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Digital creator meaning, content provided by Semih Albayrak

March 19, 2024

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What is a Digital Creator? Creators vs Influencers (Digital Creator Meaning Guide) | Decktopus

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Your detailed guide to making money as a digital creator, leaving no doubt in your mind. This guide will leave no question in your mind about digital creator meaning, digital creation and the difference between creators vs influencers.

What's Inside?

I'm sure you've all heard the word creator. But when you say digital content producer or digital creator, these words may sound foreign to you.

With the developing technology, people started to share their thoughts and ideas on the web. The number of people interacting on social media is increasing day by day.

Social Media

As a result, companies, and people aim to market the products and content they produce by sharing them with others in the digital environment.

In addition, people are aware of the fact that they can reach an unlimited number of people in the digital environment, in search of a job where they can earn money by working remotely at flexible hours. At the intersection of all these requests, a profession that makes money by producing content and products in the digital environment has emerged.

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Digital creator 2

People who do this profession are called digital creators. So what exactly are these digital creators? What do they do? and How to become digital creators?

The answers to all these questions and much more are waiting for you in this blog.

1.What Exactly is a Digital Creator?

Let's first start by explaining what a digital creator is. By definition, people who transform their skills and knowledge into digital content and product are called digital creators.

The first goal of digital creators is to create an audience for themselves with their products and content. Afterward, digital creators aim to entertain, educate or meet their expectations with the products they offer.

Let's take an example to make this concept simpler. Lena is a traveler and has been to many countries around the world for many years. She communicated with people in the countries she visited and gained unique experiences.

  • She creates a blog and writes articles to share her experiences with people and in a sense to create a travel guide for them.
  • She creates a certain audience, but he wants to reach more people so creates a Youtube channel. While traveling around the world, he shoots videos and shares them with people, and reaches millions of subscribers.

Like Lena, anyone can become a digital creator by transforming their skills and experience into digital materials.

We've all read newspapers and magazines filled with content created by editors for years. Of course, we are familiar with the term “content creator”. So what are the differences between content producers and digital creators?

Let's take a closer look at these differences:

Differences Between digital creator vs blogger

Traditional media organs such as newspapers, magazines, and brochures have been in our lives for many years. In the past, when online media was not so much in our lives, we all used to follow the news from the newspapers, read monthly magazines and be aware of the developments.


But with the passing years, the orientation of people has shifted from offline media to online media. Of course, everyone started to prefer the developments with one click of the technological tools in their hands, instead of going to buy newspapers and magazines and spending both time and money.

Online media

The interest in the content produced in the digital environment has increased tremendously. We can think of the content produced by people or companies as their image in the digital environment. Especially when we think about companies, it is possible to increase the number of customers with the digital content produced.

Digital companies

When we think about the power that online media has reached, we understand better why people are no longer interested in offline media.

Simply put, the most important similarity between content producers and digital creators is that people in both professions produce. Let's take a look at the differences:

  • Digital creators present their materials, content, products, and brands digitally. They actually use their creativity skills on social media. As examples of digital media, we can give Blog pages, E-books, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and Online sales stores.
Digital media
  • Content producers, on the other hand, still produce much content such as news, columns, or interviews in the written media. We can give newspapers and magazines examples of offline media.

Does the “Influencer” mean the same as digital creator meaning?

The term influencer has become quite popular in recent years. So, is there a difference between an Influencer and a digital creator?

What Is An Influencer?

There is no difference. Influencers also produce digital content like digital creators. Specifically, they build an audience by using social media for advertising purposes.

That's why companies collaborate with influencers and promote their products to reach thousands of people on social media.

We cannot limit influencers to those who only promote and advertise brands. It's a term that ranges from a teenager who loves taking pictures and sharing her secrets in a video to a mom who enjoys cooking and sharing recipes for her favorite dishes.

Their common feature is that they advertise using the internet.

In conclusion, we can think of influencers as a sub-title of digital creators. There is no difference between them, only influencers are digital creators who are specifically focused on advertising with their content.

