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Best Affiliate Marketing Networks of 2023

Blogging is a nice way to create a side income to support luxury expenses. Even if it is a fun way to spend your spare time, wouldn’t it be great if you can make money just by making a visit and helping another company grow?

February 15, 2023

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Best affiliate marketing networks of 2021, prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

According to the survey GrowthBadger conducted, a blogger can make around $50,000 a year with the right strategy. Blogging is a nice way to create a side income to support luxury expenses. It shows that even full-time workers are searching for ways to create multiple income streams. Even if it is a fun way to spend your spare time, wouldn’t it be great if you can make money just by making a visit and helping another company grow?

The way to do it is to find affiliate programs that fit your niche area of expertise and your audience. By just mentioning or reviewing a product you can generate money while you sleep. Here we gather some of the best affiliate programs to join in 2021. If you are not selling your product, the best way to make money with the effort spent is affiliate marketing. Depending on your niche and traffic generation, the money you earn may differ; however, spending money on your SEO and advertising can help you boost your blog. Here are some tips before getting your hands dirty.

Things to Look for in Affiliate and Referral Programs

  • Always make sure to explore the affiliate program with its details.
  • Details include your person of contact, channels you communicate with the company, payment method, commission, and the money transaction process.
  • The product and niche fit; If the program you joined isn't interesting for your blog audience it won’t be converting, which will cause you to lose both money and effort along the way.
  • Choose a good advertising platform. If you cannot track links and traffic resources to your blog you won’t be able to create the right advertising strategies.

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Affiliate Programs to Join in 2021


Decktopus is an online document preparation platform for users to save time and stress levels while producing content for their public speeches, presentations, sales proposals, brochures, and many more. It offers users a user-friendly preparation interface to create documents automatically for you. While you fill out the blanks Decktopus does the whole adjustment in the document to make it look like a designer worked on it. Offering different themes and sample decks one can be inspired and jump-start the content while completing the whole document in 15 minutes with the pre-prepared content. Offering different color palettes and layouts professionally designed by designers on their team, you can also add images, GIFs, and many more from their high-quality image libraries. To discover all of the functionalities of the platform, visit their affiliate program website and enroll with a very fast enrollment form.

Program Details:

After filling out the enrollment form of Decktopus Affiliate program everyone receives a welcoming mail with the following instructions like logo, discount link creation, etc. After a small introduction and link exchange Decktopus follows up each week with the analytics and makes the payment monthly. Commission rates are;

  • 1-10 sales: 25% commission
  • 10-100 sales: 30% commission
  • 100-250 sales: 35% commission
  • 250+ sales: 40% commission


Shopify affiliate platform is perfect for those who have an audience targeted as entrepreneurs, eCommerce professionals, monetizing their lives with their hobbies, and searching for platforms to launch a small business. Shopify is an eCommerce platform integrated with different tools that aim to boost eCommerce businesses. Users can create and edit their eCommerce website easily and drive traffic to their website very fast. Easy to use, easy to integrate with payment platforms, Shopify offers an affiliate platform.

Program Details:

Shopify offers a unique referral link to each of its affiliates and affiliates can earn up to $58 from each paid customer. Visit their affiliate website to learn more.


Similar to Shopify, LeadPages offers an innovative platform for entrepreneurs to create no-code websites and create leads easily. LeadPages is focused on creating leads with detailed tools designed for the specific need. Every detail on the pages are optimized for increasing conversion and users can create their own websites with drag and drop features.

Program Details:

By becoming a LeadPage affiliate one can earn up to 50% commission with every paid customer. What stands out is if the customer remains in Leadpages you can convert your commission as a recurring commission. Visit their affiliate website to learn more.


JotForm is an online survey and form creating a platform that can be used for any need. It offers pre-prepared forms to collect leads and generate data. Forms can be embedded into any platform, can be designed with proper branding, and can be shared with a link too. So the perfect audience for JotForm for small businesses that are collecting leads by quizzes, forms, etc.

Program Details:

JotForm offers a 30% annual commission for every paid customer they get with the unique affiliate links. A fun feature of their affiliate program is that it has an automatic calculator of how much money you can make with which plan you advertise to how many customers. With this feature, you can create KPIs for your blog! Visit their affiliate website to learn more.


SEMRush is an online marketing tool offering one tool for SEO, content, social media publishing, competitive research, and SMM. The target audience of SEMRush is marketing agencies, content publishers, and marketing consultors. If your target is looking for one platform for the whole marketing needs SEMRush might be the perfect fit.

Program Details:

One can earn up to $200 for each subscription and $10 for each feature activation. Visit their affiliate website to learn more.


AWeber is an e-mail marketing tool to help small businesses grow. Their claim is that they are handling 90% of the e-mail marketing and leave 10% just for fun. It has a drag and drop design tool with a pre-made template library. Offers industry-leading deliverability and advanced analytics. A useful tool is also is that you can create converting signup forms and integrate them into the e-mail campaigns.

Program Details:

They offer 30% recurring commissions with the referral links. Visit their affiliate website to learn more.


HubSpot is another all-in-one platform for business owners. They have marketing, sales, service and CMS services in one place. The best part of this platform is that you can start for free and then upgrade while you are growing. This enables small business owners and startups comfortable while using the platform.

Program Details:

Their affiliate program is one of the highest winning opportunities since every purchase affiliates can earn up to $1000. They offer an affiliate dashboard for you to track your clicks etc. Visit their website to learn more.


Sertifier is an online tool to create certificates for online or real-life courses. They offer an interface to design the certificates according to your branding, enables you to send it in bulk format for all course participants, track analytics with social media shares, and integrate with other platforms like moodle ,etc.

Program Details:

Sertifier allows its affiliates to earn up to $890/year commission from a single referral. The best support they offer is that they help their affiliates with marketing by offering marketing materials. Visit their website to learn more. is an online workflow management tool with advanced features like project management, marketing, HR and recruitment, CRM and sales, and many more. Their claim is that their user can manage everything from one place by setting it up in minutes. They enable users to integrate with a lot of tools like slack, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, etc.

Program Details:

They offer a certification program to all of their affiliates to increase their sales and marketing muscles. Also by offering a dashboard to track their performance they keep track of every click. Visit their website to learn more.


FreshBooks is an accounting software for business owners and their clients. It works with freelancers, self-employed professionals, etc. They offer easy invoicing, expense organizing, working time tracking, collaboration with employees and clients on projects, payment interfaces, easy to understand reports, and accounting.

Program Details:

The affiliate program of FreshBooks offers $200 earn per sale and a $10 signup commission. Check out their website to learn more about the program.

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