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Content Types Every Real Estate Agent Needs, Created by Decktopus Content Team

May 2, 2023

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20 Life-Saving Content Types Every Real Estate Agent Needs

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It is extremely typical for people to regard realtors as simple salesmen who are looking only to gain financial profit out of sales of homes. But, a realtor is greater than a salesman, and a home is greater than the sum of its drywall and accents.

What's Inside?

Buying a home is a significant part in everyone’s life; it’s a milestone symbolizing one’s front into adulthood. It’s a bridge to the conventional story of starting a family with five children, a canine and a barbecue in the front porch.

Property is likewise the most important supply of wealth the common American will ever hold. These factors, amongst others, make the actual property a perpetually experiential and life-asserting transaction.Professionals operating withinside the actual property sector – sellers, loan originators, appraisers, mortgage officers, agents, and different monetary offerings parties – need to cater to this sentiment of their advertising and marketing. Advertising low hobby prices or numerous stocks can also additionally draw attention. However, there may be a lot greater actual property entrepreneurs can do to intensify curiosity, captivate potential homebuyers and generate new customers.

A key way to ensure this is making realtors today's optimum content creators. Content marketing is a critical tool the real estate industry has begun to make use of in recent years. But, how to go about it? Here are some ways to integrate content marketing into your real estate strategy.

Tips on Real Estate Content Marketing: Content Types You Need

1. Use visuals of each kind

It’s no mystery that plenty of the actual property recreation is gained or misplaced on first impressions. As such, actual property entrepreneurs have to prioritize visible content material codecs above something else.

On a realistic level, this indicates expert hi-res pictures for staging, showcasing open residence purposes. These snapshots may be reused throughout each advertising and marketing channel, from revealed, bodily collateral to social media.

In the virtual sphere, websites and different online media homes have to be populated with interactive carousels of visuals so capability customers can higher investigate houses at the marketplace. Infographics also are dynamic property for actual property sellers, as they’re best for answering normally requested questions in an illustrative format. Concepts like professionals vs. cons, renting vs. owning, fixed-fee vs. adjustable-fee, and rental vs. townhouse are effortlessly visualized and shared through infographics.

2. Events-primarily based on advertising and marketing practices

To buy or promote a home is a completely humanizing moment, even if operating through actual property sellers or agents. That’s a sentiment that includes advertising and marketing capital.Combining virtual advertising and marketing efforts with in-person, events-primarily based advertising and marketing creates a piece of tandem music for the lead era and product and brand awareness. Events can also include:

  • Open homes.
  • Block parties
  • Meet and greet with agents.
  • Real property seminars.
  • Q&A periods among enterprise professionals and potentialities.
  • Industry conferences.

There’s additionally upside to partnering with and mastering greater builders, lenders, appraisers, originators, attorneys, residential and business landlords, municipal leaders, and neighborhood officials. During those meetings/events, you must ensure you are supplying enterprise cards, income sheets, FAQ pamphlets, revealed listings, etc.

Real property entrepreneurs can enhance their practices and leverage social media through taking photos, beginning hashtag campaigns, making use of branded Snapchat filters, and increasing social networks.

3. AR/VR for digital tours

Static visuals are one thing; interactive video is something completely different. Services like Google Tango, roOomy, and Matterport permit actual property entrepreneurs to apply augmented and digital video for one-of-a-kind, custom open homes.

This generation isn’t unique to luxurious actual property. Redfin permits any list on its website to additionally run VR tours. Prospective homebuyers can choose from greater than 100,000 fixtures and family objects to drag and drop into the houses they’re fascinated by, giving them a terrific concept of ways their house can appear as soon as they've moved in. Customers can decorate, customize and visualize unbuilt and empty areas with multidimensional views.

Prospects will simply use their smartphones or VR headsets to get the whole revel in without stepping foot withinside the home itself.

Though seeming futuristic, this generation is already in action, and actual property sellers are lacking a huge possibility if their content material advertising and marketing packages lack dimension. Customers need 360-degree, panoramic visuals they could have interacted with and individualize.

