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How plagiarism free content can improve your website ranking, guest blog.

December 1, 2023

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How Plagiarism Free Content Can Boost Website Ranking?

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To get rankings on search engines and attract more audience to your page, it is necessary to write exclusive content that is new for the readers. As a web owner, you will improve the SEO of content to engage more traffic and get a positive response on your page.

What's Inside?

A text without duplication and having perfect grammar can help you boost website rankings.

Google likes this factor that writers upload new and informative content for the readers that can value their time.

To make the SERP better and attract more visitors to your page, you must follow the policies applied by search engines.

Only uploading content on your website is not enough unless it is free of plagiarism. Before going deep, here we will talk about duplicated content.

What is plagiarism?

Rewriting the content of other authors without their permission and publishing it on your website is called plagiarism.

Some people make small changes in the article but the content in the text still remains the same. That is intentional plagiarism and is prohibited by Google.

This factor leaves a bad impact on the webpage that ends up losing the traffic on the page.

How one can remove duplication from the article?

When we upload a blog on the website, google crawler goes for the entire content and figure out unique content in the text.

If any plagiarism is found in the article, it degrades the content and puts it on the bottom of SERP.

So, the writers must make the text unique and striking. They can check plagiarism online by using tools such as Copyscape, Prepostseo, and EduBirdie which take out all the duplicated lines from the text.

You can remove those lines from your content and make it free of plagiarism. 

These tools match the content with different databases on the internet and figure out duplicated text that is taken from other pages.

How unique text can boost the website ranking?

Writing an exclusive text is a little difficult as you have to polish your ideas and give them a new shape that can grab the attention of readers and help in getting ranked.

There are numerous factors about unique content, that help to rank your website on search engines and generate more visitors on the page.

Let’s talk about these aspects.

1. Generates more traffic on the page

People look for unique things on the internet. They will never go for the article that they have read before on any other website.

They are here to get more information. It is only possible when you provide them with the text without any plagiarism in it.

Some people use too many quotes in their text and add the ideas of other authors to increase the length of an article.

But readers will not show any interest in such content because they can get this information from Wikipedia that you are providing them here in quotes.

So, try to generate a unique text for your audience that can help you to attract more audience.

It will build the interest of readers and they will give positive ratings before leaving your website, which can improve the website rankings.

2. Build the reputation 

When you add quality content to the article, it helps to increase the reputation of the website and attract more readers.

Search engines will rank the content that is informative for the readers and has no copied data in it.

You are taking the time of a reader, so google will like to provide them a unique text that can value the time of a reader.

If you provide them with new a useful article, they will give a positive response on your website and try to come here again.

So, whenever they will need some help, they will visit your page first to get answers here.

This factor helps to build the reputation of a website and rises the authority on search engines.

Therefore, using plagiarized content can harm the reputation of your website that will cause a decline in traffic worth and it will lead to reducing the amount of traffic on your page.

3. Improve the SEO

SEO plays an important role in ranking the website. A text with no plagiarism and great fluency is counted to be the best text for SEO.

Unique text can easily help to make the SEO better, which directly grabs more audience on your page.

When Google gets a unique text, it tries to promote it on the top pages that can help the readers in getting new information.

Originality is the key factor for quality content as one can make the SEO better using new content.

Google also likes the factor if you are giving value to your visitors’ time. They are taking something unique from your page.

This aspect is only possible if you have better SEO and your content is free of duplication.

Do copied data affect website rankings?

Here we have given you the main factors that improve the rankings of a website. When a person generates unique text and makes its SEO better, it will quickly improve the rankings of a website.

Suppose you make too many efforts on ranking your website and add a bundle of content and articles to it.

But in the end, you make duplication in the lines and add some plagiarized text in the content.

All your efforts will be in vain as google will never up rank your website so it can be difficult for you to attract more audience to your page.

For it, keep the text original and to the point that is new and understanding for the readers and can increase their information.

Final words

Several people worry about their websites not getting ranked on google. The reason is that they make plagiarism in the text that troubles them in the future.

To make a better ranking on google and improve your SERP, it is important to keep the content original and informative.

Before uploading the content, they can check the plagiarism in the text through any online duplication checker and make it unique.

It can help to better the SEO of your page and make your page authoritative that will generate more traffic on the page.

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