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May 24, 2024

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26 Online Evening Side Hustles/Jobs that Pay Online to Make Extra Money at Night | Decktopus

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Do you have extra time overnight that you would like to take advantage of? Are you a night owl looking for legitimate, taking and online evening jobs to earn extra money? Let’s explore the world of side jobs and discover opportunities that fit your schedule and lifestyle

What's Inside?

How to Make Extra Money From Home Part-Time?

Most people think that if you are working full-time, the only way to make more money is to be promoted in your current job. But what if there is a way for you to earn extra money while keeping your daytime job? By working online in late-night jobs, you can make money from home. 

If you are wondering how to make extra money working from home, you've come to the right place! There are a lot of ways to make some extra bucks without disrupting your main job. Some can be legit and rewarding, while some can be a scam and leave you without payment. Therefore, we compiled this blog entry to help you out. Here, you can get a glimpse on the best evening jobs to work on. We also added some websites you can use for your job search.

Let's start by discussing who can engage in evening jobs and exploring the advantages and disadvantages of working night shifts.

Who Can Work Side Hustles at Night? 

The answer is pretty simple: everyone! Everyone can work in an online job from home in the evenings. These jobs are commonly referred to as home gigs. If you feel motivated to work in the evenings and believe you will be productive, you can join in as well! By working on an evening job, you can spend your nights more active and profit from it. Your job or occupation is not important.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 12% of employed Americans are still working at 9 pm, and 5% are still at work by midnight.

For example, you could be a student occupied with courses during the day, a worker with a daytime job, a night owl seeking an easy way to make money, or a parent with limited daytime availability. It doesn't truly matter. If you have evenings free and wish to capitalize on that time, you can also find a side hustle.

According to a July 2022 FlexJobs survey of over 2,000 employed professionals, nearly one in three respondents stated that they have at least one side job, and more than 11% reported having more than one.

The best side gigs are those that require minimal effort and time while providing a high side hustle income!

Evaluating Part-Time Side Income From Home

There are always two sides to a coin. You have to carefully examine both sides before making a decision.

The Pros

There are many advantages of working from home as a side gig. 

1. It is flexible. Part-time flexible jobs allow you to schedule your working time, enabling you to make time for yourself when needed. Also, they are online, so where you work is not an issue. The location of your work depends on you- it could be your home, a diner, or a cafe. You can make all your planning according to your availability.

2. Some jobs don't require a specific skill set. Only a few jobs might require specific certifications. With the abundance of available jobs, anyone can find a side gig regardless of skills or experience. Additionally, you can find a night job that aligns with your interests, boosting your overall work satisfaction!

3. There is a chance to earn a good income. These night jobs are an excellent way to earn additional income worthy of your time. It is important to turn your time into an investment. You probably won't earn peak pay at 2 am, but if you work during the dinner rush and continue into the night, you're likely to find peak pay opportunities.

4. You can build your own job. With this, you can be your own boss and have the flexibility of being a boss. Just create your legal agreement with a contractor and start your business. You will have no time pressure! You can even grow your night hustle into a daytime job. With enough growth, your night job can surpass and bring a better paycheck than your daytime job. Moreover, you do not have to adhere to certain boss norms.

These night side hustles usually don't consume much of your tim-time jobs. However, this greatly depends on the nature of your night job and your time management skills. 

The Cons

Some disadvantages are worth mentioning. Make sure to consider these before you start a night job; otherwise, you may encounter some challenges and hardships.

1. If you are new to this kind of job, time management can be a problem. Since it is a late-night hustle, it can interfere with your sleep schedule. Finding the balance between work and resting is important!

2. You may feel pressured to work and may become irritated and tired due to your workload and a schedule different from everyone else.  

