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December 7, 2023

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Best AI Content Generators 2023: How can AI Help on Your Next Writing?

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Explore the best AI content generators! This is the ultimate guide to find the best AI content generator tools! In this guide, you will find detailed information on Jasper, Rytr, Frase and other generative content creators. Let's dive in!

What's Inside?

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, there is no limit to what AI can do. From writing to building websites, Artificial intelligence-powered tools have unlimited potential that is ready to unlock. Unleash the potential of easy and quick use of AI content generator tools. With the help of these tools, you can create original and relevant content, saving you much effort and time invested. If you have a quick search on Google, you will see that there are many AI content generator tools in the market. It is hard to decide which ones provide the best performance.

Who Can Use AI Content Generators?

For educators, students, digital creators, writers, and individuals who are involved with writing, these tools are life-savers! These AI content writing tools can help brainstorm new ideas, providing outlines, suggestions, and whole texts ready to publish! You can create anything that involves writing blog posts, social media posts, websites, memos, to-do lists, bios, advertisements, and much more!

In this blog post, we prepared an ultimate guide to choose which AI content generator tool is best for your needs. The BEST AI content generator tools are listed with detailed information on each tool's advantages, disadvantages, and pricing information.

Artificial Intelligence That Writes for You: Content Detectors vs Content Generators

As AI technology improves, so do content generator tools. Compared to where it started just a few years ago, content generator tools improved immensely. Before, it was obvious that a text was written by AI and may include wrong or random information. However, with advancements, AI content creators are stronger than ever. Many tools can create different content, adjust the tone of the content, and avoid AI detectors

With the improvements in content creator tools, it is only natural that AI content detector tools improve as much as them. You can take a look at our post on ChatGPT detectors for more depth information. Detailed information on each tool, from their accuracy to pricing information, is provided.

Top 10 AI Writing Programs to Help with Writing:

AI Image Generators Free Plan Available
Decktopus No
Decktopus Best AI-powered slide and content generator
Jasper AI Content Writing and Editing Affordable and FREE Content Writing
Wix ADI Creating AI-powered Websites and Content
Kafkai Generating niche blog content
Click Up AI Content Assitant on Project Management Software
Notion AI Assisting Notion Users
Frase SEO-powered Content Writing and Editing
Neuroflash Free AI Writer Tool with Multiple Languages
Zyro Creating AI-powered Websites and SEO-friendly Content


Best For: Generating AI-powered slides

Decktopus is an AI-powered tool to help you make presentations. With personally created and purpose-driven slides, it's now easier than ever to create presentations!

content generator

Pros of Using Decktopus: 

  • Decktopus has an easy-to-use interface. By simply answering five basic questions, Decktopus will generate a slide ready to present! These questions are: what is the topic of your slide, who is your target audience, what is your aim with this presentation, how long your presentation will take, and which template do you want to use. Afterward, your slide with titles, graphs, images, logos, and everything you need will be ready to present in a matter of minutes! 
  • Decktopus allows you to make changes as you wish! You can add any images, videos, charts, or information you want.
  • Decktopus offers a wide range of templates that you can choose from. It has over 100 templates for different purposes, from business presentations to online courses. Thanks to that, you can make your presentation more appropriate for the occasion. Your presentation looks more professional, visually engaging, and or maybe colorful based on your choice of template. 
  • Decktopus also offers Rehearsal Mode for you to practice before your big day. You can measure the time for the presentation and still make changes after your rehearsal. 

Decktopus has you covered for your next presentation! If you want more information about how it is used, you can look at this video: 


You can use Decktopus for FREE! There are also paid subscriptions available. Decktopus offers 4 different plans, based on your needs. You can cancel your subscription plans anytime you want, no questions asked.

Monthly plans: 

  • Pro AI: For 1 user. With this plan, you can extract the Decktopus logo from your exports, create folders, and use analytics. It is $14.99 for a month.
  • Business AI: Offers all Pro AI features in addition to custom domain connection, track form responses, brand colors & fonts, footer notes & logos, webhook, and creating your team. It is 48$ a month. 

Annual Plans: With annual plans, you can get 4 months free!

  • Pro AI: Provides all the Pro AI features mentioned above. It is $9.99 for a month!
  • Business AI: Provides all the Business AI features mentioned above. It is $36 a month.

