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May 24, 2024

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Best Chat GPT Detectors Tools/Softwares 2023: How To Check AI-Generated Text?

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Are you looking for the best Chat GPT detector tools? Here is a detailed guide to decide which ChatGPT AI content detectors are most fit for you!

What's Inside?

Is It Written by AI?: Find Out With Chat GPT Detectors

There is a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence generated content. The most commonly used versions are Chat GPTcreated by OpenAI and Bard created by Google. With the rise of AI-generated content, Chat GPT detection tools become more popular. 

chatgpt detector

Especially for educators, students, content creators, and individuals who want to verify the source of the text, AI detector tools are a must. With one click, you can learn the source of the given text or document! Simply by entering the content, you can get accurate results!

There are free and paid versions of AI detector tools available to use. To find the best one for you, we created a detailed guide. In this guide, you will find each tool's pros and cons and pricing methods. 

aı content detector

State-of-the-art AI text classifier from "Open AI"

open aı detector

Open AI announced in January 2023 that it was working on a new AI classifier and that the trial version was in the testing phase. You must have API access to use this tool. AI classifier can be briefly thought of as AI detector tools. Its main purpose is to distinguish between human-written text and artificial intelligence texts from various providers.

Of course, it is impossible to detect paragraphs written by artificial intelligence with 100% reliability for writing detectors. However, this tool will still be useful against false claims that artificial intelligence-generated texts were written by humans.

The unreliable aspect of this tool is that it may perceive texts written by humans as written by artificial intelligence. According to the AI detector tests, this AI copy detector, announced by Open AI, detects 26% of the texts created by artificial intelligence as "ai generative texts", while it evaluates 9% of the texts written by humans as written by artificial intelligence.

The bad news is that this AI classifier announced by Open AI is currently out of use due to its low accuracy output rate. It continues to be developed according to the feedback received and with more effective techniques. In the future, it will appear as a highly reliable tool that allows users to understand whether audio and visual content is produced by artificial intelligence as promised.

What is Chat GPT Detection Tools?

chatgpt detection

ChatGPT detectors are tools to identify AI-generated texts. ChatGPT can be used for writing pretty much anything, from essays to novels.

In fact, Buzzfeed has announced the use of ChatGPT on some of the website's content. Similarly, the use of AI for screenplays was a major point in recent Hollywood strikes. In academics, daily life, or for SEO content, AI detection tools can be handy in all writing-related tasks!

AI detection tools can be useful to identify human writing from AI-generated content, avoid plagiarism, and keep your content original. 

Is it Possible to Bypass or Remove the Results of ChatGPT Checkers?

chatgpt checker

It is possible. For example, adding a few mistakes or imperfections that cannot be seen on an AI-generated text can mislead ChatGPT detectors. Similarly, the usage of Quillbot, an online AI paraphrasing tool, can make the writing seem more human-written. However, it is not advisable to do so as the use of ChatGPT should be apparent by the ethical code of OpenAI. 

Let’s start with the five most advanced ai writing checker tools for the detection of AI writing! 

Here are 5 Recommended Tools for ChatGPT Detectors

ai content creator


Content Detector is a free, simple, and efficient AI tool used for distinguishing human and AI-written content in a single click. 

It utilizes the power of various NLP techniques and technologies such as N-Gram analysis, perplexity check, etc. To highlight content generated by an AI tool or written by a human.

The accuracy of this incredible tool is matchless, providing more than 90% certainty as to whether your content is written by a human or generated by a robotic tool. 

Moreover, it is easy to use and requires you to insert the content and leave the rest to the tool.

Whether you are a social media content marketer, student, blogger, or researcher dealing with diverse content needs, can be a game-changer for you. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Free for unlimited use
  • 90% accuracy 
  • No word limit 
  • Features the most advanced NLP technologies 
  • Equally useful for students, content marketers, bloggers, etc. 
  • Integration with Mac, iOS, Windows and Chrome are available. 


  • Does not specify the results in percentage


  • It is 100% free!

2) Editpad AI Content Detector

Editpad AI Content Detector

The Editpad AI content detector is a free tool for checking whether some piece of content is human-written or not. This tool is quite accurate and can check not only GPT-generated content but also Google Bard and Bing AI. These are all top-of-the-line AI tools that can create AI content that looks as if it was written by humans.

This AI content detector is easy to use and has simple and straightforward results. It will tell you whether AI has been detected or not, and not only that, but it will also show the percentage of AI content detected. Its accuracy is more than 90% as it can detect even paraphrased AI content.


  • 100% free tool
  • No registration required
  • Easy to use
  • Can check a lot of words at once (1,000+)
  • Supports uploading files in Word and PDF formats
  • Supports download/copying of results


  • Does not have advanced features like content creation
  • There are ads on the webpage


  • The Editpad AI content detector is completely free.

3) Originality.AI

originality ai

Originality.AI is a sophisticated AI detector. It detects texts generated by Chat GPT-4 with great accuracy (99%). It recognizes texts using Chat GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, and Bard. 

Originality.Only artificial intelligence detects the usage of paraphrase techniques. Originality AI includes other useful features such as a plagiarism checker, readability score of content on Google search, creating a team and viewing activity of the team members, and sharing reports received by Originality. AI.  


  • Accurate in all Chat GPT versions and Bard
  • Can detect paraphrasing tools
  • Can scan much content at once
  • Can highlight specific sections created by AI
  • Has a Chrome extension


  • Not have a free trial
  • Only supports the English language
  • Can analyze but cannot create content


  • Originality AI has a pay-as-you-go pricing policy. A credit is for $0.01. With a credit, you can scan 100 words.

