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Clubhouse: A Proof of Online Living

Clubhouse has quickly become extremely popular in the online communication and media domain, serving as proof that digital tools and solutions will become additionally significant both during and post pandemic.

May 16, 2022

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Clubhouse and Its Increasing Popularity

What's Inside?

We are all talking about it. Clubhouse has become the epitome of our online living as everyone transition their impactful conversations to online platforms. But, how did the audio-specific social media app skyrocket itself into our lives and grow its influence so rapidly? Clubhouse introduces itself as the “new type of network based on voice”, which may come as a shock. A lot of people had assumed that it would be difficult to survive the online communication realm without visuals. But, the app offers an endless room option where people can have discussions on a wide variety of subjects. You can find rooms in topics ranging from casual conversation topics to professional networking opportunities, as well as unfiltered and uncensored news channels.

What is Clubhouse: All you need to know

First off, you need to be invited to the platform by a friend (each person initially gets 2 invite options). Once you gain access to the system, you can add friends and randomly enter rooms as audience members. Within the rooms, you can raise your hand and speak if the moderator sees fit. Further, it is not possible to record your conversations in the app. Clubhouse is currently only supported through the Appstore, but the founders are developing the option for Android as well. 

How did Clubhouse Become So Big? 

With about 2 million weekly active users, Clubhouse was a big hit as soon as it entered the App store. This is an insane statistic given it mostly grew through word of mouth! A key reason behind all of this was the novel ways of living Covid has been imposing on the world. The new face of networking and social interaction has become online and digital solutions working on this domain have been widely popular. Another successful strategy was to have the invite only rule. This created the impression that this was an exclusive society where celebrities and famous entrepreneurs were coming together. A lot of users quickly downloaded the app to reserve their name prior to being invited. The demand to be on the app grew so rapidly that another round of invite options were extended. 

Clubhouse does grant a good opportunity to create new social connections and gain a chance to network with people in the absence of physical networking events. Since the app doesn’t extend a video aspect, anyone can join anytime without worrying about how they look. All you need is a good internet connection. The founders of the app, Rohan and Paul said: “You can talk on Clubhouse while you’re folding laundry, breastfeeding, commuting, working on your couch in the basement, or going for a run.” So, making it possible for everyone to constantly interact, the app allowed for its users to immediately join interesting discussions and meet new people. The range of the topics depend on the creative mindset of its public. 

Further, a lot of people have been using the app as an opportunity to meet potential partners. Given the difficulties of social interaction and the limited prospects of meeting new people, many have been adhering the pandemic to destroy relationships. With the app, people have found new friends, companions, partners and professional connections, while extending their knowledge base. One can call the app a living, breathing podcast platform and community. 

The minimalistic design of the app has also made its user interface extremely simple. As we know, best UX practices are extremely important and affect new user onboarding and retention intimately. 

Clubhouse is proof that digital solutions for communications and content creation are on the rise. If you are looking for a smart document solution where you can create engaging decks for your business or online course purposes and generate leads, check out Decktopus now! Indeed, we are excited to announce that our Media and Communications Manager Ceylan Ersoy and Growth & Community Manager Alara Akçasız will be leading Clubhouse sessions in the coming weeks focusing on hot topics in the industry and spotlighting what it is like working in the startup world. Stay tuned for updates!

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