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Online Course Introduction Templates & Samples
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Online Course Introduction Templates & Samples

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Online Course Introduction Templates & Samples

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Online Course Introduction Templates & Samples

Create an outline for your course proposal, share your syllabus, introduce the teacher of the online course and deliver the course content. This introduction will help you take on prospective students, attract wider audiences for your course content, and boost the popularity of your online presence.

Looking for creative, simple to use, user friendly course introduction templates for your online courses? Decktopus offers intuitive and ready to go templates for online course documents. Discover what your online course introduction should include:

What Online Course Introduction Templates Should Have

Course Introduction and Author

Introduce your course name(make sure it is catchy) and who you are!

Online Course Instructor & Coach

Introduce yourself and the relevant information about your background. This is where you can relate to your course audience and connect with your prospective students. 

Learning Milestones

What will your online course teach; what are the subtitles you will cover?

Online Course Statistics

Deliver an interesting statistic about your course to capture students in your online course domain. 

Online Course Offerings

What does your course have to offer? What kind of abilities will it deliver to its students?

Happy Course Students

User testimonials for online courses are extremely valuable. Who are some students you can utilize for this purpose? 

Online Course Application

Embed a form for prospective students to apply to the next batch in your online course community!

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