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Is Decktopus your presentation maker?

October 28, 2023

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Decktopus: Is It Your Next Online Presentation Maker?

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

If you are looking for a presentation tool for your next meeting, you are going to need an introduction, a review and a comparison. Let's take a look. 

What's Inside?

Presentations, as a concept, could be seen as a lot of things. As a spectrum, It can be a walk in the park, a terrifying time period with a lot of sweat and heavy breathing or it can be a combination of both.

However, in order for you to be closer to the easier side, there are tools that can be used for a smoother process. You’ve probably heard of examples such as PowerPoint, Canva, Pitch, Google Slides etc. These are presentation softwares with unique benefits to themselves for you to deliver the best presentation you can.

The selection process of a presentation maker can seem difficult due to the fact that not all presentation tools are created equal. Some of them need downloading, some of them are more complex than others, some of them are better suited for different situations but lack effectiveness in the other ones.

However, if you want a starting point with a simple and effective tool, look no further than Decktopus

This article will be an informative session for you to kickstart your Decktopus journey and help you decide which tool to use.

Review: Decktopus

What is Decktopus?

Decktopus can be explained with 3 words: Visually stunning, content-rich and time efficient. With Decktopus, you can prepare stunning presentations within a fairly short time online. I

n terms of content, there is a wide variety of templates that you can use with one simple click while navigating through the interface without any effort and enjoying Decktopus’ unique features.. 

Features of Decktopus:

  • Creating cards with text, images, forms, videos embedded websites and links
  • Organization features which includes organizing your cards into decks
  • Exporting as PDFs or PPT
  • Ability to see analytics
  • Ability to collect responses with decks.

Like all the other tools, Decktopus too has its pros and cons like mentioned before.

Pros of Decktopus:

  • Organizing content into cards or slides provides ease of use.
  • Decktopus doesn’t require any design skill while looking beautiful with templates and design options.
  • Decktopus doesn’t impose a technical difficulty to the user with response and interaction options.
  • Decktopus is a user-friendly tool in every aspect.

Cons of Decktopus:

  • Limited customization and editing features due to the simplicity aspect.
  • Export features are paid.
  • Due to being relatively new than its competition, some glitches and bugs have been reported.
  • Limited number of slides per presentation.

Comparisons: Alternatives

There are a considerable number of alternatives to Decktopus as presentation makers. Like  mentioned before, some of them have their own set of benefits and inefficiencies. But there is a pattern when it comes to pros and cons of these tools over Decktopus. Common ground is that:

  • If the mentioned presentation tool exceeds Decktopus in terms of design, editing, ability options; then it is far more complex to use while being more expensive and requiring download. PowerPoint can be given as an example to this case.
  • If Decktopus exceeds the mentioned presentation tool in terms of design, editing, ability options it is usually less costly than Decktopus. Google Slides can be given as an example to this case.

So all in all, Decktopus grounds itself in the middle for the consumer as an online presentation maker with its price, overall features and time efficient structure.

No Matter Which Tool, Complexity is Not Always Better:

Sometimes, the data or the idea you need to represent can be seen as so vastly important that you might get the urge to include every little detail in your presentation. It is a perfectly understandable situation which almost everyone who did a presentation of any kind probably can relate easily.

However, no matter how important, sometimes the complexity it brings along can negatively affect the impact and penetration of your presentation.

The overcrowding on your slides could make the presentation hard to follow or both listeners and the main idea that you are trying to present can get lost among those details.

In order to prevent this, there are some suggestions for you to eliminate the complexity element while delivering a simple but powerful presentation:

  • Eliminating Complexity Bias: As Albert Einstein once said: “Smart people simplify things.” Complex structure can be perceived as the superior by some. However, with our world getting busier every minute, we need time efficiency by simplifying the overcomplexed because let's face it, sometimes we just want to sound smart.

  • Elevator Pitch: In most cases, Start-ups get their investments through an elevator pitch. A simple short pitch presentation that will be memorable and get the investor interested. When introduced to the idea of Elevator Pitch, a lot of people tend to react in the way that their ideas cannot be shortened to an Elevator Pitch. But in most cases, it is usually manageable.

  • Simple is Better: Simplifying can be seen as a difficult process. But keeping things short and to the point should do the trick. Using the slides as a visual aid and remembering the main message that you want to give will help you to keep things simple. Also there are presentation tools that will help you stay to the point in your slides. You can discover Decktopus here.


The availability of presentation makers is not the issue as there are a lot of products out there. However, the selection mainly comes to the decision of what you will use the tool for.

While lacking some features than its alternatives in the fields of creating visuals, Decktopus is mainly designed for presentations with additional built-in presentation tools such as speaker notes and rehearsal mode which makes it the optimum choice if you are planning to do a presentation.

Also, like mentioned before, simplicity is a powerful concept when harvested with the right ideas and tools. So, if you want to build simple, effective, time-efficient and stunning presentations we recommend that you check out Decktopus.

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