Jasper AI

Best For: Content Writing and Editing

Jasper is a popular AI tool for generating content. Jasper provides over 50 AI-powered content writing skills to choose from. For anything that has to do with writing, Jasper has you covered. The services range from text summarizing tools to adjustments on social media profiles for LinkedIn or Instagram, generating video ideas for YouTube, and writing captions for Amazon product descriptions. Jasper provides more than 50+ writing templates for almost all writing-related tasks, ranging from blog post templates to Google Ads templates. Jasper also provides a chat tool, allowing a more conversational way to interact with the AI.

ai writer

Pros of Jasper: 

  • For input, 24 languages are supported (including German, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.).
  • For output, 31 languages are supported (including Turkish, Korean, Norwegia, Ukrainian, etc.).
  • Has 50+ writing templates to choose from.
  • Able to generate long-form content (blog posts) and short-form content
  • Chrome extension is available.
  • Includes Jasper Art generator
  • Provides access to Jasper Chat and Jasper API
  • Works well with Grammarly and SEO tools like Surfer

Cons of Jasper: 

  • Relatively expensive compared to the market
  • Cannot access free trial without credit card information
  • It can sometimes create random and unrelated content. As in most AI tools, fact-checking is required. 


Jasper provides a 7-day free trial (starter plan) for all of its plans. There are three subscription plans to choose from:

  • Creator Plan: For freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This plan provides a basic art generation and plagiarism checker. It is $39 a month and paid annually.
  • Teams Plan: For small marketing teams, this is the best plan. You can add up to 3 members to your account and can add more by buying them more seats in your plan. You can import documents and work on multiple works at once. The plan is $99 a month and paid annually.
  • Custom Plan: For growing businesses. This plan includes all the options mentioned above without limits. You can customize the number of members on the plan to have access to security features like SSO and access to an API. With this plan, a personalized account manager and set up is provided. You can access the price by contacting the sales department

Best For: Affordable and FREE Content Writing is an AI content generator specializing in creating high-quality content by using NPL and ML algorithms. It can create both long-form content, like blog posts, and short-form content, like emails, social media posts, blog post outlines, and advertisements. Outlines include blog title, keywords plans, and headlines for the article. Rytr has an extensive free plan that allows you to take advantage of most of the offered features and tools.

content writing

Pros of Rytr: 

  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Can create short-form and long-form content
  • Has an image generation tool that is compatible with writing
  • Can upload documents and folders
  • Has a plagiarism and grammar tool
  • Has 20+ tones to choose from for your writing
  • The free plan is extensive
  • The premium plan is affordable
  • Easy adjustment on user interface

Cons of Rytr: 

  • Generated content in languages except English needs editing 
  • Has 10,000 characters limitations a month in the free plan
  • Plagiarism can be found in the written content
  • Has no team option. All plans are limited to one user


Rytr has a FREE plan! Also, there are 2 subscription plans offered:

  • Free Plan: The free plan includes 10k characters and generates up to 5 images a month. 
  • Saver Plan: This plan includes 100k characters and generates up to 20 images a month. It also allows you to create your own use case. It is $9 a month. By paying $90 annually, you can get 2 months free!
  • Unlimited Plan: This plan includes unlimited characters and generates up to 100 images a month. It also allows you to create your own use case. Additionally, it provides a dedicated account manager and priority in customer support with email and chat. It is $29 a month. By paying $290 annually, you can get 2 months free!


Best For: Creating AI-powered websites and content


With its easy-to-use interface and practical usefulness, Wix ADI is a choice for those who don't know how to make their own websites or want a quick website ready to launch. Wix ADI has many options for its users. You can start with a blank page, choose one of the various writing templates and make proper adjustments to them, or simply ask Wix Artificial Design Intelligence to build a website for you! Wix ADI also provides a chat interface and blog wizard.

Here is a quick tutorial video on Wix ADI, that can give you some ideas: 

Pros of Wix ADI:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Has customization option
  • Great for small businesses and entrepreneurs  
  • Has an AI text generator to fill your website with content
  • Has a chatbot, image generator, and background remover
  • Provides performance data

Cons of Wix ADI:

  • Not integrated on social media or email
  • The free plan adds an indication to your website about Wix


Wix ADI has a pretty good FREE plan that allows you to build a website and use AI tools. In premium plans, Wix ADI has three options to choose from before subscribing to a plan, depending on your needs. 

  • Website Plans: For showcasing a professional site. Starts from $4.50 to $24.50, based on the features added. Essential changes in the plans focus on bandwidth, storage, video hours, lead capture forms, fields per form, and logo.
  • Business and eCommerce Plans: Essential for accepting online payments. Starts from $17 to $35, based on the features added. The same improvements in the website plans are seen.
  • Enterprise Plans: Built for large-scale businesses. Reach out to contact sales to learn more information about pricing. 

For more information about pricing, you can visit Wix ADI website.


Best For: Generating niche blog content

Kafkai is one of the oldest AI content creators. Specially designed for bloggers, Kafkai offers 39 topic niches to choose from. After choosing the topic niche, you can either enter a paragraph about your content or let Kafkai handle all the writing. Either way, Kafkai will create an SEO-friendly blog post on it! The tool will also provide you with an SEO score on your content. With these SEO-adjusted posts created by scanning databases, your website will have more chances to be seen on Google searches. The paragraph you wrote will not be included in the writing, so you can write as you wish or paste it from another website. Blogging had never been this easy before!

