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Top 5 AI presentation maker tool list prepared by Decktopus Content Team

May 24, 2024

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AI Presentation Maker Showdown: Top 5 Tools to Create Stunning Presentations with Ease!

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Discover the top 5 AI presentation makers that will take your presentations to the next level. From advanced slide design features to real-time speech recognition, these tools are sure to impress your audience and make your presentations more effective than ever before.

What's Inside?

In today's world, Artificial Intelligence has become an essential tool in various fields of work, including education, marketing, and business. With the increasing demand for engaging and interactive presentations, AI-powered presentation tools have become popular among professionals.

Whether you are a teacher, marketer, or business professional, these tools are sure to impress your audience and leave a lasting impression. Let's dive into the world of AI-powered presentation tools.

The top 5 tools for creating stunning presentations with ease using AI

These tools not only help in creating visually appealing presentations but also make them more interactive and dynamic. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the top 5 AI presentation tools that will help you take your presentations to the next level.

1) Decktopus

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Decktopus AI is at the top of our list. Decktopus offers its users the opportunity to make presentations in seconds, as well as ready-made templates, with its new AI Presentation Generator feature that it has recently released.

ai presentation maker

Decktopus has been designed to prepare presentation content exactly what its users need instead of generic slide content. The first thing you need to do is enter the prompt that will create the subject of the presentation.

AI presentation prompt

However, of course, just entering a command is not enough to reach the presentation you want exactly. Decktopus comes to your aid at this point and becomes your presentation assistant, not just a presentation software. It puts it into a 4-step process to get the necessary information about your presentation and to determine your needs. Decktopus AI gives you the opportunity to choose your target audience, aim of the deck, the most visually appealing theme and the duration of your presentation.

AI presentation audience

Moreover, by providing examples about your audience according to the prompt you enter, it accelerates and facilitates your selection.

AI presentation aim

With detailed examples for the purpose of your presentation, it lays out all the aims that your presentation will cover and helps you find your aim one-to-one.

AI presentation duration

By getting the information of the presentation content from you, it prevents creating a longer or shorter presentation than you need.

AI presentation template

At the end of these 4 steps, Decktopus gives you more specific & tailor-made content. Moreover, this presentation comes before you completely prepared from the introduction to the end and equipped with different pages. So what do you do if you want to personalize your fully-prepared content?

Of course, Decktopus AI continues to be your assistant from the beginning to the end of the process. After your content is created, it offers you the opportunity to benefit from the power of artificial intelligence at the points you want to personalize. For example, you want to add to the items in the icon lists that will appear in your content, but do not know exactly what you can add?

Thanks to the magic buttons included in Decktopus AI, you can get icon suggestions, and you can change the picture of these icons in no time with AI.

Decktopus AI

What the magic button can do is not limited to this. We all have hesitations in determining the photos we add to our presentation, which leads to a serious waste of time when creating the presentation. These magic buttons of Decktopus AI make photo suggestions with artificial intelligence. At this point, a button that brings photo suggestions for you with a single click can make the whole process much easier, right?

Magic buttons

In general, AI tools may not be good at creating forms and templates for you. When you ask for a template, it's not enough that they just give you a description and hints. But Decktopus AI really creates complete templates and graphics that people can easily use, replacing only the necessary information with their private information. Decktopus has been featured by as the best AI presentation maker. With its features, it enriches the content of your presentation and prevents you from wasting time trying to create templates from scratch.

Presentation charts

In addition to all of these, you can enrich your deck thanks to Decktopus' other non-built-in artificial intelligence tools, you can collect customers from your deck thanks to the form options, you can get reservations from the audience thanks to the reservation template, you can record audio to your decks for your potential sales, and you can turn your deck into a biolink thanks to its responsive feature. .

Presentation elements

Also, Decktopus AI is collaborative, you can invite team members to your deck and let them view and edit it. In this way, you can continue your team work without losing any time.

Decktopus AI with all these features is designed so that creating presentations is no longer a chore for you. It does the whole process for you, from finding the right images to choosing the right phrases, and on top of that, it makes personalized presentations for your audience and purpose.

