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November 27, 2023

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Decktopus AI Image Generator: Creative and Personalized Images on Slides

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Introducing AI Image Generator in Decktopus! With this generator, your slides will be better and more beautiful than ever! This app turns your previous prompts into ready free images and place them into your slides!

What's Inside?

We proudly present our latest advancement in Decktopus: AI Image Generation!

With our new and advanced image generation AI, you won’t need to search on Google Images for hours! The ideal photo you are looking for can be generated by our AI in seconds! These photos will make your presentation visually pleasing, grab the attention of your audience, and make your slides stand out more! You can create customized slides with personally created images.

AI Image Generator in Decktopus

AI Image Generator is a visual assistant! You can generate photographs, images, graphics, or digital art suitable for your needs! 

This user-friendly tool is available for all our users. You can try and experience it yourself!

Powered with "Neural style transfer" technique of machine learning, Decktopus' Image Generator is able to commission any type of image in need in a number of ways!

Image Generator is an easy-to-use tool. It only requires a click to create what you want in an image! In the blink of an eye, your high-quality image will be generated. The results will be out in a jif.

The AI Image Generator is a revolutionary advancement! In Decktopus, we are always open to improvement!

A List of Outstanding Features on Decktopus
AI Image Generator
AI assistant
100+ templates
QA session ideas
Presentation tips
Rehearsal mode
Regeneration tool

There is no denying that computer-generated language models become more capable with each day passing. Decktopus constantly creates new features and releases updated versions to stay in line with this tech. With this approach, Decktopus offers a more profound experience than other AI presentation tools. Decktopus not only creates your slides with ease but also beautifies your slides!

ai generator

image generator

The Possibilities are Limitless for Art Generators

Our new tool, AI Text to Image Creator, has limitless potential. The only limit is your imagination! 

With the addition of AI Image Generator, the slides you created with Decktopus now become more visually engaging. AI Image Generator will create unique and original slide decks that cannot be found anywhere! These decks will be personally created by you with the help of AI! Based on your slide, different image styles, like illustrations, 3D objects, or scenes, can be generated. There is no need to worry about the quality images in your slides.

Step up the level of your slides! With Decktopus, win any competition!

Not only for your slides but also for content creation, Decktopus can be used. You can create blog posts that bring traffic to your websites. Create content that is as easy as playing a game!

There is nothing that this tool cannot generate! Any thing you need can be added! For any reason!

How to Use the Image Generator: Perfect AI-Generated Images

To use the Image Generator, what you have to do is simple. First, select an image box in the slide, or you can select the image settings from the menu on the left. Then, click on the AI Image Generator in the right corner.

Perfect AI-Generated

The generator analyses what you have written on your deck so far. Your slide becomes an input for the tool. This will be the base for the output. There are hundreds of features available in Image Generator to create more creative artwork and a more varied style of images.

Here is an example of the AI Image Generator in Decktopus:

 AI Image Generator

You can generate something else if you don't like the output based on your liking. There is no limitation on the art styles! Also, with these unique graphics, you don't need to worry about property or intellectual laws.

Let’s Create a Slide on Decktopus with AI Image Generator!

In this guide, let's take a look at how easily AI creates slides in Decktopus! It only takes 5 simple steps!

And how to get in the world of Image Generators!

You can watch our video:

Step 1: Create a slide with Decktopus

Decktopus has 3 options while creating a slide: 

  • Start from scratch: In this mode, you can customize everything about your slide manually. You can choose a design category and a template fit for your category. Afterward, you can choose any slide to add to your presentation. Though you may choose to create from scratch, you can use our AI assistant for your slides and make the creation process of your slide easier! 
  • Start with a template: In this mode, you can choose any template from Decktopus’s large library of templates. In this library, you can find over 100+ templates, differentiating on a number of needs, such as marketing, business, or education. After choosing your template, Decktopus will create a slide with ready-to-edit slide pages.

