Presentation Template Series 6: Business Plan & Strategic Plan

A proper business plan allows entrepreneurs to map out their goals and trace their achievements during their growth. To shine in front of investors and convince your users that you are the best platform or product to use you should Ace this. Here's a guide on preparing the best business plan.

Do not criticize me, but I believe in zodiac signs and star maps. Although I realize that it may be super unscientific and there is no way to prove the credibility of the projections these fields offer, it is still fun to somehow think there is a pattern to people’s behaviors that is in a way destined for them. All the satire aside, I did get my star map analyzed by someone once based only on my date and time of birth. To my great astonishment, one thing they told me really resonated with me. They told me that I loved going out, getting my plate full, and taking action; but, the one thing I had the most difficulty with was the planning of it all. A natural Sagittarius, I loved saying “Yes” to everything without a concrete plan in mind, which is why I constantly felt overburdened by the amount of responsibility I had previously accepted. My greatest learning experience, according to my star reader would be simple- saying “No”. Saying “No” takes courage. It could mean closing the door on an opportunity that could turn out to be great for you. But, it could also be the very thing that will be the refreshing change of pace you need. It could invite room for you to grow for the bigger and better.

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The bottom line of that story is: you need a plan. It may be fun to be spontaneous and live life on a whim, but one day you notice that you’re drifting with the wind and you have no means of controlling the way you are going. Planning allows for control and execution. This is true, especially for business! This is why business plans and strategic plans are so critical. When you type in “business” on Google, the second keyword that pops up is “business planning”. The same goes for “strategy”. The first word that pops into your feed is “strategic planning”.

What is a Business Plan?

People call business plans as a well prepared guide to understand of a companies’ strategy at a glance and we call it a company’s heart. That’s why it is advised to prepare a business plan before starting any kind of business from opening a restraunt to launching a SaaS business. By the help of a business plan, the business owner can decide on goals, milestones, strengths and weaknesses and a strategy to craft up a successful business.  In general it can be summarized as a roadmap to success which is supported with operational and financial strategies.

Why does it matter so much to have a business plan. Well, a proper business plan allows entrepreneurs to map out their goals and trace their achievements during their growth. Many professionals argue that creating a concrete business plan is the first step of creating a new business. What’s more these plans are sought out by investors during their decision process on whether your business is worth investing in.

What Should Be In Your Business Plan?

There are different types of business plan guides which generally consist of business canvases or lean canvases. Since every business start their road with a business plan the information around this issue is well studied. People spend days, months and even years to optimize their businesses and some become legend. After all these years, professors came into a final decision. There should be core things a business plan should include. Here we gather all of them as a list as a document template. Let’s map it out!

1. Introduction Slide

Like in every other document the proper introduction will be to start with a cover page where your business name, the title of the deck as “Business Plan Presentation”, your logo and representative photo should be included.

2. The Business Opportunity

What is missing in your market and why does it matter? This is almost the most important thing a business need. A business opportunity… Otherwise what makes you stand out and what makes people want to buy from you? At early stages, most of the angel investors look for different business opportunities and try to find businesses that offer such solutions.

3. Business Plan

In this slide one must include your charges, premium features, user rates. For short, a slide where you summarise your way of making money. Profit per product, average signup to visitor rates and many more. What if the business is a non-profit organisation? In this case scenerio instead of pricing and user rates, one should follow donator numbers, rate of impact, etc.

4. Target Market

When talking about the target market one should include both current markets and future target markets that’s why, include your office locations and where you are planning to grow. This is important for so many reasons such currency, ease of penetration, the familiarity of the audience.

5. Competitors

Competitors slide should include main competitors. Small sharks should be included as well as big sharks since your firs direct competitors will be smaller ones. Make sure to keep this slide very simple since at a look the viewes should see what do you step on. That’s why try to choose maximum 4 core features and as many competitors as your have and make sure to make your column differ from others. What are they missing? It may be a lack of know-how, a weak business model, or a weak management team. There are variety of ways to represent competitors hovewer Decktopus offers a lean table version in order to keep it simple.

6. Operational Plan

This slide is all about plans and your know-how of the process. What are your short-term goals and long-term plans? In what ways to you plan to achieve these goals? What will your lead generation and sales funnel actions will look like and most importantly what is your secret sauce?

7. Owners and Management

Also called as the team slide, owners and management slide is the slide where you introduce your shining team. This is one of the slides angel and VCs look for since they pick founders instead of business modals. If a team is promising, generally they can achieve anything and they can be creative when it comes to a stage where it requires a pivot.

8. A Quote

It would be perfect to add a quote from a team member, a client, or an existing investor since it can be equal to a testimonial, and testimonals always expressing.

9. Closing

Make sure to finish the slide with a impressive closing statement. This statement will excited your audience and make them want to know more about you and your business.

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What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document where organizational management team sits on a table and discuss their goals and the roadmap they plan to achieve that goal. This kind of document is generally prepared to review and set priorities, focus of resources and efforts, strengths, weaknesses, employee knowledge, stakeholders and their commitment, outcomes and the direction of the company. According to this document, every department should align their plans, priorities and be set for a specific goal. With the help of this strategic plan document, team managers can easily set KPIs and track the success.

How does a strategic plan presentation differ? With strategic plans, an organization determines their strategy, direction and makes decisions on the allocation of resources as they pursue their strategy. The organization defines their priorities and the control mechanisms that will execute the strategy.

What Should a Strategic Plan Include?

What does a strategic plan presentation template look like? The Decktopus strategic plan deck is self explanatory and presents all you need from a strategic plan template. To summarise it should include;

1. Cover Page

A well designed, lean introduction page supported with a cheerful beginning is a perfect way to structure your strategic plan.

2. Reputation Drivers

Make sure to walk through the brand identity and how current brand is called in industry and which points created reputation in market in order not to reduce the effort and lose the flag.

3. Employees Summary

A strategy should always be built around partners and team members since all resource, effort and talent that will operate through the strategy will be coming from the team. Make sure to review talents, weaknesses and strengths in team to decide on outsourcing if necessary.

4. Customers Summary

Listing current customers, their feedbacks, feature requests and most used features is a great way to strategize and find prioritiezed actions. It’s always great idea to see the statistics, numbers and power users to go with a community strategy.

5. Shareholders Summary

Creating goals and objectives and going to a meeting with shareholders with a strong strategy is a good plan to start a quarter. Always review, analyze and ask for support so that everyone puts their talents on the table so that the growth will be faster.

6. Core Values

In order to create a new strategy one must review it’s current culture. What are the core values and what does customers will look for our company? Always prioritize around core values and developing with core values so that more and more customers will resonate with the company.

7. Purpose

To remember and decide on the short and long term goals reviewing vision and purpose of the company is a great way to create brainstorming ideas.

8. Targets & Goals

These slides always should include target numbers, goal results with a measurable perspective and these goals should always be reviewed with board members and executives.

9. Actions

Actions always should be neat and clear to reduce the misunderstandings and to be crytal clear how to operate to outcomes. It’s also a great practice to list the actions below goals and target numbers.

10. SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a must of all kinds of plan. Make sure to review strengths and weaknesses very honest and objective way.

11. Closure

Make sure to include a Q&A and brainstorming session with the closure to go through notes, sometimes the best strategies and ideas come from unexpected times and from unexpected people.

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Get ahead by planning. A plan is the necessary first step. For business plan templates, strategic plan templates and more, check out now!

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