4) Content At Scale AI Detector

content at scale

Content at Scale is a free ChatGPT detector and is a dual-function tool. As an AI detector, it can detect the AI-generated content. In addition, it can create content that bypasses other AI detector tools. The detector provides immediate feedback on percentages on predictability, probability, and pattern of the texts. Content at Scale also provides SEO content in the premium plan.


  • Free AI detector
  • Can create exemplary content in different forms (e.g., fully human, human+ AI)
  • Able to bypass other detectors
  • Can analyze parts of texts as AI-generated or human-written
  • Can create Long-form content 


  • Cannot create Short-form content
  • Does not have origin Chrome extension
  • Only supports the English language


  • Content at Scale has a free ChatGPT detector. However, creating SEO-optimizing blog posts are included in the plan. There are four premium plans available: 
  • Solo — 8 Blog Posts ($31.25 per post — $250/mo). 
  • Starter — 20 Blog Posts ($25 per post — $500/mo). 
  • Scaling — 50 Blog Posts ($20 per post — $1,000/mo).
  • Agency — 100 Blog Posts ($15 per post — $1,500/mo). 
  • Additional Post Credits — $25 each.

5) Winston. AI

winston ai

Winston.AI is another great free tool that can help you with the AI probability of the text. Winston.AI has a high accuracy rate that is 99.6%. It is useful for writers, educators, and web publishers. 

Also, it can give a rate of how much of the text is generated by AI. Similarly, it gives users feedback on readability score and includes a plagiarism checker. 


  • Free ChatGPT detector, just login
  • Can upload documents or PDF files
  • Able to scan handwriting and text images
  • Supports the English and French languages
  • Includes plagiarism checker


  • The free plan is limited
  • Cannot scan URLs
  • Does not have Chrome extension


  • Winston AI has three membership plans: 
  • Free — Up to 2.000 words scan (0$)
  • Essential — Up to 80.000 words scan + shareable PDF reports (12$)
  • Advanced — Up to 200.000 word scan + can include unlimited team members (19$)

6) GPTZero


ZeroGPT is one of the popular free AI detection tools. ZeroGPT works as an efficient tool for detecting AI-written content.

This AI text detection tool relies on advanced DeepAnalyseTM Technology to determine the origin of your content. The creation of the tool involves analyzing considerable data that contains millions of papers and articles both generated by AI and written by humans. Therefore, the ZeroGPT algorithm can identify the text's source with up to 98% accuracy.


  • Free ChatGPT detector
  • Works with GPT 4, Bard, Llama, and other AI models
  • Can upload documents or PDF files
  • It is available in multiple languages
  • Can cite it as an AI detector


  • It may not give accurate output content.
  • Has no plagiarism tool


  • It is FREE!

7) Turnitin


Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection is a relatively newly launched tool. It is mainly used by universities and high schools, enabling educators to detect original content. It has a 98% accuracy rate for detecting AI-generated grammar and catching plagiarism. Teachers use this tool to determine what percentage of the submissions by students were written with artificial intelligence.


  • Easy to use for academic settings
  • Can scan documents and PDF files


  • High false positives 
  • Only available for the English language
  • Not available for individual use


  • There is no specified pricing information. It can be learned through Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection website.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is it possible to detect ChatGPT?

Yes. It is possible to detect the use of ChatGPT or other AI languages on texts using Originality.AI, Content at Scale AI Detector, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, Turnitin, etc. AI generative tools should be used as advanced assistant tools for writing.

How accurate are ChatGPT detection softwares?

Accuracy rates can change based on the used platform. However, a 70-80% accuracy rate can be expected. To increase the accuracy of the results, it is best to use a combination of different platforms!

Are there free AI checkers?

Yes! Many free AI text detection apps are available, like Content at Scale AI Detector, ZeroGPT, and Winston AI. Some detectors have paid options, too. 

Is the ChatGPT3 Detector 98% accurate?

The AI Detector searches for ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Claude, Microsoft Bing and other threats. The AI content checkers, which claims a 98% accuracy rate, can tell if the content you're writing was created by a person or an AI, including from sources like ChatGPT, GPT4, Claude, and Bard. Our AI Checker is regarded as one of the most reliable in the field.


Is SEO AI detector accurate?

The caliber of AI Content Detectors' algorithms and the training sets they utilize determine how accurate they are. Though generally quite accurate, they might still result in false positives or negatives. Accuracy may be enhanced over time by performing routine updates and fine-tuning.

How does ChatGPT detector works?

The Chat GPT Detector analyzes text, inputs or other types of data and uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to estimate whether the data was produced by a computer or by a person. Of course, AI content detectors measure how predictable and original the texts are through burstiness within the text. As a result, they calculate AI likelihood and draws conclusions accordingly.

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Final Thoughts

In this post, we have learned about the five best ChatGPT detectors. With the fast development of AI tools, we have seen a rise in ChatGPT detection tools. In the future, ChatGPT detectors will become more common in our lives. 

There are many AI text detector tools available, with different pros and cons. Some tools have specific features that make them preferable. You can choose which one is best for you from these high-tech tools.

ChatGPT detection tools are fast, reliable, and simple. They are easy to use; just copy and paste your text or upload your document! It will tell how much of it is written by AI!

aı generated text

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