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Creative presentation ideas,prepared by Decktopus Content Team

March 21, 2024

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Best Topics Idea (Fun & Interesting & Good Presentation Topics)

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Here we specifically listed 50+ creative presentation ideas to inspire you to create extraordinary presentations with ease for any occasion. You can be that professional speaker to wow audiences and focus their eyes on your presentation content and leave them a mark.

What's Inside?

With over 50,000 presentations being created every day it is easy to wonder, what in the world are people creating all these presentations about.

Sure, a solid portion should be professional, academic, or business-related presentations created out of an obligation of some kind.

But what about the rest? Let’s do a quick activity. Think of the most absurd thing that pops into your head in 1 second. (pause and reflect for a second)

What was it? A duck on a tricycle? Melting ice cream on the pavement? A dog wearing glasses?

Whatever it was I can bet that this image has somehow made its way into a presentation. Presentations need not be professional all the time.

Although some people (especially students) tend to dislike presentation related tasks, presentations have become a standard and creative means for us to express our thoughts, needs, and feelings.

Naturally, they started to take all shapes and forms and can now be about anything! We do this exercise all the time, Google search what people are asking about presentations and here there are:

  • Presentation Slide Ideas
  • Presentation Design Ideas
  • Presentation Template Ideas

and the list goes on...

Top 10 Best Performing Business Presentation Ideas

Some of the best business presentation ideas include using infographics, using data visualization, and using storytelling. Other great ideas include using humor, using props, and using multimedia. Additionally, consider using case studies, using customer testimonials, and using online exam help expert opinions to make your presentation more engaging and informative.

  1. How to start your own business
  2. How to be a successful entrepreneur
  3. How to write a business plan
  4. How to market your business
  5. How to finance your business
  6. How to build a successful team
  7. How to manage your time
  8. How to negotiate effectively
  9. How to close a deal
  10. How to scale your business

Presentation Topics or Blog Ideas That Will Make Your Audience Laugh

A birthday party quiz slide

This user created a quiz presentation for their father’s birthday party. The questions were featuring intimate details about the father and the person who got the most number of questions right would get the first slice of the cake.

This might be the one thing that saves the next family gathering you have! Not only in family gatherings, generally in primary schools and high schools, birthdays are great activity for engagement.

So this is the number one presentation idea for teachers to interact with students.

Google search results facts for class

Apparently, the presenter thought that the best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google search results. We would agree!

When was the last time you actually went out of your way to look at page 2 of Google search results? This could be interesting to look at as you never know what you will find in there.

You could also try typing in random words to your browser and see what is being suggested!

We saw this on a Facebook group where teachers look for class presentation ideas.

A teacher suggested typing a keyword related to the class and look for what question appear to answer for the students.

Teachers are really creative when it comes to presentation ideas. So make sure to chat a little when you find one!

How to bathe a cat for friends

Now I am no cat expert but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to bathe a cat full stop. But evidently, this user decided it should be a good class presentation topic.

Maybe do your research next time? This might be a fun way to make laugh students in the classroom. So we count this on the list of presentation ideas for class, teacher, and students.

Why I love Justin Bieber for friends

I remember those times when Bieber fever was a thing. Maybe it still is. In fact, I recall watching a young girl on the news actually having a tantrum because she went to a Justin Bieber concert and he walked past her but didn’t say hi.

On another note, Bieber was also one of the most hated celebrities for his time. In fact, we had used his celebrity status as a debate topic in class.

After the common apples vs oranges and Apple vs. Samsung debates, naturally came pro or against Bieber debate.

