Creative Presentation Ideas for 2021

With over 50,000 presentations being created every day it is easy to wonder, what in the world are people creating all these presentations about. We gathered the most creative and funny presentation topics for you to use in literally anywhere...

With over 50,000 presentations being created every day it is easy to wonder, what in the world are people creating all these presentations about. Sure, a solid portion should be professional, academic, or business-related presentations created out of an obligation of some kind. But what about the rest? Let’s do a quick activity. Think of the most absurd thing that pops into your head in 1 second. (pause and reflect for a second) What was it? A duck on a tricycle? Melting ice cream on the pavement? A dog wearing glasses? Whatever it was I can bet that this image has somehow made its way into a presentation. Presentations need not be professional all the time. Although some people(especially students) tend to dislike presentation related tasks(refer to our previous blog about this here), presentations have become a standard and creative means for us to express our thoughts, needs, and feelings. Naturally, they started to take all shapes and forms and can now be about anything!

So, are you lost for a creative idea for your next presentation? Well, look no more! We will list out the most interesting presentation topics we have run into so far. People actually created these! These could help you create a presentation that could be a real ice breaker at the beginning of your next meeting.

A birthday party quiz

This user created a quiz presentation for their father’s birthday party. The questions were featuring intimate details about the father and the person who got the most number of questions right would get the first slice of the cake. This might be the one thing that saves the next family gathering you have!

Google search results facts

Apparently the presenter thought that the best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google search results. I would agree! When was the last time you actually went out of your way to look at page 2 of Google search results? This could be interesting to look at as you never know what you will find in there. You could also try typing in random words to your browser and see what is being suggested!

How to bathe a cat

Now I am no cat expert but I am pretty sure you are not supposed to bathe a cat full stop. But evidently, this user decided it should be a good presentation topic. Maybe do your research next time?

Why I love Justin Bieber

I remember those times when Bieber fever was a thing. Maybe it still is. In fact, I recall watching a young girl on the news actually having a tantrum because she went to a Justin Bieber concert and he walked past her but didn’t say hi. On another note, Bieber was also one of the most hated celebrities for his time. In fact, we had used his celebrity status as a debate topic in class. After the common apples vs oranges and Apple vs. Samsung debates, naturally came pro or against Bieber debate.

Why is yoga so popular

Namaste... We've all been there; making fun of someone who is boasting about their new hot yoga class, or how they started meditating every morning and it has "changed them". The number one reason for yoga's ever increasing popularity is the growing conversation surrounding personal mental and physical wellbeing. For this, yoga has proven benefits: apart from increasing strength, balance and flexibility, yoga can help you sleep better, reduce stress, and lift your moods. Explore how yoga can help you and if it worth the hype in your presentation to anger or support your fellow "mindfulness"- lovers in class.

Why Men Gossip more than Women

It is time to talk facts people. I am well aware gossip is a concept well associated with women for so long, but maybe it is time to dispel this notion. Explore the topic, interview people, go out and ask your friends. Research shows that women engage in neutral gossip more than men; but when it comes to positive and negative gossip, the two genders take part in the activity at same rates. Spark up some hot debate with your presentation!

Are horoscopes accurate

A clinical psychology article manifested that horoscopes may be perceived as accurate as they lack specificity and generally point to positive phenomena about someone's personality. Indeed, many people are able to apply this positive trait to personal experiences or fit it into their lives. Dive deeper and dispute the well-established claims about horoscopes. Beware though; you might anger Professor Trelawney from the Divination Class when you say fortune telling and horoscopes are inaccurate.

Why you should not follow your parents on your Finsta

A personal anecdote; everybody loves one. Muse on the story of how you once created a Finsta where you posted wildly ridiculous and embarrassing videos and photos of yourself. Remember that time you were puking in the entrance of Six Flags, or the time you sent an inappropriate text, or the failed attempts at singing or dancing... Get ready for experiences worst than those: your parents are accidentally granted access to your page! What went down: explain in your presentation!

Giraffes, myth or reality

It made you wonder for a second didn’t it. If you think about it, have you ever actually seen a live giraffe. In all reality, a good majority of giraffes live in African savannas and it might have been difficult to spot a giraffe unless you went to a zoo. So, it is actually remotely possible for you to convince someone that they may be a myth.

For more on this, refer to this blog by Bored Panda!

What’s a list of “most interesting presentation topics” without an additional list of the dullest and problematic ones? Here are a few for your reference.

  • How I changed through high school: All humor aside, unless your audience is your family or if you are an influential person whose self-development could be education to those you mentor, a presentation entirely focusing on your changing high school identity might not be the way to go.
  • A comparison between John Cena and Jesus Christ: As absurd a comparison as it is, one should keep in mind the religious implications of this subject area.
  • Why you should give me an A(I’m tired): I simply cannot imagine a teacher that will be okay with this kind of presentation and will accept it as homework. In fact, it could create the exact opposite effect and land you an F.

This is all to say that a presentation can literally be about anything. What’s more, you can make it seem professional and well thought out even if it is indeed a presentation about a duck on a tricycle. Just use Decktopus for your next presentation and see how a seemingly absurd or mundane topic be converted into a full-scale presentation! Check out and sign up for a subscription now!

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