A Great Online Night Hustle: Summary Table

Properties How a Evening Job Should Be
Flexibility Being Able to Create Your Schedule
Skill Set Doesn't Require Skills or Require Your Skill Set
Income Provides Good Income
Pressure Should be Comfortable and Doesn't Have Pressure From a Boss
Time It Shouldn't Take Too Much Time, as a Part-Time Job

Extra Part-Time Jobs From Home: Complete List

Here is a list of some side hustle ideas. Feel free to choose among them based on your interests and skills. Night jobs are a great way to take advantage of your free time in the evenings. Several opportunities are listed below:

  1. Blogging
  2. Transcribing Texts (Transcription)
  3. Proofreading and Editing Written Content
  4. Freelance Content Writing
  5. Freelance Graphic Designer
  6. Completing Online Surveys
  7. Creating and Selling Printables
  8. Microtasking
  9. Online Tutoring and Teaching
  10. Website Review
  11. Online Customer Service Representative
  12. Tester Jobs
  13. Data Entry Clerk
  14. Freelance Photographer
  15. Playing Games
  16. Online Social Media Manager
  17. Video Editing
  18. Start Dropshipping
  19. Virtual Assistant
  20. Flipping Items
  21. Make Youtube videos
  22. Create and Sell Audio Books
  23. Freelance Bookkeeping
  24. Search Engine Evaluator
  25. Reviewing Calls
  26. Creating an Online Social Media Account

Best Jobs to Make Extra Income at Home


Blogging is a job that can have a big outcome. However, making it happen requires steadiness and patience. Blogging involves making a blog and creating a regular blog entry. You can focus on your interests and skills in the content of your blog entries. It can become a way to improve yourself and share your knowledge with others. A blog can help you earn a passive income, too. A smoothly running blog can make you earn money when you aren't actively doing anything! For a blog to generate income, you can display ads, be involved in affiliate marketing, and display sponsored posts and online courses. You can start your blog in as little as 30 minutes!

So if your domain name is available, check out this article where you can set up your blog with this step-by-step guide that’ll take you no more than 20 minutes.

Transcribing Texts (Transcription)

Transcription is a great night time hustle. It does not require any skill inventory. All you have to do is type the text while listening to an audio or video. Most transcription services pay per minute of transcription so that you can earn money based on your typing speed. You may listen to podcasts, daily conversations, phone calls, or anything that can be recorded. All you have to do is listen and type the text. You can utilize online tools and services to make this work more easier, such as tools that assist in extracting text from pictures, voice clips, and videos.

Founded in 2007, 3 Play Media frequently hires transcriptionists and editors for flexible, remote transcription work. In addition to English transcriptionists, 3 Play Media also hires Spanish transcriptionists.

Proofreading and Editing Written Content

Proofreading is another easy evening job. It requires a knowledge of basic grammar, punctuation and spelling. That is, you must have pretty good written English skills. Proofreaders are responsible for finding mistakes in written content. After the proofreading, the final draft should look professional and ready for publishing. 

Founded in 1997, Scribendi has gained massive authority in document editing and proofreading. In 2014, Caitlin Pyle made over $43,000 by working as a freelance proofreader.


Freelance Content Writing

A freelancer, by definition, is an independent worker in businesses, working on a per-job or per-task basis. Once you sign a freelance writing contract, you secure your job. Freelancers have a flexible schedule. So, freelancing in content writing is one of the best evening jobs. If you are interested in writing and are actually good at it, you can start earning money by writing content for others. You can start this business by creating your profile on freelance sites. After gaining a little experience, this hustle can bring a good income. You can write for blogs, companies, and more. 

According to, a part-time freelance writer’s salary is somewhere in the range of $24,000 to $115,000 a year. As of 2018, there were more than 123,000 writers and authors in the United States.

Freelance Graphic Designer 

If you are into graphic design and looking for web design side hustle, you can create and sell your pieces such as logos, artwork, or designs. Your clients can be websites, small companies, etc. There are many art-related jobs available online that you can work. Additionally, as a freelancer, you can work on a per-piece basis. This means that whether you are a student of graphic design or it is related to your daily job, you can still work as a freelancer in the evenings. It is a great way to make use of your skills and earn some extra cash. It can also be a break from your regular life and offer some creative opportunities.