Pros of Kafkai: 

  • Creates unique content on selected niche topics
  • Creates SEO articles based on keywords
  • Can only write in English
  • Can translate articles into 14 languages (including Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Has a lot of use-cases
  • Has a WordPress integration- WordPress plugin

Cons of Kafkai: 

  • It is only suitable for blog writers as topics are limited.
blog writer


Kafkai does not have a free plan. However, there is a preview plan included!

  • Preview: You can access 10 monthly articles only for $1 a month. 
  • Hobbyist: For 50 monthly articles, you can access it for $9 a month. 
  • Writer: For 100 monthly articles, you can access it for $29 a month. 
  • Blogger: For 200 monthly articles, you can access it for $49 a month. 
  • Professional: For 1000 monthly articles, you can access it for $129 a month. 

Pricing information is available on Kafkai website.

Click Up

Best For: AI Content Assistant on Project Management Software

ClickUp is a project management software. ClickUp is focused on collaboration tools between departments, task management, reporting dashboards, and custom writing templates.

Recently, the site has introduced ClickUp AI Writing Assistant, integrated into ClickUp Docs. With this AI assistant, you can generate ideas for your project, ask AI to write any piece of text (proposal, blog post, email, etc.) about it, copyright, and summarize. Because it is a project management tool, you can access members’ work within the tool. ClickUp makes it easier to collaborate, give feedback, and work together.

Pros of ClickUp:

  • Generate most types of content related to projects
  • High-quality content
  • Create tasks in any format
  • AI prompt templates
  • Summarization

Cons of ClickUp:

  • AI tool is not available for free
  • The free plan supports up to 5 members


There are many features in ClickUp. As plans get expensive, features supported on the plan significantly increase.

  • Free Forever- Does not support AI content writer.
  • Unlimited: Best for small teams- $7/month per user.
  • Business: Best for mid-size teams- $12/month per user.
  • Enterprise: Best for large teams- Contact for pricing is required.

Pricing information is available on the ClickUp website.

Notion AI

Best For: Notion Users 

Notion is one of the widely used productivity tools that allows note-taking, knowledge management, planning, and so on. With the addition of Notion AI as a writing assistant, your writing experience is enhanced with useful suggestions that give the option of brainstorming. With AI in Notion, you can keep notes, create memos, translate, summarize, and edit from the existing content. Notion AI can also create content blocks from scratch directly in the app, and create to-do lists, tables, and more. 

ai writer tool

Pros of Notion AI:

  • Very useful and impressive AI content-writing tool
  • Can explain, summarize, translate, and find action items 
  • It is available for all the users, including the free plan users
  • Has IOS and Android apps
  • Can try it for FREE 

Cons of Notion AI: 

  • It may not be suitable for non-Notion users
  • Does not have an SEO tool
  • All members need to pay an additional amount for using Notion AI
seo tool


Notion AI is an add-on that is purchased separately.

  • For annually billed users: $8 per member/month
  • For monthly billed users: $10 per member/month 

Pricing information is available on the Notion website.


Best For: SEO-powered Content Writing and Editing

Frase is an AI-powered SEO content generator tool. Whether for long-form content or short-form content, Frase brings AI excellence to your writing. You can create blog posts, social media posts, or website content with the Frase. Frase can also function as an article generator! It analyzes other websites to outline with heading suggestions and optimize the best SEO content from SERPs.

Although Frase specializes in high-quality SEO-optimized content, the tool provides more than 10 writing templates for other content, such as descriptions, posts, and article summarization.

Pros of Frase:

  • Creates an outline and brief description 
  • Provides detailed and useful SEO optimization information
  • Has templates to choose from based on your content
  • Can create and share custom AI tools

Cons of Frase:

  • Has no additional AI tools like a plagiarism checker or image generator
  • Relatively expensive
  • The number of team members is very limited
  • Has no free trial


Frase offers a 5-day trial for only $1! Other subscription plans are:

  • Solo: For one user, enable to write and optimize 4 articles a month. The offer is $14.99 a month, and a discount of 15% is applied if paid annually. Annual offer is $12.66 for a month.
  • Basic: For one user, enable them to write and optimize 30 articles a month. The offer is $44.99 a month, and a discount of $38.25 is available if paid annually.
  • Team: For three users, enable to write and optimize unlimited articles a month. The offer is $114.99 a month, and a discount of $97.75 is available if paid annually. For every member/user added to the plan, an additional $25 is paid monthly.

For more pricing information, you can visit the Frase website.