  1. How to laugh every day in the life 
  2. If I stop working, I will ... 
  3. My motto: I am flexible out of indecision
  4. Ways to remember birthdays
  5. For those who don't "I do" no need, nothing is impossible 
  6. How to give your dog or cat a pill 
  7. Why men are proud of themselves 
  8. How to cheat on poker the nice way 
  9. Why I don't want to be a millionaire 
  10. Eating flowers is possible 
  11. How to realize you are addicted to the Internet 
  12. How Murphy's Law works
  13. Wine / beer / cocktail of the month 
  14. How to be a charming host at any event 
  15. Demonstrate a wine tasting at a 
  16. Yes I'll be my boss, so ... 
  17. Happy puppies make people happy. 
  18. How to deny reality. 
  19. Ten fun things to do during a test
  20. Urban stunts to run
  21. Ten ways to order a pizza 
  22. Your guide to life 
  23. Chasing idle dreams is a good habit 
  24. How to throw a paper airplane in class 
  25. Ten things you learned from your pet 
  26. Personal mistakes are great fun topics for a speech
  27. My most profitable mistake
  28. Funny computer terms and phrases
  29. What women say when talking to men
  30. Why I should drop out of college
  31. Funny parties in other countries 
  32. How to find funny talking topics in 24 hours 
  33. Woman marries a much younger man 
  34. Unexpected disasters that can happen 
  35. Funny facts about men 
  36. Funny facts about women
  37. How to become a rat and make a fortune
  38. Rules for guys who want to date their sister
  39. Funny first date experiences
  40. A true story that ends up not being true
  41. Unusual incidents
  42. Funny candidate stories 
  43. How I pick friends 
  44. People with mediocre talent succeed and people with high talent do not. 
  45. ...from my neighbor 
  46. Strange speed limits and reasons.

Come Up with Presentation Topics for Creative Presentations

So, are you lost for a creative idea for your next presentation? Well, look no more!

We will list out the most interesting presentation topics we have run into so far. People actually created these!

These could help you create a presentation by inspiring you from 4 h presentation ideas to graph presentation ideas that could be a real ice breaker at the beginning of your next meeting.

Why is yoga so popular for teachers

Namaste... We've all been there; making fun of someone who is boasting about their new hot yoga class, or how they started meditating every morning and it has "changed them".

The number one reason for yoga's ever increasing popularity is the growing conversation surrounding personal mental and physical wellbeing.

For this, yoga has proven benefits: apart from increasing strength, balance and flexibility, yoga can help you sleep better, reduce stress, and lift your moods.

Explore how yoga can help you and if it worth the hype in your presentation to anger or support your fellow "mindfulness"- lovers in class.

Are horoscopes accurate for content

A clinical psychology article manifested that horoscopes may be perceived as accurate as they lack specificity and generally point to positive phenomena about someone's personality.

Indeed, many people are able to apply this positive trait to personal experiences or fit it into their lives. Dive deeper and dispute the well-established claims about horoscopes.

Beware though; you might anger Professor Trelawney from the Divination Class when you say fortune telling and horoscopes are inaccurate. Let's admit it, sometimes it can be fun to talk and laugh about weird things in classrooms.

So teacher presentation ideas list can take this one too. It's always a great to exercise to talk about what is not logical and what is...

Show The Audience Your Mug for fun

We all have a mug in our lives. Whether it is for the start of the day or when you are feeling under the weather, there is always one on hand to make your mornings and evenings easier.

Perhaps you even use one as an office reminder! But how often do you think about what that mug says about who you are? I know that my coffee mugs say something different every season because they remind me of where I am and what time of year it is.

They also serve as a constant reminder of my favorite things to do like reading and cooking! So do it in the way that Sarah Blakely does. Show your mugs and create a fun and engaging story!

Why you should not follow your parents on your Finsta for content

A personal anecdote; everybody loves one. Muse on the story of how you once created a Finsta where you posted wildly ridiculous and embarrassing videos and photos of yourself.

Remember that time you were puking in the entrance of Six Flags, or the time you sent an inappropriate text, or the failed attempts at singing or dancing...

Get ready for experiences worst than those: your parents are accidentally granted access to your page! What went down: explain in your presentation!

Giraffes, myth or reality for students

It made you wonder for a second didn’t it. If you think about it, have you ever actually seen a live giraffe. In all reality, a good majority of giraffes live in African savannas and it might have been difficult to spot a giraffe unless you went to a zoo.

So, it is actually remotely possible for you to convince someone that they may be a myth.

For more on this, refer to this blog by Bored Panda!

What’s a list of “most interesting presentation topics” without an additional list of the dullest and problematic ones? Here are a few for your reference.

