Online Coaching Proposal Template

Convey the benefits of your coaching package, terms and conditions and invoicing details. Explain why you are the go-to coach for the job and why you can deliver the content scope better than anyone else.

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Looking to outline the benefits of your coaching sessions and better explore your value proposition? Here is a great template for you to use as an online coaching proposal template. 

A Solid Online Coaching Proposal Template Deck

Consulting Group Sessions

Introduce what your online coaching will entail. 

About the Consultant & Executive Coach

Who are you and why are you the go-to online coach for this business? Help your partners pick a plan and evaluate your course offering.

Coaching Packages Overview

Are your course offerings weekly or monthly? What does your subscription entail? 

Coaching Terms & Conditions 

What are your general terms, payment conditions, cancellation considerations and more? 

Invoice Form

Utilize the great embedded form option of Decktopus to collect information from your prospects regarding invoicing!

How Does Decktopus Work?

Decktopus is different than other template platforms. You don’t only use templates; you can also customize them via a single click and  generate leads!

1- Select one of the templates that suits you and your business needs

The sample templates contain sample content. Unlike other tools, with Decktopus changing the content is so easy. If there are 3 items on a slide, the only thing you’ll do is to click “add one more” to make it 4 items. Decktopus adjusts the layout and the design automatically.

2- Embed a form and start generating leads

Your document is ready, it is time to insert a form and let your audience send you responses. Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email notification and responses will be listed in a dashboard. Also you can change the email address to directly receive the responses.

3- Share the document online or insert it into your web page

Your document is accessible via an online link. So your audience don’t have to use any additional program to view or fill out your document. You can also connect your custom domain and insert the document into your web page.