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Tips for adding videos to your presentation

June 25, 2024

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7 Things To Remember When Adding Videos To Your Presentation

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Adding videos to your presentation prepared by Decktopus team

What's Inside?

The use of videos in presentations has become the norm. It makes presentations more attractive and interesting, capturing the audience's attention. If you only include regular text-based content without graphics or animations, your audience may quickly get bored. But when you integrate it with videos, you can reinforce the written content, making your presentation more informative, persuasive, and demonstrative. 

For example, when informing your viewers about a particular product or service you're selling, using videos helps them to understand and retain the message for a long time. Additionally, you can demonstrate how to use a given product in a more effective way than text, images, or illustrations could ever achieve. Lastly, you can use powerful storytelling prowess and incorporate unique audio-visual designs to evoke emotions in the viewers and persuade them to purchase your product. 

adding videos

Thus, adding videos to your presentations is a cutting-edge marketing strategy guaranteed to convert leads into customers. But you must do it skillfully to ensure you achieve the desired results. With that in mind, here are seven things to remember when adding videos to your presentations:

1.Embedding Youtube Videos Saves Time

YouTube is undeniably the largest video database globally, with over five billion videos uploaded. Indeed, you can find a clip on virtually every topic. You can utilize the available videos on the platform instead of creating your own from scratch. To this end, you’ll need a credible free YouTube video downloader app, such as those reviewed on EarthWeb or similar sites. You can find a suitable one for whatever device you'd like to use, whether it's a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.  

The good thing is that you won’t have to pay a cent for these videos. Just ensure your selected clips don’t have a copyright note. Other stock sites offer videos for a small fee, but you don’t have to pay for videos, especially for non-commercial presentations. Just ensure you search until you find videos highly related to your presentation.

2.Know When To Synchronize Videos With Slides

Knowing when the videos will appear on the slides helps you look organized and professional. Ideally, aim at having an introductory slide before the videos to alert the audience of what it’s about and prepare them psychologically. Also, consider including a conclusion slide after the video to summarize the presentation.

video presentation

Another crucial consideration is synchronizing the video duration with the slide duration. You wouldn’t want the slide containing the video to expire before the video does or continue displaying long after the video ends.

3.Use Light And Appropriate Music

Attractive and colorful videos can lure your viewers from the first slide they see. Instead of making your presentations look dull, you can use light and appropriate music in the videos to personalize and drive the message out about the product. For instance, proper lighting can make products look appealing to your viewers. Appropriate music also makes the video interesting. You can include recent songs or catchy instrumentals that people are familiar with.

4.Make The Videos Precise

Short videos that go straight to the point capture the viewer's attention. Keep in mind that the attention span of many people is short, especially in situations like this. That is why you should create something that hooks the reader from the introduction to the conclusion. Thus, ensure the videos you're creating are straight to the point. An excellent benchmark is 30-60 seconds, but there’s no harm in going up to three minutes if the concept needs a deeper explanation. Review your video keenly if you realize it surpasses the three-minute ceiling. See if you can delete unnecessary sections to make it more precise and avoid tiring the viewer. 

5.Perfect Audio Narration

You can use high-quality audio recording equipment to narrate your videos to your audience. It helps them understand what the product is all about. Ensure you make your voice audible enough and use tonal variation to put the emphasis wherever needed. Also, edit the final audio to remove background noises and cut it to the precise starting and ending points. Pronounced background noise tends to overpower the message, since the viewer may focus more on it. 

video slideshow

Aside from audio narration, you can add captions to videos to reinforce the message. Take care not to overdo it, as it’ll steal attention from the video.

6.Be A Good Story Teller

Good storytelling can make a video stick in the viewers' memory for a long time. Thus, use a relatable story with daily human characters. It’ll ensure the audience understands even the more technical concepts highlighted. You can also use humor when covering heavy topics to lighten the mood. 

7.End On A Meaningful Quote

Ending your video with powerful Calls To Action (CTAs) is critical. In other words, specify what you want the viewer to do after watching the video. Being clear on this will help you achieve the desired results.  


Adding videos to your presentations makes them more captivating and understandable. Remember, the video gives your content the visual capacity to draw your clientele to your product or service. If they find it attractive and captivating, they'll be convinced to come for more content from you, enabling you to have many clients. Above all else, prioritize quality. You could even enlist professional help from video editors and graphic designers to help drive the point home.

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