How I changed through high school

All humor aside, unless your audience is your family or if you are an influential person whose self-development could be education to those you mentor, a presentation entirely focusing on your changing high school identity might not be the way to go.

So let's not add this into the class and student presentation ideas list. This can be weird in the classroom.

A comparison between John Cena and Jesus Christ

As absurd a comparison as it is, one should keep in mind the religious implications of this subject area.

Why you should give me an A

This is basically the top student presentation idea ranking on channels like TikTok but we simply cannot imagine a teacher that will be okay with this kind of presentation and will accept it as homework.

In fact, it could create the exact opposite effect and land you an F.

Should you include humor in your presentations?

One of the most powerful communication tools you can use to get your message across is humor. It is what makes it true. And when used correctly, it can be one of the most effective ways to make your presentation memorable.

Because there is too much of a good thing. Your presentation can't be joke after joke, you're not there to do a stand-up comedy routine.

No, when I say you have to use introductory humor appropriately, this means that you should use it to break the tension or provide a brief relief from the intensity of your presentation; the average human adult can focus their attention for about five minutes, so it is a good rule of thumb to enter your speech.

Adding a humorous element least as often: Break your presentation down into manageable timeframes (in terms of your listener's attention span) to keep your audience occupied so you can focus for another five minutes.

Unless your company is selling clown costumes (and even if it is), business presentations are difficult. They are packed with numbers, facts, and all sorts of jargon.

It is easy for all of these serious business conversations to cause a person's attention span. For this reason, using humor in a business presentation is just as important as adding it to an informative or educational presentation.

The best time to come up with a serious point that you want to take home is right after the laugh. Why? Because laughter relieves tension. When your audience is relaxed and attentive, you can hit them with something you want them to remember.

How To Add Humor In Presentations Your Presentations?

For humor in presentations to be effective, you need to plan for it. Sure, there are times when you can improvise (e.g. when something goes unexpectedly wrong - humor can be a great way to recover from a presentation mistake) but it really should be an element that you consciously plan and use to run.

The process is knowing that the audience will "understand" your humor. Pop culture-related jokes won't get the same response from a group of older people as they would from a room full of teenagers.

A joke about ledgers and profit and loss accounts is lost on people who have no clue about bookkeeping. Take into account the demographics and general interests of your audience.

Everyone loves to laugh. The more information you have about your listeners, the easier it will be to tickle their funny bones. Need any fun presentation ideas on how to add some humor to your next appearence? Try these:

Personal anecdotes

The easiest (and usually the best) person to tease is yourself. Share a personal story that fits the point.

Personal stories are always full of funny details, and when you talk about something that happened to you, people can sometimes relate to it, so the story is funny.

Know how to tell them because you've probably been sharing them for years (unless something happened on the way to the presentation). 

Funny quotes

Did you know that the Beatles songs "A Hard Day's Night", "Eight Days a Week" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" come from the word mix by Ringo Starr? People say the boldest things and it can be pure gold - just ask the Fab Four.

Find a fun quote that fits your topic and use it at the right time. Switch to Google and search for "funny quotes" but remember to do your homework and check that a) the quote is correct; and b) is assigned to the correct person. 

Funny analogies

Winston Churchill once said that "a good speech should be like a woman's skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to spark interest."

This is a one-two punch - not only is it a fun quote, but it's also a great analogy. An analogy makes a comparison between two different objects or concepts to highlight some kind of similarity.

They're not always easy to find, so listen to what the people around you are saying. If you hear a funny analogy, take note of it. Even if it isn't perfect for your presentation, you can always change a few words or actions to make it work. 


With Decktopus, you can add gifs, cartoons, and lovely images to your deck. How many times have you spoken to someone and the conversation reminds you of a funny cartoon or meme you saw on Facebook? Why can't it be the same with a presentation?

Whatever your topic, chances are there is a fun cartoon hanging over it.

7 Ways To Point Out To Use Humor In Your Presentation

Remember: You're Not Doing a Stand Up Funny Dinner Guests and the colleague who makes your office coworkers laugh doesn't earn their humorous reputation by firing off dozens of hilarious phrases or on a particular one Allude to the topic, like the best comedians.