I explained both the term influencer and the term creator. But if you're curious about more details, you can watch the video below:

Working with a digital creator might be your best option when:

  • You need a professional, high-quality piece of content for your business
  • You want to use a creator’s unique style to showcase your brand
  • You want to create a one-off project without hiring a freelancer or contractor on retainer
  • You need to supplement the content your in-house team can create.

Working with an influencer might be your best option when:

  • You want to increase brand awareness or reach new audiences
  • You want to improve trust in your brand and resonate with customers
  • You want to reach a specific niche with a new product feature or launch

What types of products do digital creators create on what kinds of platforms?

The variety of products and ingredients produced is very large. Numerous platforms are used while producing these products. Let's take a look at the main product types.

First of all, we can divide the product range into two.

1) Downloadable Materials:


With the development of digital opportunities, books also got their share from the decrease in interest in print media. Of course, it has not experienced as sharp a decline in popularity as newspapers and magazines. But people started showing interest in E-Books. The biggest reason for this is that E-Books are easily accessible and portable.


In this way, e-books offer their readers a practical reading experience. It also offers the opportunity to take notes and underline with digital pens, just like in natural books. As a result of all this, the demand for E-books is increasing day by day.

By converting their experience and knowledge into E-Books and selling them, digital creators can both make a financial gain and reach huge audiences.


A book is read aloud as an audiobook, with the written text modified for an entirely audio form.

The entire book or a condensed version can be read aloud by an actor or actors. Everything depends on the book and the goal.

Literature, language instruction, and instructional content are the industries that spend the most on audiobooks. Many content producers are now producing audio versions of their books and other textual works.


Now, the digital production industry has developed so much that people have advanced opportunities to listen to the books they want from the actors they want.


A visual depiction of information or data, such as a chart or a map, that is easier to convey through such a representation than through written words is what the dictionary defines as an infographic.

In reality, the reader gets educated using this resource before being aware of a good or service.


Contrary to popular belief, infographics don't need to include numbers to be useful. Infographics can be created from any information that can be compiled to make reading simpler and the reader's comprehension of the subject better.

Thanks to the infographics created by digital creators, companies have the opportunity to present their products to their customers in the most simplified way.

2) Materials accessed by the membership:

Platforms are more prominent in the materials accessed through membership.

Platform Advantages
  1. Wide audience reach and global viewership
  2. Diverse revenue streams (ads, sponsorships, product sales)
  3. Extensive format support for video content
  1. Focus on visual content (photos, videos, story sharing)
  2. Strong engagement and brand loyalty building
  3. Targeting specific audience based on content type
  1. Dedicated platform for live streaming
  2. Suitable for gaming, art, entertainment, and various content types
  3. Earning revenue through subscriptions and donations
  1. Youthful and active user base with short video content
  2. Popularity of content rapidly spreading through virality
  3. Creative freedom with music and effects
  1. Text-based content, tweets for sharing thoughts and updates
  2. Real-time interaction and information dissemination
  3. Building a following through engaging tweets


With approximately 30 million digital creators, Instagram is one of the most frequently used and most followed platforms. Many kinds of materials such as videos, photos, or surveys can be shared through this application.

First, let's take a look at the story feature of Instagram, which is the most frequently used feature by digital creators. digital creators interact interactively with their followers through the stories they create.

For example, they can inform their followers through surveys or question-answers they create. Influencers in particular use the story feature very often to promote the products of the brands they collaborate with. With the link links they put, they can direct their followers to the page where the product is located in one click.

Instagram digital creator

Secondly, the “Reels” section, is one of Instagram's newest content. Instagram has revealed the Reels video feature to show that it's not just a photo-sharing video, and it's pretty supportive. It also showed that it is not just a photography-based application.With this feature, digital creators can create reels videos to entertain or inform their audience.

Influencers can also share videos promoting the products of the brand they collaborate with. According to research, videos have a much greater impact on customers and get more audience engagement than other types of content. 84% of people are convinced to buy products based on videos. These collaborations with brands provide a good income to the influencer and help the brands increase their awareness on social media.

Instagram Reels

Our third and final content type is “Post”. This term means photos shared on Instagram. Digital creators share posts by the algorithm and try to increase their followers. One of the most critical points here is to post regularly and frequently.

The second is to share posts that match the company's theme and colors if it's a company account.