If you want to learn more about Decktopus AI and watch how you can create presentations from scratch without any effort, be sure to check out this video:

In the next stage, it is aimed to become a full-fledged presentation assistant by giving a narrative method suitable for the subject, purpose and audience. Don't forget to try these amazing features that Decktopus AI can do for you and stay tuned!


Here is an example of a presentation created with Decktopus AI:

2) Tome

Tome is one of the collaborative AI presentation maker alternatives. It has a modern layout and an easy-to-understand flow for users. In addition, Tome has a fast and smart presentation creation system.

Tome AI prompt

In addition to the presentation on the screen where you enter the title, it also offers the option to create an outline or story. If you create a story, you will see a presentation with longer texts.

Tome AI

While the title you enter on the first page of the presentations you create, there is the outline of the presentation on the second page. The rest of the presentation consists of pages created according to the created outline. At this point, as a nice feature, Tome offers the opportunity to add pages through the command entered into the AI after the presentation is created.

Tome offers the option to change the theme for the entire presentation or for a specific page you specify. In this way, you can personalize your presentation visually. It offers some elements that you can add to your presentation when you want to personalize it more. At this point, its collaboration with platforms such as Figma and Twitter offers users the opportunity to work across platforms. However, it should be noted that the slide layout option it offers is quite inadequate. Tome doesn't have enough elements to add detail to your presentation and make it exactly what you want.

Tome AI presentation maker

In addition, another striking point is that the slides are always created in the same order. Each slide has the same template, both pictures and text, without various elements such as bullet points or forms.. This makes the presentation very monotonous. Not having a rich variety creates a visually boring image and prevents the presentation from taking it to the next level.

The length of the texts in this created template is another factor that reduces the quality of the presentation. Long texts distract the listener and therefore prevent the audience from getting what is meant to be told.


Here is an example of a presentation created with Tome AI:

3) is another product with which you can create well-designed presentations using AI. It offers its users the right to try any credit card information. asks you to enter the url of the institution you work for as a mandatory information when registering, and then the mandatory industry field you work in. After entering this information, you can proceed to the presentation creation screen.

At this point, it asks you to choose a template. Then, it combines the template you choose with the industry information you have entered before, and presents a presentation in line with this information. It does not offer the user any prompt entry area. This limits the user's ability and freedom to create a precisely targeted presentation. You can only create your deck from the templates available in's system.

We come across a beautiful presentation as a design. At this point, as a feature that needs to be developed, it is noteworthy that the text lengths on the presentation pages are very long in places and there are almost no photographs in the presentation. In addition, the user encounters an interface that can confuse him/her. Of course, there are various and effective features, but it is not easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Presentation AI maker

From this point on, offers its users many opportunities to customize the presentation. We can edit its type and style through the buttons at the bottom of each slide page. Here, it does not offer any AI support to the user, but instead offers the opportunity to make changes through the templates already in the system.

AI presentation styles

However, when we want to add a slide page, it brings up the prompt entry screen as a feature that stands out from its competitors. From here, we can both enter the prompt and select the template we want to be created. It really comes across as a nice feature to personalize the deck and make it fit your needs.

AI presentation slides

As another personalization feature, we can edit the slide pages via "Outline". Here we can make additions, edit charts and lists. At the same time, as a classic feature from the "Design" page, we can of course manipulate the general design of the slide.

Presentation AI-pros-cons

Here is an example of a presentation created with

4) Simplified

Simplified is much more than just an AI deck generator. In addition, it also offers video, text and photo creation services via AI to its users. Another plus is that it gives you the right to try all these services for free without entering any credit card information.

In the first stage of creating a presentation with AI, it asks the user to enter a prompt as in every tool, but it also offers the language option as a feature that distinguishes it from its counterparts. It really stands out as a universal feature that allows people to create presentations in their local language.

Simplified AI presentation maker

After entering the prompt, our presentation is created in a short time, but the resulting presentation remains very simple in design. It is far from meeting the needs of the user in terms of quality and quantity.

Simplified AI maker

In addition, all slides have the same template, both text and image. This uniformity greatly reduces the quality of the presentation and makes it unimpressive. It also negatively affects diversity, while similar prompts appear in other tools, such as charts, lists, and other slides, Simplified does not have this type of slide pages.