Founded in 2007, Design Crowd is an online graphic designing platform that facilitates financial transactions based on the work and the respective clients.

Completing Online Surveys

Taking part in online surveys is an easy and quick side job and it does not require any extra skills. All you have to do is to complete a survey or answer some questions. In other words, you can get paid for your opinions and experiences! Surveys can take about 1 minute to 30 minutes, but the income per survey increases with the time you invest. By taking online surveys, you can join research or review digital products. Some may pay in gift cards or merchandise. Be sure to read the terms before joining! 

Surveys can take about 1 minute to 30 minutes, but the income per survey increases with the time you invest.

Creating and Selling Printables 

Printables are digital templates meant to be printed and used; ranging from planners, organizers, to-do lists, calendars, wedding planners, games and more; offering a great variety. Designing and selling these templates can be a lucrative venture. Creating printables is relatively easy, and platforms like Canva allow you to design templates in any aesthetic. You can sell them on online marketing platforms like Etsy. Promoting them on your blog, Pinterest, or other social media can help you earn a worthwhile income. The best thing is that they are yours to sell for life! Once you create a design, you can sell it forever. This ensures that your work remains accessible, providing a continuous source of income.


Microtasks are small, micro jobs that are completed for money. This job can be viewed as micro homeworks. They come in great variety, and no extra skills are needed. All you have to do is to follow simple instructions. However, these tasks are generally low-paying. But because they are easy and quick, you can do a lot of micro-tasks in the evening. For example, in a night, you can complete from 1-5 microtasks, based on your working speed. Especially because no skills are needed, this job is suitable for everyone!

There is not a definite range on how much money you can earn, you could be making anywhere from $500 a month to literally millions a month by selling products online.

Online Tutoring and Teaching

If you have enough knowledge, specific skill or teaching certificate, you can share your wisdom with others! These include a variety of subjects, such as English, design, photography, knitting, or anything you want! You can even have a course on freelance jobs. You can conduct international courses so that even if it is the night for you, it can be morning for your students. You can take advantage of the timezone difference. Giving courses is always a good idea because you can always find people who are ready to learn. For example, in China, parents are always looking for native English speakers to tutor their children. And ready to pay you!

Since there is a growing demand for online education solutions, some platforms like VIPKID and K12 have taken the initiative to implement changes. K12 is a similar platform for online teaching and you have to go through the interviews and background checking for the hiring process.

Website Review

Website reviewing or website testing is an easy late-night hustle. The job includes assisting website owners in determining how "user-friendly" their site is and whether the navigation is effective, especially for small enterprises. The job usually involves performing small tasks on the website and giving feedback on the experience. This is one of the easiest and high-income remote evening jobs in the market.

Online Customer Service Representative

If you define yourself as a problem solver, this job is made for you! The tasks include listening to the issues customers are experiencing and finding proper solutions for them. Although the job needs patience, after gaining experience, this night hustle can become something more in the future. It may lead to a full-time career in this field. Being good at talking and listening is a must!  

Many companies provide 24/7 customer service support to provide the best customer service possible. The company desire to have assistants ready to help clients 24 hours a day, which means night-time hours are definitely possible.

According to PayScale , customer service representatives earn $14.62 per hour on average.

Tester Jobs

You can become a tester and test products, websites, or apps. With your feedback, the products or website can be changed before its official launch. While it is a low-pay job, it can add up since it is not very time-consuming. The products can be online, or they can be shipped to your house for testing. While some companies let you keep the tester products, some may want you to ship them back.

Data Entry Clerk

Working as a data entry clerk may be your next side gig. Your duties consist of updating a database with new data. When you add data to the database, you are often compensated by the hour. Additionally, data entry clerks may gather data, categorize data, confirm data accuracy, and get the source data ready for entry. Moreover, it does not require advanced coding knowledge.

