Hacks to Improve Your Productivity at Home

Working from home has become a routine part of our lives after COVID19. After slowly transitioning to remote working, a lot of people created beautiful looking working spaces and discovered very useful tools to increase their productivity. Anyone who works from home now will easily list the pros and cons of working from home. For that reason, we teamed up and made a list of inspirations to increase your productivity while working from home.

1. Transform your working space

Check out how Emily Henderson made a perfect working desk in her living room! Inspired by her, let’s summarise what you can do to motivate yourself!

  • Have a natural light source in front of you
  • Have a desk light for late-night zooms
  • Drawers help you keep your desk clean!
  • Put up some greens for oxygen

2. Tools to help you manage your time effectively

  • Audext : Don’t lose time writing and then correcting your documents. Audext lets you turn your voice record to text with a text editor in your pocket! Jump up to their website to try it out!
  • Time Track: While working from home it can be harder to record your working hours than billing your clients ethically. This tool enables you to do everything in one platform. Check them out!
  • Sertifier : You need to prepare certificates for your online courses? Produce a draft, get them designed, make them verifiable, and then send them. Wow, that’s a workload of things. This tool helps you decrease the time to do all that, in-one-platform.

3. Set working hours

It does not mean that since you are at home the whole day, you have to work all day. It’s very important to keep your work-life balance. Burn-out is real and you don’t want to burn out when you are stuck at home.

4. Smart shop for your office

To motivate yourself you may want to buy a lot of new stationary equipment. In order to make use of your money go to forum pages and really spend some time reading reviews. Here are a few things you can think about buying:

  • A good internet connection
  • A comfortable chair
  • A seat lumbar support
  • A price-effective cloud service plan

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