September 11, 2023

26 Most Unique and Funny PowerPoint Presentation Night Ideas

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PowerPoint nights can be a hilarious and entertaining way to spend time with friends, colleagues, or beloved others. It's an opportunity to show your creativity and quirks, through your slides! Here are some of the best Powerpoint night ideas for parties.

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What's Inside?

A PowerPoint night is when a group of friends gather and present their slides on a topic they choose, one by one. This new trend on TikTok is one of the best activities for gatherings and sleepovers. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation to play this game with your family, college friends, or student group. Also, you can host PowerPoint nights during a bachelor or bachelorette party, between guy friends or girlfriends, and more! While sharing your opinions and jokes, you can make your friends laugh and cuddle. So, gather your friends and prepare your projector. If you are having a hard time choosing your PowerPoint night presentation ideas, we are here for you! 

Here are our 26 best last-minute PowerPoint night ideas for you, inspired by TikTok!

Gather your friends for a Powerpoint night party!

Best PowerPoint Night Ideas For Friends

Unpopular opinions:

This is your chance to say your truth! Say which food, movie, or artist is overrated. You have to present your case from each viewpoint. Don't forget to make a slide that includes the pros and cons of each item.

Who my friends were in their past lives:

You can come up with historical counterparts of your friends. Whether physical or characteristic, you can guess who your friends were. Were they famous a soldier or a common farmer? You can even create jobs or characters!

Everyone’s best and worst photos on Instagram:

This is a fun way to show your friend's best and worst photos on Instagram. Maybe even rank them! Don’t forget to include yours! You can add some bonus photos that you think they should post on their Instagram.

Trends you take part in and regret:

Whether it is fashion styles, hobbies, or whatever trend you take part in, you can present it. Show your failures! You have to be bold.

How each of my friends will get canceled, and what for:

This is a silly way to show how well you know your friends. What are they most likely to say or do if they were celebrities to get canceled? What scandals would they be involved and how would they be in this position? You can make up stories that match your friends' personalities.

The best memes:

This is your chance to show off your memes library. Add which one you think is the funniest! After all, it is a fun PowerPoint night. In addition, you can match your friends with memes. Describe your friends with a meme.

Ranking Disney characters:

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can create a list of which Disney characters are best and which are worst. Give your present and defend your opinions. You can also match your friend's traits with Disney characters. Please explain why they deserve their position.

Everyone’s celebrity lookalikes:

Try to find who your friends resemble. You can choose from cartoon or movie characters, celebrities like Kardashians, actors, or artists. Try your best! Use lots of pictures of your friends and celebrities in your PowerPoint presentation. You can maybe turn it into a trivia quiz, too!

Don't hesitate to create a presentation with these Powerpoint nightideas.

Everyone as -Movie or TV Show- Characters:

This is your chance to demonstrate the chemistry of your group. You can assign everyone in your group to characters from Shrek, The Office, The Lion King, or any movie or TV show you want. 

Everyone's spirit animal and why:

You can match your friends with their animal counterparts. For example, you can choose who is a sloth and who is a tiger. While presenting, you can focus on their personality traits or physical characteristics. Who is the giraffe?

How everyone would die in a zombie apocalypse and their last words are:

Imagine that you were trying to survive all together in a zombie apocalypse. And failed to do so. How each of you will die? What will be their last words? You can also arrange slides from the first to die to the last survivor.

Cringiest childhood photos:

Show them your worst photos, if you dare. Let’s see how you grow up and take a trip down memory lane.

Recasting a new movie:

Let’s change some actors and actresses in movies. You can do your favorite movie or the movie you hate. It’s your choice. Try to improve the movies. You can also cast your own friends! Are these remakes better than the original movies?

Casting in a live-action for a cartoon movie:

If cartoons get a real-life adaptation, who will play in it? Who will be the magical character? You can choose your favorite childhood shows. It’s an opportunity to get nostalgic. You can cast your favorite actors and actresses or your friends.

Which reality show should each friend participate in?:

If you know your friends well enough, you can choose this. Is it a competition show on food or singing, or is it on fashion? How likely would they win the competition? Are they talented enough?

Things that aren't edible that you want to eat:

This is a pretty specific title. But hear me out: we all have some. You can choose anything you want and try to explain why you want to eat them.

Make your friend laugh with your presentation.

Best Topics For PowerPoint Girl Nights

Where will we be in 10 years?:

You can make predictions for each of your friend's future. Some can be silly or dirty. No hard feelings!

The girls as Disney princes and princesses:

Pair up all your girlfriends with Disney characters. 

The group chat’s texts out of context:

This is a pretty last-minute and easy idea. However, it has a potential. You can take screenshots of your chat and make them laugh. Dig into your archives and find the most bizarre messages. This is also a good reminder of your funniest remarks. 