Third, the captions and hashtags written under the photos are very critical. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to reach large audiences. Digital creators use a lot of hashtags to make their posts easy to find.

Instagram Post


Digital content creators make informative videos or purely entertainment videos on their competencies on YouTube.

Depending on the number of subscribers and views they reach as a result of this content, they can earn enough to continue their life entirely on YouTube. For this reason, the YouTube platform is one of the most frequently used platforms by digital creators. If you also acquire video editing skills, it will be much easier for you to advance on YouTube.

It also has a rich selection of content where people can find almost any content they're looking for. For example, a person can shoot a "Vlog" where he talks about what he does during the day, or a physics teacher can come out and share an informative video on Astrophysics.

Youtube digital creator

Anyone who reaches the masses by sharing videos on this platform, regardless of their content, is a digital creator.


Tiktok is one of the platforms where the most creative and entertaining content on the internet is created. It has a range of content consisting of short videos.


On this platform where the trending trends take place, digital creators share the short videos they have created on this trend. In addition, Influencers also collaborate with companies to advertise companies with very creative short videos. Surprisingly, Tiktok videos can reach huge audiences in a short time and can ideally promote companies.

Online Courses

We are all aware that we are in the age of digital education. People are no longer content with the education they receive in schools. There are even those who prefer digital education instead of studying at school.

We can say that the biggest reason for this preference is the flexibility provided by online courses. Students do not have to follow any fixed schedule, they can organize their education as they wish.

Of course, there are also creators of the online courses we take to improve our competencies. Udemy, Coursera, or edX are the main platforms of choice for online courses.


Digital creators offer a thousand and one kinds of training, from business training to soft skill training, from mathematics to guitar lessons. On top of that, from the training they offer, of course, they also provide financial gain per person who enrolls.

Music and Podcast

Today, the number of people who go to music stores and buy cassettes or albums is almost non-existent. The music industry is also progressing in the digital environment.

Artists do not observe how much their cassettes sell, but how much they are listened to on the platforms they share.

As examples of these platforms, we can give primarily Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music. We can also look at artists as digital creators.


Of course, the main content on these platforms is music, but it is not the only content. Digital creators also produce podcasts.

Podcast Creators

You can think of podcasts as audio recordings. There are many different types of podcasts available. For example, a recording of a radio broadcast can be a podcast, and a conversation between two friends about a daily topic can also be a podcast.

What Role Does Digital Creators Have in Business Life?

I mentioned the main types of materials and platforms produced by digital creators. I also touched on what kind of content they produce on these platforms. If we collect all this scattered information under the main headings, we need to ask the following question. So what role do digital creators play?

digital creators 

As the name suggests, digital creators are responsible for producing material in the digital environment. We talked about the variety of these materials, but the digital creator should go beyond these materials. Must be knowledgeable about how to create content systematically and how this product can serve specific purposes.

As a result, digital creators work in 4 main positions in companies:

Project Consultant

Over the years, the project management industry has also evolved into digital web projects. In this context, companies receive consultancy from digital manufacturers on many issues such as e-commerce, website optimization, rich blog-visual content, and mobile applications.

A Marketer

Of course, companies attach great importance to digital marketing. It would not be wrong to call digital the heart of the marketing industry today. Digital creators also market their products as the digital face of companies.

SEO Expert

By optimizing the created blog and content following each step of anybasic SEO checklist, digital creators can take part in ranking high insearch engines.


Copywriting entails the creation of text content to influence readers to take an action connected to your company's sales process. The art of copywriting involves convincing readers to do a particular sales-related action. You can think of this role as a kind of sales marketing.

How Do Digital Creators Earn Income?

While talking about the content that digital creators produce on platforms, I also roughly mentioned that they earn financial income. If we gather all these ways of earning financial income under the main headings:

Creating written products

They can become digital editors by writing articles on blog pages, digital newspapers, digital magazines or websites in digital media, just as editors write for newspapers in traditional media. As a result, they charge various fees based on their skill and experience level.

Collaborating with brands

Brands collaborate with Influencers to reach a wider audience and sell products. For example, a clothing brand collaborates with an Influencer on Instagram to showcase their designs through reels and link to the store's page through the story. As a result, Influencers earn a lot of money from companies.

