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Add forms into your deck, connect your custom domain and start interacting with your audience.


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Create documents quickly
without any design skills

You don't need any design skills to create beautiful documents.
Create presentations, proposals, reports in no time.

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Lead generation documents
for your business





Young Professionals


Homework Papers






Small/Medium Business Owners

Freelancer Services

Online Course Creators

Service Proposals


Introduction Documents

Lead Generation Documents


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Efficiency & Productivity

Rapid Creation

With its disruptive, unique UI, Decktopus lets you control your whole presentation at one glance.

Smart Slides

Auto-adjusted components, auto-scaled texts, intelligent layouts. With Decktopus, who needs design skills?

Content Assistant

Your online presentation assistant Decktopus brings you best supporting content via its content suggestion engine.

Mobile Support

View, play and even create your presentations on mobile. No need to download an app. (1st solution in the World)


1- Enter your content into the templates

Pick a template according to your purpose or start from scratch. If you don't like the design, easily change it with one click. When you enter your content Decktopus adjusts the size, colors, layouts, and more instantly. So no design skills are necessary to create the perfect document!

Learn more about it.

2- Add a Form and Generate Leads

Simply add forms in to the document and generate leads. After creating a proposal document, it's time to collect data from your audience, including product feedback, contact information or application forms. Seamlessly collect user information & feedback and generate leads.

3- Connect Your Custom Domain

Easily distribute your document through the online sharing link. No need to download any external program to create, edit and distribute the document. You can embed it into your website, connect your custom domain or share it with our default online sharing link.

4- Grow Your Business

Get a notification when the form is submitted and access all the responses listed in a single dashboard. You won't get lost in emails anymore.


How Decktopus works?

How is Decktopus different than other tools?

Restrictions that bring perfection

Bad Design Exmaple

Bad presentation example with crowded texts and bad layout

Good Design Example

Good design example with good amount of texts and cool layout

This is not PowerPoint or Keynote.
You have no unlimited options and choices

Decktopus isn’t a tool that leaves you alone on your presentation preparation journey, it is your assistant. The system doesn’t let you fill your slide more than it should be. It limits your component items, text lengths… Cause Decktopus always prompts you to demonstrate the best slides. With what is ideal for your audience.

Discover Decktopus Now

1-Click Design Change

Change the design with a click whenever you want.

Decktopus keeps the content protected and applies the same design to all your slides. Start your document with any template and you can change it later without any effort.

Discover More Templates

Don't ask Google for images, icons, GIFs and Quotes; millions of assets are at your disposal!

Don't Google it, discover millions of assets without leaving Decktopus

Beautiful images for any purposes

Decktopus beautiful images from Unsplash and Pixabay image libaries

Thousands of GIFs

Beautiful GIFs from GIPHY

Thousands of icons for each situation

Thousands of icons for each situation from Icons8

Wise quotes from famous people

Quotes from Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and more

They increased their ROI
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It couldn't have been easier to use this tool and the outcome was great. If you are a pitch-a-holic or making tons of presentations for live audiences, or an online course you are building, this is a good product for you.

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I LOVE the auto-adjustment future. I simply hated having to work on each slide separately to change the specific design features on PowerPoint.

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I hate PowerPoint and I need to create presentations in a fast and easy way. For me it's not a skill that I want to master - it's something that has to get done. And Decktopus gets it done. If you want to avoid spending endless hours trying to make your presentation look great, just buy Decktopus!

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