Create with AI: Decktopus is the ultimate slide generator AI! In this mode, you can create a slide personalized for your needs. After answering five simple questions, your slide will be generated. Based on the information provided, a slide with content, images, graphs, logos, and information will be ready!

1. The first question is, "What is your presentation about?" In this part, you can provide a prompt about your slide or enter a more general topic.


2. The second question is, "Who is your audience?" In this part, talk about the qualities of your audience. Your audience can be educators, business professionals, students, travelers, coders, and so on. After providing this information, Decktopus will create a slide specifically for your audience!


3. The third question is, "What's your aim for this deck?" At this point, there is a high chance that the Decktopus AI will already generate your prompt as a suggestion. However, if not, you can manually enter what your presentation will include.

Artificial Intelligence

4. The fourth question is, "How long do you have for your presentation?". Based on your answer, Decktopus will create a slide long enough or short enough for the time limit.


5. The last question is, "Which template would you like to use?" For this part, you can choose one of the templates provided. However, if it is not your liking, you can change the template completely or adjust its colors.


Step 2: Edit your slides

In Decktopus, you can edit all parts of your slides! 

  • Template: You can adjust the color palette of the template based on the theme you want to use. Also, you can change the font!
  • Title and Text: Of course, you can change the titles and texts in the slides. Decktopus AI creates content based on the topic of the slide and the audience, but you can make any necessary adjustments or changes.
  • Images: Decktopus AI chooses images based on the theme of your slide. You can just click and change them. You can choose stock images, GIFS or create any image you want with our newest AI Image Generator. In Image Generator, all the questions you answer for creating a slide will be used as input. In other words, they will become descriptions for the art piece that will be created. Thus, AI will create better outputs fitting for your content. You can attempt on other generations after reviewing the created tasks. Also, you can zoom in on photos and change their sizes and locations. You can also add videos to your slides.

Collaboration: In Decktopus, you can add team members on your to edit your slides. Your members can review the slides, provide feedback, and make adjustments to the content and subjects. This feature is perfect for office settings or group projects.

Step 3: Getting ready to present

Decktopus has an artificial intelligence assistant that can help with your presentation skills!

  • Q&A Session: Based on your presentation topic and audience, exemplary questions from the audience and their answers will be created by the AI assistant! Thus allowing you to be prepared to answer the questions during or after your presentation.
  • Customized Tips: The AI will generate tips for you to use in your presentation! Tips on body language, presentation delivery, and engagement can be generated!
  • Regenerate: The AI assistant can create another slide for you. If you want to change the audience, aim, or topic of your slide, the AI assistant on Decktopus will create another slide for your needs! 

Step 4: Rehearsal

In this step, you can use Decktopus’s Rehearsal Mode! By practicing your presentation, you can excel in your presentation style. In this mode, you can clearly see a chronometer for measuring the presentation time, access your slide notes, and find some tips that can be useful for your rehearsal.

Step 5: PRESENT!

This is the final step! You have created a beautiful slide full of personally curated images and worked hard on practicing it. Now, you are ready to present! You can use Decktopus’s Present Mode. In this mode, you can access your slide notes and take quick glances at them while presenting! 

Try Decktopus for your next presentation! Experience the creativity with no limitations! You can use Decktopus for FREE! Join our community of creators!

You can access Decktopus on your computer and tablet. Also, any phone system, android or iPhone, is supported. Decktopus is a web-based AI that can be accessed through all devices. Decktopus is available in all country.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we tried to show Decktopus's system in detail. Here are some more ideas that you may think of.

1. What are other tools for AI image generation from text?

Some apps that use machine learning techniques are Midjourney (as a Discord channel), Art Nightcafe, and Dall-E.

2. Are Image Generators widely used?

With the degree of advancements in artificial intelligence, there is an enhanced ability in these tools. Thus, their popularity increased significantly.

3. What is stable diffusion?

Stable diffusion is a generative AI that provides images from text or image prompts. It was released after the public announcement of OpenAI.

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