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Sales Business Proposal Template
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Sales Business Proposal Template

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Sales Business Proposal Template

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Sales Business Proposal Template

Sales proposals can mean the difference between losing a sale and making a sale, and if done correctly, an offer will not only help close the sale but will also make the sale bigger than it otherwise would be. Tips for writing offers that do just that: Focus on the prospect's goals. Most sales reps write offers that focus solely on the results that they can offer the prospect. These documents often focus on listing the basic features and benefits of the product or service.

But what about the potential customer's needs? Instead of focusing on what you have to offer, your suggestions should focus on the main problems that your prospect is trying to solve. the potential customer wants to excel. This effectively turns your suggestions into working documents that outline specific customer goals, a powerful tool. Results are not the key. As I said in the tip above, most sellers write offers that focus solely on what they can offer potential customers.

This strategy misses the value of selling: prospects don't pay for the results. ; You pay for results and outcomes. Use your proposal as a platform to articulate what results and outcomes the prospect will get from the deal in question. You can describe the results later in the quote, but don't go too deep. Focus more on the goals. Keep it short. Most of the suggestions are too long! We are talking from several sides. It should come as no surprise that potential customers are likely to flip through these long documents and miss out on important information. The solution to this problem is simple: keep your proposal between one and two pages.

That way, you'll create a document that potential customers are more likely to read in full. Your abbreviated suggestions should be concise and relevant. Only mention the areas that are important to the prospect, and don't include a bio or list of impressive things your company has done. Focus on what's relevant to closing the sale. Please provide three options. Most of the suggestions only offer one option or solution. This is a big missed opportunity. Instead of providing the prospect with a single option, you are giving the prospect multiple options to choose from. This accomplishes two things. First of all, you can offer higher options (read: more expensive) in your proposals.

Oftentimes, this can result in potential customers opting for higher quality offers than you originally expected. Second, it will create a sense of optionality in the prospect that will discourage them from seeking alternative options with other sellers. By offering multiple options to potential customers, you act as your competition. Prospects always want to feel like they are choosing from several options, and by making these available to them, they will be less likely to feel like they need to go shopping.

Make a contract out of it. Just add an area at the end of your suggestions so that potential customers can sign it as a contractual agreement. It's a game-changer. This very simple technique increases the likelihood that a potential customer will do business with you. If your sale is particularly complicated, there is always a more complex contract in the future. But ideally, your offer becomes the contractual document of the deal.

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