Freelance Photographer

There are many art-related jobs, and photography is one of them. If photography is your hobby and you have photography skills, then you can sell your photos online. There are many websites that will pay you for your photographs for different purposes. You can upload your photos in the evenings. 

Playing Games

There are game apps that either pay you for the time you spend playing them or let you play against other people with the chance to earn money. Playing video games can bring in enough money to be counted as an after-hours side gig. However, as there are elements of chance and skill involved in games where you play against other people, you could lose money doing so. Similarly, some apps may want money before playing the game. 

Online Social Media Manager 

Keeping up with social media platforms can sometimes be too much for businesses. The job includes creating social media content, keeping up with trends, and conducting marketing on digital platforms. While it does not require any specific skill, some knowledge of the field and experience may be favorable. Understanding trends and finding ways to market the given product can be important.

The average pay for a social media manager is reported to be over $25 an hour .

Video Editing

Video editing is a popular freelancer job. It is a very quick and easy job if you have enough knowledge and skills in editing platforms. Video producers or content creators can hire you to edit their works. You can also learn how to edit. For this, you should have a laptop and proper video editing software. Online courses and tutorials can be a good start for this journey.

Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be a way to make money after work. All you have to do is to sell a product. Other procedures, like producing, packing, and shipping, will be done by other parties. Basically, this job involves the promotion and sale of the product. You may want to explore the field a bit before taking part in it. Thus, you won’t make mistakes or errors. 

Jessica also has a FREE 7-day course that will teach the thing necessary to start the Amazon Business .

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is like being a real assistant but remote. Tasks of personal assistants are included in the definition of a virtual assistant service job. These are answering calls, sending emails, booking appointments, and so on. If your client is in a different timezone, this can be a night job for you. Being an experienced virtual assistant brings a significant income. However, there is a lot of competition in the field.

According to Payscale , virtual assistants earn approximately $15 per hour.

Flipping Items

If you are crafty and like to work on objects, then this job may be better for you. This job includes taking low-quality items, fixing or improving them, and reselling them at a higher price. You can find good market opportunities on Facebook Marketplace. With over 2.42 Billion monthly active users Facebook is a goldmine for businesses. It is a good nighttime job because it doesn’t involve looking at screens much. A high income can be expected, especially from selling polished and repaired antiques and other valuable items. 

Make Youtube videos

Making YouTube videos is not easy and certainly not quick. However, there is a high reward if you can make it. Even if your videos cannot go viral, you can draw a significant number of views by creating videos and uploading them consistently. At night, you can create and upload your content. By monetizing and getting sponsorships, you can earn money. Don't forget that it is not impossible. There are people who earn significant numbers from their YouTube channel. You, too, can become one of them.

Once you clear the “1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months” threshold on your channel, you’ll be eligible to put ads on your videos that’ll make you money every time someone sees the ad on your video.

Roughly, if someone’s videos have an average of 100,000 to 500,000 views, then the YouTuber will make anywhere from $1,000 to up to $10,000 off of a sponsored video. Huge channels that get millions of views get paid up to $100,000 per sponsored video, which is absolutely crazy to think about. The creator gets 55 percent of the revenue and YouTube takes the rest 45 percent.

Here are some recommendations from a popular YouTuber on how to start your YouTube channel. The video includes some tricks and tips for beginners:

Create and Sell Audiobooks

If you have a voice suitable for reading books aloud, this is the job for you! You can record your voice while reading a book and then sell it as an audiobook. With the advancements in technology, all you need is a microphone/smartphone/mobile phone and a quiet place. Afterward, you can edit your recording, upload it, and sell it!

