Presentation Template Series 6: Business Plan & Strategic Plan

Do not criticize me, but I believe in zodiac signs and star maps. Although I realize that it may be super unscientific and there is no way to prove the credibility of the projections these fields offer, it is still fun to somehow think there is a pattern to people’s behaviors that is in a way destined for them. All the satire aside, I did get my star map analyzed by someone once based only on my date and time of birth. To my great astonishment, one thing they told me really resonated with me. They told me that I loved going out, getting my plate full and taking action; but, the one thing I had the most difficulty with was the planning of it all. A natural Sagittarius, I loved saying “Yes” to everything without a concrete plan in mind, which is why I constantly felt overburdened by the amount of responsibility I had previously accepted. My greatest learning experience, according to my star reader would be simple- saying “No”. Saying “No” takes courage. It could mean closing the door on an opportunity that could turn out to be great for you. But, it could also be the very thing that will be the refreshing change of pace you need. It could invite room for you to grow for the bigger and better.

The bottom line of that story is: you need a plan. It may be fun to be spontaneous and live life on a whim, but one day you notice that you’re drifting with the wind and you have no means of controlling the way you are going. Planning allows for control and execution. This is true especially for business! This is why business plans and strategic plans are so critical. When you type in “business” on Google, the second keyword that pops up is “business planning”. The same goes for “strategy”. The first word that pops into your feed is “strategic planning”.

Why does it matter so much to have a business plan. Well, a proper business plan allows entrepreneurs to map out their goals and trace their achievements during their growth. Many professionals argue that creating a concrete business plan is the first step of creating a new business. What’s more these plans are sought out by investors during their decision process on whether your business is worth investing in.

So what should be in your business plan? Let’s map it out:

  • Intro slide: Your business name, the title of the deck as “Business Plan Presentation”, your logo and representative photo
  • The business opportunity: What is missing in your market and why does it matter?
  • Business Plan: Include your charges, premium features, user rates
  • Target Market: Include your office locations and where you are planning to grow
  • Competitors: What are they missing? It may be a lack of know how, a weak business model, or weak management team
  • Operational Plan: What are your short term goals and long term plans?
  • Owners and Management: Introduce your shining team.
  • A quote: From a team member, a client or an existing investor.
  • Closing

How does a strategic plan presentation differ? With strategic plans, an organization determines their strategy, direction and makes decisions on the allocation of resources as they pursue their strategy. The organization defines their priorities and the control mechanisms that will execute the strategy.

What does a strategic plan presentation template look like? The Decktopus strategic plan deck is self explanatory and presents all you need from a strategic plan template. Check it out:

Get ahead by planning. A plan is the necessary first step. For business plan templates, strategic plan templates and more, check out now!

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