Best For: Free AI Writer Tool with Multiple Languages

Neuroflash is one of the best AI content-creator tools that you can ask for! The tool can create AI-powered texts, allows you to edit them, and provides images complementing your writing. The tool is able to create many types of texts that you can choose before asking Neuroflash to generate content. Ranging from book blurbs to quiz questions and answers, from checklists to headings, Neuroflash can suggest and write different types of content outputs. 

Another feature that Neuroflash is famous for is its rephrasing tool. Neuroflash can convert active voice in your text to passive voice, or it can convert passive to active voice, based on your needs. 

free ai writer

Pros of Neuroflash:

  • Generates images and makes suggestions for appropriate images
  • Has SEO-tools integrated
  • Has a rephrasing tool
  • Supports 8 languages (including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish)
  • Can provide an instructor for questions
  • Has the option of selecting the tone of the content
  • Has 90+ writing templates for short and long-form content
  • Has a browser extension

Cons of Neuroflash:

  • Plans are relatively expensive


Neuroflash offers a FREE plan. The free plan allows you to write up to 2,000 words in a month. 

Subscription plans are: 

  • Standard: Able to write up to 30,000 words and 30 images. Has monthly and annually paid plans. For monthly 30€, and annually comes with 25€ plans.
  • Pro: Has access to unlimited words and images. Provides SEO tools and plagiarism checkers. For monthly 80€, and for annually, it comes with 67€ plans.
  • Enterprise: Has all the Pro Plans advantages. Also include PerformanceFlash and ResearchFlash tools. The price is fixed at 400€.

More detailed information on pricing can be reached through the Neuroflash website.

Hostinger (Zyro)

Best For: Creating AI-powered websites and SEO-friendly content

Hostinger (previously known as Zyro) is actually an AI-powered tool to create functional websites with ease. There are two websites available, though the interfaces are a bit different. They offer the same AI tools for building your own website. It has many website templates to choose from that enable creating a website in an hour. 

Zyro also offers a high-quality AI content generator. With this generator, you can add any content to your newly launched website within just minutes. You can select a niche and ask the AI content generator tool to write SEO-friendly content, or you can provide a paragraph to write upon. Either way, your website will receive content that may take weeks to create by digital content creators.

seo friendly
content generator

Pros of Zyro:

  • Generates SEO-friendly content
  • Easy and quick 
  • Generates options to choose from (up to 7 options)
  • Create short-form content for FREE

Cons of Zyro:

  • Only the English language is supported
  • The free plan is very limited


Hostinger offers four different plans for users:

  • Cloud Startup: The plan offers 200 GB NVMe Storage, 3 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores, along with all the AI tools available. The plan is available for $8.99, with 3 months free!
  • Cloud Professional: This is the most chosen plan by the users. The plan offers 250 GB NVMe Storage, 6 GB RAM, and 4 CPU Cores, along with all the AI tools available. The plan is available for $14.99, with 3 months free!
  • Cloud Enterprise: The plan offers 300 GB NVMe Storage, 12 GB RAM, and 6 CPU Cores, along with all the AI tools available. The plan is available for $29.99, with 3 months free!

Detailed information about pricing can be found on Hostinger's website.

AI-Generated Content: Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an AI Content Creator?

An AI content generator is a tool to create high-quality content creatively and easily. There are many advantages to using AI content creators. You can save time by letting AI tools make most of the work for you. AI content tools can boost your creativity and productivity by smoothing the writing process and allowing brainstorming. In addition, these tools can increase stability and consistency with your content by increasing the quality and quantity.

2) Is plagiarism a problem for AI content generators?

There are some problems with plagiarism on AI-generated content. Although some tools are better for avoiding plagiarism, others are not so great for plagiarism. To ensure and avoid these problems, it is important to revise and edit the content created by the AI generator tools. These tools should be used as a guide rather than projects ready to publish.

3) What languages are supported in AI content generators?

Many AI content generators support multiple languages. Choosing an AI tool based on your language is essential. Generative tools sometimes can differ between input and output language. For example, Kafkai can only write in English but is able to translate articles into 14 languages. Similarly, Jasper supports 24 languages for input and 31 languages for output. Also, Rytr can support more than 30+ languages. So, choosing any of these AI content generators will be better for you!

Conclusion: AI for Writers

AI content generators provide significant ease in generating content. By providing tools with enough information and the right prompts, these AI tools can generate the content that you need.

However, it should be noted that AI-generated content should always be fact-checked. It may also be useful to edit and rewrite some parts of the content because of plagiarism and SEO issues.

Just remember that AI writers are providing a useful skill. It is up to you to know how to use them. You can consciously use them and take advantage of most of their abilities.

In this post, we have introduced how to make the best of a content generator and shared ten of the best. For your slides, we strongly recommend Decktopus!

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