Contrary to these negative features, as a feature that distinguishes Simplified from its competitors, it offers the opportunity to use AI templates, which it already has for many different purposes, in presentations.

AI templates

Here is Simplified with its pros and cons:

Here is an example of a presentation created with Simplified AI:

5) Sendsteps

The last AI presentation creator on our list is Sendsteps. With the easy interface of Sendsteps, you can quickly enter the presentation creation screen without entering any card information. On this screen, as we see a similar one in Decktopus, there are certain questions in addition to entering the prompt. Unlike Decktopus, it does not ask for the purpose and theme of the presentation, but offers the user a choice of language and the opportunity to create a title. Like Decktopus, Sendsteps differs from its peers with these features and provides the opportunity to create a completely customer-tailored presentation.

Sendsteps AI presentation maker

Presentation creation time is longer than other tools and changes made in editing the created presentation are reflected late. In general, we can say that there is a slowness and lag on the system.

The presentation created is of very good quality in terms of design. Sendsteps' own default background is an animated background and looks remarkable. But in Sendsteps, slides have a uniform structure. Of course, it doesn't just consist of pictures and texts, it has a certain variety in this respect, but the various slide templates do not stand out in the presentation by default. There are quiz templates and lists in the automatically generated presentation.

slideshow presentation maker

In addition, as we can see when we click on the "Add question" button, there are different question templates to involve the audience in the presentation and increase interactivity. This is one of the features that distinguishes Sendsteps from its competitors, so you can ask the audience questions during the presentation and view their answers on the system.

powerpoint template maker

The features offered for the user to edit and personalize their presentation are as follows:

1)As the customizing features offered in each tool, you can edit the layout and theme of the slides in the way you want in Sendsteps.

2)When you want to add a slide page to the presentation, Sendsteps offers you its own templates. Among these templates, the Countdown template is an original template. However, there may be situations where these templates are not enough to fully meet the server's needs.

slide types

3)As another unique feature, there are hints at the bottom of some slide pages that will make it easier to explain this page during the presentation.

4) Finally, the "Get Inspiration" option offers specific slide templates to make it easier for you to add and edit slides. However, the templates presented here have not passed any filters related to the subject and structure of the presentation. Therefore, irrelevant templates that will not be used in this presentation appear in front of the user, which prevents the feature from working effectively.


Here is an example of a presentation created with Sendsteps AI:

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What features do these presentation makers offer?

AI presentation generators like Decktopus offer their users to make the presentation they need in seconds based on the prompts and criteria they enter. They also often have templates that users can choose from to make the process of creating a presentation quicker and easier. Additionally, many presentation makers offer the ability to share presentations online or export them into different formats.

2)How does artificial intelligence help with presentations?

Artificial intelligence can help with presentations in a number of ways, including by helping to create more engaging content, personalizing the delivery of the presentation, and providing insights that can help improve the overall effectiveness of the presentation.

3)How do I use AI to create presentations?

You can use AI to make presentations by using a software that can help you design and put together your presentation. You don't need to think about every design and content detail of the presentation, just enter the subject and necessary information and watch the AI make the presentation for you. Additionally, you can also use AI to help you choose the right images and list items to include in your presentation.

4)Are there any free tools available for creating presentations?

Yes, there are a number of free tools available for making presentations. You can try all the tools in this list for free without entering any credit card information. Some popular options include Decktopus, Tome and

5)How can I collaborate with other people on a presentation?

The best way to collaborate on a presentation is to use Decktopus. With this platform, multiple people can work on the same presentation at the same time, you just only need to enter your collaborators email address. Plus, it's easy to share with others and make changes.

6)Is there an AI that can make presentations?

Yes, there are AI tools that can help you create presentations. For example, Decktopus is AI-powered presentation maker is easy-to-use, intuitive, and packed with features like slide layouts and interactive forms. Create amazing presentations in minutes!

7)Which AI creates presentations from text?

Yes, Decktopus AI is a platform that creates 100% custom-tailored presentations on the texts you enter.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the top 5 AI presentation makers with us! Each of these tools has something unique to offer. You can try them all for free without giving any credit card information. From this list,  Decktopus AI is an effective presentation creator that has helped many individuals and businesses produce impressive presentations with minimal effort. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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