Presentation Template Series 8: Company Orientation

Internship programs, new job recruitments, and orientation weeks of educational institutes…

December 1, 2022

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What's Inside?

Internship programs, new job recruitments, and orientation weeks of educational institutes… They all have a presentation they included in them before or after giving a tour. This document is very common in enterprises and contains valuable company information such as vision, mission, etc. This document should also meet with company branding and culture. It should be informative, but not boring. A good onboarding experience is an essential part of improving employee retention. Here are a few slides that should be in a company orientation presentation:

1. Cover Page

Like in every other business document a company orientation should start with a cover page with energetic coloring. There are a few things to make sure:

  • Make sure your logo is in PNG format
  • Your logo should be in high resolution
  • Make sure to also add your logo on the footer section

2. About Us

Since this is a company introduction a brief summary of the company with key achievements will be just fine! Here is a few information that could be included:

  • Successful Project Number
  • Customer Number
  • Penetrated Markets around the World
  • Number of employees

3. Vision

Vision mirrors company culture and it gives a lot of information about executives’ quality in the means of business. It should contain a strategy and the vision should be neat and clear. In order to make it crystal clear include metrics that can be measured. Growth and the number of customers reached are good examples of metrics.

4. Product & Services

This slide should include a list of services your company offers. Don’t overdo it though because giving too much information during product and services won’t entertain the audience, but rather bore them.

5. Company History

This is the emotional part! The best company history slides contain lots of visuals and the best kind of visual is a short film which talks about your company’s history since the founding date.

6. Statistics

A good way of giving an impression on fresh members of the team is to brag about your achievements; and statistics are a great way to do it!

7. Culture

This slide is optional. If you want to emphasize your company culture and if you believe you couldn’t do so already this is the perfect time to do it! Make a list of things of your company’s culture and make sure that you only use keywords!

8. Quotes/Testimonials

Quotes are the best way to warm up the space. Try to share testimonials from your other employees. This will grant fresh employees an ambassador that they can be comfortable around them.

9. Team

This is where the introduction of the team comes in! Make sure to include team leads and their specific roles so that new employees know who to go to at the end of the meeting!

10. Facilities

This slide is optional. If you haven’t already given a company or office tour this is the perfect time to explain the facilities.

11. Q&A

Before getting back to work, give your audience a chance to ask questions and clarify things. This is a way to warm up space. Be prepared to not be asked any questions. A quick ice breaker would be just fine!

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