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Use Case Series: A Success Story MarketM8 Partners with Decktopus

Decktopus is delighted to share its partnership with MarketM8 and company executives’ insights into their experience using Decktopus.

March 14, 2023

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What's Inside?

Digital Marketing Solutions for Businesses Empowered by Great Documents

Decktopus is delighted to share its partnership with MarketM8 and company executives’ insights into their experience using Decktopus. Overjoyed with the business benefits the organization experienced creating documents and decks with Decktopus, MarketM8 has agreed to participate in our success story series and elaborate on their positive experience. Here is the inside scoop!

Who is MarketM8? 

MarketM8 is a digital sales and marketing agency who leverage its team and tools to augment and scale digital sales and marketing execution. They run account-based marketing campaigns to impress and engage target prospects, producing new engagements to sales teams via CRM, the Hubspot app, and more. Their services include direct marketing, LinkedIn mastery, conference and event marketing, strategic targeting,  social media marketing, PPC campaigns, marketing analytics and reporting, Hubspot CRM and marketing tools, outbound calling, direct mail and delivery of marketing pieces, referral and affiliate sales programs, web development, account based marketing. Their execution takes place on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Hubspot, Medium. 

What MarketM8 Had to Say About the Benefits of Decktopus

Here at MarketM8 we’ve been using the Decktopus App for the past two months. It is a great tool that helps us create stunning presentations very quickly. We started using the app for our weekly meeting presentations and the information presented is cleaner, more organized, and more visually appealing.

Some of the features that we have found to be most helpful are the edit color, where we can change the color palette to fit the colors for our company; We can also add specific fonts that can help us personalize the presentation and create a template for future projects as well.

The limit of characters on each slide has helped us be more concise with the information presented, create decks that were not text-heavy and overwhelming, allowing us to be more direct with the information included on each slide.

Another plus for the app is the royalty-free images, gifs, and icons. The search tool helps you find a gallery of images that fit the specific theme or key words, without worrying about incurring in royalty fees.

Overall, this is a great tool that has helped us save time creating our presentations; it is very easy to use and quick to create a stunning presentation. We have even worked on other clients’ projects using this tool.

MarketM8 Q&A

We are interested in your background! Can you briefly share your career journey and academic background in a minute?

Rep 1: I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing, and for over 15 years I've been focused on Customer service, Sales and Marketing, managing the CRM for a real estate company; and now I am focused on doing Marketing for an agency. 

Rep 2: I am an Entrepreneur, a consultant for Business as well as an Educator for Graduate business. I run a Digital Marketing Agency, and we prepare a lot of Sales and Marketing presentations for our clients and they for their customers.

What was it like creating presentations and documents before using Decktopus? 

Rep 1: Before Decktopus I used the traditional tools, PowerPoint and Google Slides, and although they have several templates, the designs are basic and modest.

Rep 2: I always avoided and relied on my staff to create them, and then we worked together on the final product. I’ve always been annoyed with how large PP presentations are for emails and the difficulty of sharing documents online. 

What made you search for a different solution initially, and how did you decide to check out Decktopus? What made us stand out?

Rep 1: I started using Decktopus as a way to enhance our presentations and to show the information in a cleaner and more appealing form. It is very fast to design and work with the templates, and easy to edit.

Rep 2: A Business colleague referred us to Decktopus and we started using it right away.

Was there an obstacle that almost prevented you from subscribing to Decktopus? 

Rep 1: I thought that there were limited options to include charts or tables, or changing the orientation (from landscape to portrait). When doing business presentations, charts and tables are very important. Thankfully, they integrated this feature soon after I became a part of their community.

Rep 2: It has some limitations in template scope, but we still prefer it over the other options.

What made you happiest about using our product? How did your life change? 

Rep 1: It's very easy and fast, making it super easy to create a presentation, as well as edit it. There is a good amount of templates for several specific purposes that aid you, and don't overwhelm you with hundreds of options.

Rep 2: Changes during review were so much faster. We started making multiple versions of presentations because it was very easy to do so.

Did anyone else notice differences in the end-product you created through using our tool?

Rep 1: Definitely! The difference between the traditional options and Decktopus is enormous, and right away my coworkers noticed the cleaner and more eye-catching presentations. Clients are very impressed with the end results as well, especially the form and survey slides are super helpful.

Rep 2: Yes, we have a weekly team meeting which we used to use google slides for, and by week two the Decktopus presentation was so much more dazzling.

What is the main reason you would recommend this product to your friends?

Rep 1: The fact that you don't need a strong background in designing to create visually appealing presentations, and how fast and easily you can create them. 

Rep 2: Many of my colleagues are in Sales and we’re always struggling to make custom Sales presentations quickly .

What can we do differently or what features can we integrate?

I really appreciated your new feature in adding tables and charts. I would also like to edit the size of the logo option, and be able to change or move the information within the slide.

Do you think COVID affected the digital marketing industry and if it did, how?

Rep 1: People are spending more time online than before, and as such, our spending habits have changed as well. Now people are more aware of what is essential to them and how it can impact their lives.

Rep 2: Yes, certainly. It forced more sales activity to be remote, but also gave time for people to be more productive without traveling. 

What would be the one suggestion you would give to your beginner self?

Think outside the box more often!

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