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Simple & Quick Way of Preparing Proposals & Presentations

With 100,000 users worldwide, Decktopus is a tool with multiple features helping businesses grow their online presence through editable proposal & presentation
templates in the least complicated way and within a short period of time. On top of that, Decktopus requires no prior technical knowledge & design skills!

Decktopus team noticed that current presentation tools were only augmenting the trouble that comes with presentation making. While using existing presentation tools, you might find yourself lost among the myriad of options, battling with structures, styles, and themes, and struggling to find and place your content. Even if your content is ready, simply the formatting and design of the presentation prove to be no easy feat. Are you helplessly wondering how many more hours, dollars, or how much more brain power do you have to keep wasting? Decktopus says no more.

Do it the #DecktopusWay

With our practical tool, you will create stunning decks in no time. Simply choose the template you need and immediately find intuitively pre-prepared presentation structures and designs. The restricted amount of options that will be offered per topic domain alleviates the trouble of choosing from endless options. You simply have to choose the theme and place your content. Decktopus takes care of everything else, including alignment, size, color, and more. Unique template designs will allow you to change the feel and look of presentations quickly and easily. What’s more is that any changes in the style you make automatically applies to all the other slides; preserving the integrity of the presentation has never been simpler.

Decktopus even offers a content suggestion engine that recommends relevant quotes, royalty-free images, and gifs. Through the Premium User Interface, you gain access to video tips to enhance your presentation skills, the ability to share your presentation easily with one simple link, and the potential to store the presentation online or offline. No other presentation tool allows you to access to complete set of product functionalities without downloading an app. With our browser responsive mobile support interface, we let our users view, create, edit and share their proposals & presentations - app free.

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Whether you are looking to create a business proposal, a sponsorship proposal, a startup pitch, an investor update, a client report, a homework presentation, a brochure, or simply another type of presentation, Decktopus is just the right tool for you.

Once you have gathered the basic content for your presentation, just sit back, relax, and let Decktopus work its magic. With its world-class, intelligent, intuitive, yet simple interface, Decktopus represents the next generation of online presentations.

Create engaging proposals & presentations
in no time

No design skills required | No credit card needed