Social Media Strategy Template
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Social Media Strategy Template

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Social Media Strategy Template

With your new social media content and strategy presentation coming up, you might want a handy social media strategy template on deck. Social media strategies include smart, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound initiatives that your business should prioritize to boost conversions and increase brand awareness. Understand your audience persona, your unique value proposition, tone of voice, and how you will deliver your message through various social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok and more.

Every 21st century company, organization or startup that would like to have an online presence or a solid audience base will need to use social media in the right way, optimizing their strategies for this particular task. That is why you should outline your social media plan and how you will deliver your brand message and unique tone of voice.

What should you include in your social media strategy deck?

  1. Social media strategy cover page
  2. Business objective in adopting this strategy
  3. Social media channels and platforms
  4. Social media goals
  5. Content calendar
  6. Tone of voice guidelines
  7. Purpose and values
  8. Targets and locations
  9. Customer persona
  10. KPIs for success
  11. Definition of success
  12. Brand promises

Adopting the right strategy can let you grow your audience, align your social posting in line with your relevant social media KPIs, and get better traction in your various channels. Get more followers, likes, shares and comments on your feed through optimizing your social media plan and content calendar.