Freelance Bookkeeping 

Many people require assistance in this area because they are not able to manage their personal or professional finances adequately. Since the majority of bookkeeping jobs are performed after business hours, you can do this as a night job. After receiving the records of all transactions, you can balance the books. You can expand your business by offering accounting services or assisting your clients with tax-related concerns, among other things.

As of 2019, there were more than 1.7 million bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks in the United States.

Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator, search query evaluator, or internet assessor is someone who scans the search results and measures the quality and experience with the search. By providing feedback and ratings, you will be able to improve search engine results. Thus, results will be more accurate, useful, and direct. These jobs are usually project-based, so they are a good fit for an evening part-time job.

Reviewing Calls

Reviewing calls job is actually pretty self-explanatory. The tasks of a call reviewer include listening to the recorded phone calls and giving answers to questions, as instructed by the company. There is no need to make or receive a call or transcribe. All you have to do is to answer a simple question based on the recording. You don't need any certificate to do this job. You can see these postings as call reps or call representatives on job search sites such as Linkedin.

Creating an Online Social Media Account

Nowadays, by creating consistent and trendy content, everyone can find their way to the explore page. You can use Instagram, Twitter (X), Pinterest, or any other social media platform. For the content, you can share your knowledge, interests, or daily life to earn followers. Once you gain followers, the sponsorships will come easily. This side hustle did change the lives of thousands of people. Why not yours?

Which Websites To Look For Making Extra Money From Home Part-Time

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Upwork is a platform for freelancers who are looking for online evening jobs. After creating your profile and portfolio, you can apply for any job available! There are many job listings in Upwork, from content writing to translating. The only thing I don’t for about upwork is they take 20% of your hourly wage. Finding out what your strong suit is and showing it in your portfolio is important!


Fiver is another platform for freelancers. Like Upwork, you must create your own portfolio on the website. Almost any type of job is available on the website, suitable for your next evening job. The smallest night gig payment is starting at the price of $5. Salaries here can be considered within the scope of the gig economy term.  Payscales vary widely. With the difficulty and expertise needed, more paying jobs can be found. You can also request more payment for your work. 

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for digital services (like Graphics & Design, Writing, Translation, Business, Tech, and many more) starting at $5.


Swagbucks is a platform that contains simple and quick tasks. After completing the task, you get rewarded with gift cards or PayPal cash bonuses. The jobs in the Swagbucks range from online surveys to watching videos to searching the web. It is a suitable platform to find evening jobs for some quick cash! Swagbucks also gives a $5 sign-up bonus immediately after you create your profile.


Indeed is another popular platform for finding remote jobs to work in the evenings. Almost all the mentioned jobs can be found on this platform You should not miss job alerts by turning on notifications. . Any job you seek can be found on this website, from virtual assistant jobs to online graphic designer jobs. You can apply for part-time online jobs after creating your profile and uploading your CV.


Humanatic is a platform that can easily be your next evening job for extra money. In Humanatic, you can find jobs for reviewing calls. As mentioned, all you have to do is listen to recorded phone calls and answer questions about them based on the instructions given. There is a $10 threshold that you must pass before withdrawing your payment. This means you can only receive your money if it is higher than $10.


Appen is another platform that offers part-time remote jobs. However, in Appen, you are expected to work 5 hours a week, at minimum. To be hired, you may have to complete some samples, which means being hired can take a few weeks. The payment for tasks can change, but with experience, you can find jobs that pay $25 per hour. To withdraw your payment, you have to pass the $50 threshold. In Appen, you are expected to work 5 hours a week, at minimum.

Fancy Hands: 

Fancy Hands is a platform specifically for virtual assistants. You can set your own schedule, meaning you can choose whether to work during the day or in the evening. The tasks include making phone calls, sending emails, or booking appointments, much so as a personal assistant. With a pair of headphones and a laptop, you can easily complete the tasks given.

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

If you think about how to make money in the evenings, then Amazon Mechanical Turk is here for you. This platform brings remote workers and clients together. There are many different night jobs available. You can choose among them based on your interests and skills.