Rather, they recognize the humor that is present in everyday situations and convey it through funny conversation observations. It's a formula that works well for most presentations - think of humor, not jokes.

Microphone night, but you will surely appreciate a speaker who can successfully deliver humorous comments, funny stories, compelling comments, irresistible ironies, and catchy jokes.

But being funny doesn't help you. The humor you use should serve your message and give context and depth to your main points. It's also an effective tool to incorporate into your opening or closing.

You just don't want your audience and our jokes to remember at the expense of your core message. 

In general, the humor that you use in your presentation should serve to enhance and illustrate the points you are aiming for.

When used properly, humor can also make fun of human weaknesses without sounding critical, encourage your audience to question weak assumptions without compromising their beliefs, and offer new perspectives on old ideas.

In his TED talk, The Happy Secret to a Better Job, psychologist and bestselling author Shawn Achor successfully used humor throughout his talk, including its opening. ranges from about 0:10 to 3:05) to grab your audience's attention and make them the focus of your talk. 

During your opening, you use a story that many of us can relate to. His humorous story effectively illustrates the main topic of his speech. Here it is: Don't beat your credibility. Humble humor is one thing.

In fact, in one study, employees found that corporate leaders who mock themselves are more trustworthy and caring, but there's a fine line between laughing at their own expense and evaluating their experience.

Your credibility or downplay the topic of your presentation. You don't want to draw attention to your weaknesses either ("I've never made a virtual presentation, so good luck everyone!"). 

Keep it fair In real life, the jokes of Dunder Mifflin's fictional regional manager Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell on the TV show "The Office," would have been a nightmare for any true human resource specialist. Don't be Michael Scott.

In general, it's best to stay away from cheeky, daring, political, or mundane humor. If you're not a full-time comedian, you may feel stressed out finding inspiration for your humorous comments and anecdotes. It's like an inside joke.

It could work if everyone participates. Failure to do so could result in conflict or emotional injury. Be confident you don't have to worry about interrupters, but your audience will pick you up when in doubt.

When you're funny, play out your strengths. Deliver your funny anecdote with confidence and ease that suggests you will enjoy telling it as much as you hope your audience will enjoy hearing it.

If you share your personal stories or are having difficulty finding material, there is always room to borrow and share material, be it a funny story you've heard, a hilarious cartoon, or some famous humorous text. funny makes you funny even if you are not the creator.

An educator and best-selling author, Ken Robinson is watched by over 66 million people and provides a great example of how to borrow and deliver a great story. Starts around the 3:20 mark: Not all humor needs to be said. 

How Should I Use Creativity in My Presentation? 

Here's the scenario: Our team is on the kick-off call with a new client and is starting to work on their great company presentation. The CEO will be giving this presentation on the main stage and speaking about industry trends in front of this specific group of people.

We know there will be suits and ties, we know the audience is over 50, and we also know that the CEO is a straightforward guy with a lot of experience as a speaker. For both the designer and the content strategist of the call, the question now arises: How creatively can we design this presentation?

Despite the formal venue and audience, it is important to leave open the possibility of highly creative presentations. You never know exactly what kind of tone the speaker might want to use during their presentation.

Our job is to evaluate the level of creativity desired by the customer and then write our releases accordingly. But what about your project?

Here are some ways to judge whether you should go for a more creative presentation, be it fun, minimalist, or off the beaten path compared to your previous work. What does the audience want and expect? See your audience as a whole.

Have you ever seen a presentation like yours? Or, in the case of an annual report, have you seen too many presentations like yours? It is important to assess not only what the audience wants (informed, entertained, challenged, etc.) but also what the audience expects (bored, learning something new, etc.)

In most cases, we recommend bringing the unexpected with you. Your presentation to arouse the interest of the audience and stand out from the crowd. How creative should my presentation be? What does its content dictate?

Sometimes the content offers “scope” for creativity, as a financial presentation with lots of statistics. When you think of all of the information that needs to be conveyed, try creating a written metaphor to express the main ideas. Also, you can benefit from content creation apps.