Earning income from ads

Placing ads on digital content is another way to make money on the number of clicks on these ads. Especially bloggers and YouTube channels that have exceeded a certain number of subscribers prefer this way a lot.

Selling Digital Products

I talked about the products created in the digital environment. Many contents such as e-books, online courses, visual content, and audiobooks are sold digitally. This method is quite popular and profitable. Especially digital creators who are knowledgeable about a specific subject can make a huge income in this way.

Selling online courses

If a digital creator establishes themselves as an authority in their industry. They can sell online courses using many of the online course platforms available. Their audience recognizes them as experts in their fields and wants to pay money to learn from them.

How to Become digital creator?

I talked in detail about what digital creators are, what they are not, what they produce, what roles they work in, and how they sustain their lives financially.

Digital creator meaning

Next up is a step-by-step guide on how to become a digital creator. First of all, anyone can be a digital creator. But it has to take certain steps in order. Let's take a look at these steps in order:

Deciding on the type of content

The first and most critical part of being a digital creator is deciding on the content you will produce. These contents have a very wide range, from the main content types I mentioned in this blog to many content types that I haven't mentioned yet.

Choose a type of content that you enjoy or are skilled at making. Next, examine the market for this content type. It would be beneficial for you to have a market with high demand and, if possible, low competition. Then find a niche form of content to present to your audience. The niche you find should be in a subject in which you are an expert and knowledgeable.

For example, if you are a chef, you can choose to cook as a niche and produce content on this topic. Once you have chosen the niche, look and examine what other people are producing in that niche. Start producing your content in a small space that has never been done before.

Increase Your Knowledge

With the developing technology in digital content production, things to learn never end. You have to be very proficient in digital marketing. Learn in detail how to attract users to your site or content or search engine optimization. You should keep your knowledge up to date by continuing to learn.

Build a strong portfolio

Collect the content you produce and your experiences in a portfolio. This portfolio will be very useful when marketing your content.

Be Active on Social Media

Today, the focus of digital marketing is social media. You must be active on social media to gather customers, present your products and get feedback.

Grow your network

Growing your communication network is the most critical step in increasing the number of your customers. As long as you produce quality and continuous content, it will be much easier to get customers. To expand your network, you can communicate with the people you target by sending an email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is a Facebook digital creator?

Although Facebook has lost its popularity today, it is still a platform used by digital creators such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Thanks to its Creative Studio, it offers you all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, generate revenue and measure data. Thanks to this studio, digital creators produce interesting content on Facebook.

2) Can anyone be a digital creator?

Anyone who creates and publishes digital content is a digital content creator. In addition, while anyone with an Instagram or TikTok account is theoretically a creator, experts in the field go above and beyond. They use their online channels to expand their audience and monetize their work.

3) What is difference between digital creator and blogger?

The primary distinction is that a blogger's content is related to a specific niche and has a target audience. They often just have access to their blog as a platform. In contrast, a digital creator can produce material on any topic for anyone, anyplace online.

4) What skills do content creators need?

  • SEO
  • Excellent research
  • Consistency
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Listening and communication skills

5) What is digital creator meaning?

A digital creator is someone who creates internet content in one or more of the following formats - text, images, audio, video. Digital creators can be individual or corporate entities that produce content for the internet, or individuals who produce content and upload it to a third-party website that then distributes it.

6) How much digital creators make money?

Digital creators' earnings vary widely based on platform, audience, and content. They make money through ads, sponsorships, crowdfunding, and merchandise sales. Income ranges from modest amounts to substantial earnings for influencers with large followings.

7)How can I generate engagement for my brand in digital?

  • Get active on your social media platforms : engage with followers and other digital creators to build relationships
  • Always respond to comments people leave on your content
  • Follow relevant accounts in your niche to stay part of the conversation
  • Partner with other digital content creators to increase your reach and get in front of new audiences
  • Cross-promote your content across different channels

Final Thoughts

Digital creators can be described as pioneers who shed light on people in this age where all products and efforts are being digitized. I think that their value will increase more in the future, especially with the developing technology and virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

Before I finish my blog post, I would like to talk about the digital content creation platform. Digital presentations are in every aspect of our lives.

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