For online transcription jobs to do from home, Rev is a great platform. After signing up, you need to complete your profile and do a sample task to ensure quality. Afterward, you can take on any part-time transcriber jobs available in the comfort of working from your home. The jobs are based on the transcription of speech to texts. Payments are made based on the transcribed minutes. 

Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie, as can be understood from its name, is a survey website. On this website, you can find high-paying surveys to complete. 


As we mentioned, one of the best evening jobs is to become a tester. On the UserTesting website, you can find jobs specifically for testing websites. After signing up, you can get paid to test websites. In testing, you will be given tasks to perform and report your experience. Each job takes about 1 minute to 30 minutes. You can get up to $50 payment for each job!


Uber and Lyft are both ride-hailing apps, and both offer innovative logistics alternatives to taxis and long-established private transportation services. People can earn money by providing a kind of taxi service with these mobile applications, especially at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Best Late Night Jobs?

a. The perfect side hustles are the job that are most suitable for you. Try to analyze your set of skills and the time you can spare for a night job.

b. Based on your skills, the answer to this question can change. If you are good at video editing, then being a video editor or becoming a YouTuber can be more suitable for you.

c. Similarly, if you are good at writing content, becoming a blogger or freelance writer can be better for you.

d. So before you take any decisions about your night job, take a look at your resume and skills.

2. How Can I Find Evening Jobs?

a. There are a lot of websites that can offer opportunities for your next evening hustle.

b. Some of them are better at more specific jobs. For example, Fancy Hands is a platform for virtual assistants. At the same time, some platforms are specialized in freelance jobs, like Upwork and Fiverr.

c. After deciding on the job you want to focus on as an evening online job, you can choose the platforms mentioned above in detail.

3. Which Job is The Most Paying Side Hustle?

a. There is a great variety in the sector. The pay range can be changed according to the opportunities and the skill set.

b. That being said, one of the highest-paying night jobs is blogging. Although it can be steady and unrewarding at first, with time and commitment, there is a high reward. You can find sponsors and advertisements to show on your blog, for making extra money. Similarly, freelance writing can offer great opportunities for extra money.


Evening jobs can be your new past-time activity. There are many online jobs available for you to make extra money in the comfort of your home. However, before getting into this sector, please consider the advantages and disadvantages of the night part-time jobs. It can be good for you to earn extra money in the short term. However, night hustles can leave you tired and unable to work during the daytime. Think of the long-term and come up with a plan that won't make you overwork and become a burden for your mental and physical health.

Online evening jobs come in great types. The strong points in your resume can become your next online side hustle. Or microtasks that don't require much skills can become your way to some extra cash. In any way, be sure to find a job that you will enjoy doing in your free time. Assess your time and skills so that you won't take a job that is too much for you to handle. Only you can know which job is the best one for you!

In this blog post, some of the best online evening jobs are explained. Our recommendation is to be a freelance writer or start blogging. These night jobs are easy to conduct and more flexible. In addition, you can see the rewards for your time in a short time.

You can also find many side hustles listed below with their advantages, disadvantages and job ideas.

1. Freelance Writer

  • Pros : High hourly wage; flexible contracts; side hustle or full-time potential
  • Cons : Pay instability; time to gain clients varies between writers
  • Verdict : This is a viable night job if you can afford to take time to gain clients and don't need immediate income.

2. Virtual Assistant

  • Pros : Flexibility; side hustle or full-time potential
  • Cons : Pay instability
  • Verdict : If you have a high level of attention to detail and are organized, being a virtual assistant is a night job with immense earning potential.

3. DoorDash Delivery Driver

  • Pros : Low barrier to entry; flexibility; bonus pay potential
  • Cons : Must consider vehicle depreciation; must be comfortable making deliveries at night
  • Verdict : If you live in a busy city with enough demand, working as a DoorDash driver is a highly flexible night job that offers decent base pay and the chance for bonuses.