For example, think of the word "growth" and use plant or garden terminology throughout your content to see if a creative metaphor suits you.

If something as simple as a vegetable metaphor feels too wild and out of place, your content may be too unique to be taken as a whole. Who is doing the presentation

The moderator's personality has a lot to do with the creativity on each slide. Do you enjoy presenting a narrative?

Do they bring a lot of energy and fun into the presentation? Or are you used to a more conservative and direct approach?

If you have an energetic presenter who is open to creativity, don't limit them!

Your presentation will benefit from getting the most out of your speaker. If you want your presentation to be unexpected, if your content is flexible enough to use a metaphor, and if your speaker has the right energy, then he's perfect for a more creative approach.

Storytelling, unique metaphors, minimal text, and bold design are all ways to make your presentation stand out. Where does your presentation range from very conservative to very creative?

How can I create creative presentation ideas on my own?

Creativity is a spectrum. Presentations can range from being highly creative to being extremely dull. It is up to the presenter to determine which type of presentation they would like their audience to receive.

But it is important to remember that creativity can be used for good and bad. It is possible to go overboard and come across as unprofessional; or, on the other hand, you could use too much creativity and the message your audience is left with can be unclear.

As a presenter, it is important to keep in mind that most of your audience will not be familiar with you or your brand.

That is why it is essential to present in a clear and entertaining way. It's also important to remember that creativity should work with the message, not just for the sake of being creative. In the world of social media, content is king.

For this reason, it is important for any business to create interesting and informative content in order to capture an audience. When it comes to content, a business needs to create interesting and informative content in order to keep their audience interested.

Of course, awareness comes before interest. Businesses leverage content distribution tools and strategies for their content to reach their audience. For instance, thousands of successful business owners on LinkedIn use Hashtag Analytics to retrieve effective hashtags. Subsequently, they optimize their content with the best hashtags and improve their reach.

Visual content is the most powerful content so pictures can say a thousand words. 

How will you frame your message so the audience immediately empathizes?

The answer to this question is that you have to make sure the audience empathize with your message. To do this, you need to frame your message in the right way. There are different ways to do this. Below are a few examples of how to frame your message so that it instantly empowers the audience to empathize with you:

Teaching for emphasis

Some people feel they had been cheated in life, but there are ways to deal with this. The trick is to learn from those who have done it before and then implement the same strategies.

Inspiring for emphasis

Some people feel that they lack confidence, but there are ways to bond with them. How? By inspiring! Inspiring, motivational and powerful presentations always take the attention of audience!

Couraging for emphasis

Some people feel like they lost important opportunities. Everyone has "I wish I had..." word. Try to point that question and always give people courage to step out of comfort zone by giving them power to say beter "Oops than what if."

Do you know what's awesome? Inspiring presentations. Do you know what's not so awesome? Presentations that are boring and put the audience to sleep. We are going to show you how to customize your presentation with a simple 3-step process that will inspire your audience in 2022!

How to Quickly Customize Creative Presentations That Inspire (In 2022)

Ever feel like you don't know what to do with your presentations? Don't worry, we have some great advice. There are a lot of ways that you can customize creative presentations that will inspire and impress the audience.

The key is to make everything visual. That's why probably most of the time teachers search for visual presentation design ideas. Because people love visualization. So let's dive into how to make a killer presentation design with a visual appearance.

Here are just a few tips for making your next presentation captivating and memorable...

Use A Minimalist Presentation Theme

Are you a student, business professional, or keynote speaker? Are you in need of a minimalist and visual presentation idea or theme that is not only easy to use but aesthetically pleasing as well? Decktopus has six great options for that.  

It's easy to go overboard with your presentation design and end up with a slide deck that is too busy. Simplify your slides by using minimalist themes like these ones:

Whatever your needs maybe there is an option out there just waiting for you! It's time to simplify things with these minimalist themes and bring your visual presentation design ideas to life today!

Use a Font That Is Large and In Charge

Have you ever gotten an email or seen a blog post with words so small you can't read them? Annoying isn't it? You're not alone. We know that as technology advances, font sizes get smaller and smaller, but this is something we want to fix!

