limited to the fulfillment of the aforementioned Purposes.

Data Subject’s rights Under Article 11 of the Law

We inform you that, as data subject, you are entitled to the following rights pursuant to Article 11 of the Law;

Learn whether data relating to you are being processed;

Request further information if personal data relating to you have been processed;

Learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether data are being processed in compliance with such purpose;

Learn the third-party recipients to whom the data are disclosed within the country or abroad,Request rectification of the processed personal data which is incomplete or inaccurate and request such process to be notified to third persons to whom personal data is transferred,

Request deletion or destruction of data in the event that the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which the personal data was columnlected, despite being processed in line with the Law and other applicable laws and request such process to be notified to third persons to whom personal data is transferred,

Object to negative consequences about you that are concluded as a result of analysis of the processed personal data by solely automatic means, Demand compensation for the damages you have suffered as a result of an unlawful processing operation.

You may send your Platforms regarding your rights listed above to in writing or through different methods foreseen by the legislation/Personal Data Protection Board. Depending on your Platform’s type, your Platform shall be finalized as soon as possible but no later than thirty days, free of charge. However, if it requires any additional cost, a fee shall be requested according to the tariff set out by the Personal Data Protection Board.

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