Plus, the requirements for becoming a DoorDash driver are fairly lenient:

  • Age . You must be at least 18 or older and have a valid Social Security number.
  • Vehicle . You need to have any car, scooter, or bike.
  • Insurance . You must have insurance and a valid license.

4. Rideshare Driver

  • Pros : Low barrier to entry; flexibility; bonus pay potential
  • Cons : Must consider vehicle depreciation; must be comfortable with strangers in your vehicle
  • Verdict : If your vehicle qualifies and you want to boost your income quickly, becoming a rideshare driver is one of the best night jobs possible.

Plus, the requirements to provide a rideshare service are simple:

  • Vehicle . Your vehicle must be in good condition. Lyft vehicle age requirements vary by state , whereas Uber's requirement is 15 years or newer.
  • Age . Lyft's requirements vary by state and typically range from 21 to 25. Uber drivers must meet the minimum age to drive in their city and have at least a year of driving experience. Uber drivers under 23 must have three years of driving experience.
  • Insurance . Lyft and Uber drivers must have personal auto insurance coverage.

5. Bartending

  • Pros : Potential to work for considerable tips; generally requires experience, but you don't need a degree
  • Cons : Volatile hourly pay; must secure night-only shifts if your goal is to bartend in addition to your day job
  • Verdict : If you have previous bartending experience or are in college, consider applying to bars in your area and working Friday and Saturday night shifts whenever possible.

6. Babysitting

  • Pros : Ideal for students because you can study while babysitting; high hourly pay
  • Cons : Work instability; certification costs
  • Verdict : Babysitting is one of the best night jobs for students or anyone just looking for extra grocery money each month. A lack of guaranteed shifts makes this a poor choice if you need steady extra cash.

7. Store Stocker

  • Pros : Stable hourly pay; wide job availability
  • Cons : Lower potential pay than freelancing or various gig jobs; labor-intensive
  • Verdict : If you want stable pay and don't mind physical work, store stocking is a reliable night job to try.

8. Hotel Front Desk Clerk

  • Pros : Stable hourly pay; wide job availability; potential travel perks and benefits
  • Cons : Lower potential pay than freelancing and various gig jobs
  • Verdict : If you want to work in hospitality and benefit from certain hotel chain perks, becoming a nighttime hotel front desk clerk is for you.

9. Bookkeeper

  • Pros : High hourly pay; wide job availability
  • Cons : Previous experience and postsecondary education is often a requirement
  • Verdict : This job is perfect if you have previous bookkeeping experience but want to transition to a night job for greater flexibility.

10. Nighttime Security Guard

  • Pros : Low barrier to entry; wide job availability
  • Cons : Limited room for growth in hourly pay
  • Verdict : This job requires little to no previous work experience and is the perfect night job for anyone without a degree.

11. Warehouse Worker

  • Pros : Low barrier to entry; wide job availability
  • Cons : Limited room for growth in hourly pay
  • Verdict : Look for warehouse worker jobs if you need to find a night job quickly, and try to find a job with benefits if you're going full-time

According to Indeed , warehouse workers earn $12.82 per hour on average. But larger companies often pay more. For example, Amazon warehouse workers earn $15 per hour on average. And, according to Amazon , full-time workers get benefits like:

  • 401(k) plans and company matching
  • Family and child care benefits
  • Health care coverage
  • Parental leave

12. First Responders

  • Pros : High hourly pay; room for career growth
  • Cons : A college or university diploma is typically a requirement for career advancement
  • Verdict : Becoming a first responder is an excellent career choice if you want to help people in your community and don't mind potentially stressful or dangerous situations

13. Customer Service Representative

  • Pros : Low barrier to entry; wide job availability
  • Cons : Limited room for growth in hourly pay
  • Verdict : If you have great communication skills and are a quick problem solver, becoming a customer service representative is a natural-fitting job

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