As of right now, there are many people who are unable to enjoy reading our content due to font size issues. Below you will find 1-second font size optimization on Decktopus for effortless presentation design.

Designed and engineered by professionals, the software shows you where it is optimum to change font sizes.

Start working on your presentation with your design assistant.

It's not just about how your words look on the page - it's also about what they say. It may seem like a no-brainer that you should be using a font size that is large and in charge, but when you're looking at the fonts available to you, there are so many options!

What do you choose? How does choosing one font over another effect the message of your text? Your audience deserves a solid presentation design to read something well-written with an eye-catching intro paragraph!

Let them know they've come across this blog post by using a font that is large and in charge!

Font: Corben

Font: Fira Sans

Font: Boogalo

Use Pop Culture References To Build A Fun Presentation

In a world where we are bombarded with constant information, how do you break through the noise? One way is to use pop culture references in your presentations.

The internet has made it easier than ever for people of all ages to understand and connect with content that they know from popular media. Whether using quotes, song lyrics, or movie titles; drawing on something familiar can help make your presentation more memorable and engaging for the audience.

Point out how what is happening in the news relates to your topic - this way you'll make it relevant as well as funny!

Another idea is quoting someone famous; if they have said something witty about the subject then it will really resonate with listeners. If not quoted then paraphrase their ideas and add your own take on them.

Finally, try using videos from YouTube while presenting - interesting clips can liven up even the driest topics!

Use A Consistent Presentation Layout

Presentations are a crucial part of your business and sometimes your grades. Edtech is expanded and class presentations are more and more important for teachers and students especially after COVID.

They allow you to communicate your ideas and persuade others by the presentation design. If you want to be taken seriously, it’s important that the presentation design idea is polished and professional-looking.

One way to do this is through a consistent design layout for each slide in the presentation. If you have ever had someone speak with a PowerPoint template (or Keynote) slideshow behind them and they were not prepared, their slides looked like an absolute mess, or worse yet there was no organization at all then you know how unprofessional it looks when people don't make the effort.

But you don’t have to put so much effort because an average person does not born with graphic design skills! That’s why the number one rule is to use a consistent template or follow consistent colors, fonts, and layouts.

If this is too complicated for you just use tools like Decktopus, Slidesbean,

Start working on your presentation with your design assistant.

Highlight Keywords Using BOLD Color

Bold is a great way to highlight keywords in the content/presentations. One of the class presentation slide ideas we have is bold keywords and quotes. The bold font catches the eye and visually emphasizes certain parts of the text. Bolding important words in your blog posts will make them more readable, which will increase readership and engagement on your site.

When you write a sentence with keywords in bold, it's also good to indent those sentences so they stand out from other paragraphs or sections of the article. That way, when someone skims their eyes across the screen, they'll be able to quickly identify what information is most important for them to read first without having to re-read sentences over and over again trying to find where one paragraph ends and another begins.

An example of how this might look:

What to Do If I Have Stage Fear?

‍A problem that many speakers face is the fear of forgetting their lines. It's a common fear, and it will happen to all of us at some point in our lives. But instead of worrying about this happening, we can take steps now to prevent it from happening altogether!

Here are 5 tips for preventing stage fright: ‍

- Practice your speech out loud with an audience repeatedly; you'll get used to being on stage and hearing yourself talk

- Use the same chair every time so you know where everything is

‍- Have someone read your speech aloud while you listen or watch

- Try practicing with bright lights off so when they turn them on during rehearsal, it won't be as much of a shock

- Take deep breaths

This is all to say that a presentation can literally be about anything. What’s more, you can make it seem professional and well thought out even if it is indeed a presentation about a duck on a tricycle. Just use Decktopus for your next presentation and see how a seemingly absurd or mundane topic be converted into a full-scale presentation! Check out and sign up for a subscription now!

Some articles for inspiration:

Also make sure to check out our social media accounts to get daily insights about presentations, public speaking and inspirational quotes:

Yes, you’ve guessed it! We have a survey too. Make sure you fill out the survey to support the content and community team and help us improve your Decktopus experience.

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