Write a cheesy hallmark movie plot for everyone:

Put your friends into a rom-com! You can choose everything in the story. Be careful not to be too logical. 

Creating a Pinterest mood board for each friend:

This is a good way to show how much you know your friends. In a mood board, put their essential items, favorite colors, singers, and anything you like to describe your friends. As an alternative, you can create a starter pack for your friend.

What would each friend's villain origin story be?:

What would make them go bad? Try to create a story for each of your friends.

Best Short Ideas For PowerPoint Couples Nights

 My favorite photos of you:

You can share beautiful photos of your partner with them. You can make beautiful collages.

Our bucket list:

This is a great way to share your dreams. You can both create a bucket list and then combine them. Present why each item is essential for your list. It will be fun to do later!

Our favorite things about each other:

This is a sweet way to show your partner how much you appreciate them. Be sure to be specific and heartfelt.

Our best moments:

Share your favorite moments with each other. It can be a vacation, a date night, your wedding, or something more special. 

Here is a YouTube video of a PowerPoint Night for you to inspire. You can take a look at presentation ideas and choose your presentation style too.

Some Tips and Tricks For Your PPT Night


Decktopus is the best address to make creative and interesting slideshows. You can build presentations together quickly and easily. Customize your AI-generated slide as you like! You can use ready-made templates or create as you wish! Also, an AI assistant is provided! It will give you tips for images and graphs. You can create fancy slides to show off in your PowerPoint presentation.

Choose your topic wisely:

What makes a PowerPoint night fun is the ideas. You want to shock or make everyone laugh as soon as they see your title. You can be bold with your ideas. Although it can be fun, be careful not to offend your friends.

Keep it short and simple:

Remember, this is a TikTok trend. So, it is wise to keep your PowerPoint presentation short and simple. You don't want to bore anyone at a house party! Focus on how you present, too. You have to make your presentation more engaging and fun with your delivery. 

Try to make it light and sweet:

Keep your PowerPoint night fun and light-hearted. While having fun with each other is nice, try to avoid offensive or hurtful content. Be considerate of your friend's feelings.

Make it eye-catching:

Don’t hesitate to use the best templates and styles for your presentation. You can choose any color palette you want. Use bold colors, funky fonts, and maybe even some emojis. You can complement your color palette with your PowerPoint night idea, too. For example, if you are presenting an idea on unpopular opinions about fast foods, you may want to use bright red.

Turn it into a contest: 

You can be the contestants and judges for your PowerPoint night. Add some competition to spice your night. You can give points for each presentation and their delivery. At the end of the night, compare your scores for the winning presentation. May the best presentation win!

Add lots of visuals:

This is not a school or job presentation. There is no need to play safe. Use all the visuals you wish. Maybe even add some videos or clips, GIFs, or voice recordings! This is your chance to show your creativity.  Pictures, videos, and memes can be a great way to add humor and interest to your presentation.

Have lots of snacks and enjoy!:

A house party is not complete without snacks and beverages. They are a must! Bring your favorite chips and drinks. Maybe order some takeout, too. Enjoy!


The very concept of PowerPoint Night is to have fun with your theme and be as creative and free as you want. We presented 26 unique ideas for your fun PowerPoint night. You can choose anything you want or come up with another idea yourself. Now, it is time for you to create that PowerPoint presentation you are not allowed to present at school. If you are worried about your PowerPoint skills, Decktopus is here for you. You can create fast, AI-powered slides with ease. You can impress everyone with your PowerPoint presentation. Find the best template and style!

Present your ideas with best templates!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What topic should I choose for PowerPoint Night?

You can choose any funny PowerPoint night ideas you want. Feel free to use our 26 fun and easy recommendations. We are confident that all 26 of them will be a good choice to make you the star of the party!

2. Can PowerPoint nights have themes?

Of course! You can create a joined theme. Everyone can follow the same concept, creating a cohesive night of presentations. Your theme can be anything, from conspiracy theories to movies, TikTok trends, zodiac signs, or the future.

3. Do I Have To Be An Expert In PowerPoint To Participate?

No, not at all! This night is all about fun. You can create slides as you want. However, you may add graphics, fancy transitions, and animations to make it engaging. If you don't know how to, Decktopus can help!

4. Can I use other presentation tools besides PowerPoint to create my presentation?

Of course! Microsoft PowerPoint is just the common platform to create your slides. However, if you want more different and modern slides, you can use Decktopus, Google Slides, Canva, Prezi, and more.

5. Can we create a virtual PowerPoint Night?

Sure. You can share your presentation through online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. You can share your screen with your friends and have fun!

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