4. Newsletter advertising and marketing

Hubspot recommends retaining email newsletters to be ninety percent educational, 10 percent promotional. Additionally, 33% of email subscribers open their emails primarily based totally on the concerned line alone; so brevity, software, and price are of the maximum importance.

Email advertising and marketing supply the very best ROI of any channel for the common marketer. Email can also additionally appear to be a previous model of verbal exchange withinside the technology of apps, texting, and chatbots.

Real estate newsletters have to include a mixture of content property, like:

  • Blog posts.
  • Infographics.
  • Links to social media feeds.
  • Short videos.
  • Trending records points.
  • Geo-precise news.
  • New listings.
  • Buyers/dealers guides.
  • Helpful tangential content material.

Email is a smooth manner to live in 24/7 contact with potentialities, leads, and former customers. With the abundance of automatic e-mail equipment like Constant Contact and Mailchimp, personalizing a branded publication primarily based totally on a template is relatively brief and efficient.

Social media structures and frameworks are significant for real estate advertising and marketing success, as plenty of leads end up converting online through aggregated list offerings or Google queries. Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, CoreLogic, MLS, and Craigslist host hundreds of homes, with superior filtering and concentrated on alternatives for homebuyers, dealers, and renters. They are alongside the user in each facet of the property buying process including fee variety, and location.

These programs also are online, permitting 24/7 surfing for customers and dealers – all at the tip of their fingers. Integrating with actual property apps and making sure listings stay up to date and UX-pleasant throughout the web, cellular browser and cellular app are instrumental to staying in the front of potentialities in any respect.

Why Content Marketing is Necessary for Real Estate Professionals

Overall, marketing is a tool for solving customer problems and educating prospects, as opposed to customer service or technical support. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a revolving door with digital and physical supporting materials online and available for events. FAQ resource pages, glossaries of important terms, simple one-page fact sheets, and similar guides are packed with helpful information. It may be suprising to hear this but even a non-online industry like supply chain services industry is using these marketing contents. They can also be professionally formatted with branding features, custom illustrations, and other visualized illustrations so that the information is consumed through a combination of written words and graphics.

Any data point or factor ID can be broken down into small pieces to share on social media or via email to drive sales campaigns and keep track. A multitude of procedural steps, a simple and comprehensive compilation of tips, instructions, and knowledge is non-trivial content. Because of fluctuations and volatility in benchmark interest rates, government-sponsored loan programs, market stocks, and price trends, many of the core functions of the real estate industry change from year to year, as well as decade to decade. But, one thing remains constant; house owners will be selling their houses, and people will be looking for housing.

Discover more on how to “Prepare the Ultimate Real Estate Listing Presentation”.

Different Domains of Real Estate

Think of additional real estate services like interior design, family photographers, professional set designers, packers and moving companies, home and office cleaning companies, and lawn care specialists. Starting a co-branded marketing campaign with any of these companies can help you build brand awareness, generate more leads, and generate additional creative ideas.

Imagine Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines appearing in a sponsored Instagram ad or sharing a Facebook post;  that's an instant injection of virality and notoriety. It's also effective so you don't have to target only commercials. Storytelling At a tactical level, marketing messages must be able to accurately convey the complex details of real estate decisions, from tax deductions to easements.

Marketing should also holistically tell a cohesive narrative that focuses on emotions rather than jargon. Sentiment and marketing are intended to spread the spectrum of feelings and moments that influence an event of this magnitude. This can be achieved through linear storytelling through inspirational blog posts, first-person case studies, and video pilgrimages.

Ask customers to share their stories, how they chose their home, and what it means to them to own a home. Stick with the old clients from years ago and bring along a video team, their communities and take part in exciting activities. There is a power to passion, comfort, and warmth. This is a story worth hearing. Real estate brand marketing is a digital business. It means a digital way of thinking in all facets of the company.

How to Promote Your Real Estate Content Online

As mentioned earlier, word of mouth and physical happenings still play a prominent role in real estate, but the home buyer is placing a lot more emphasis on online brand access and smooth electronic interactions these days. 82% of millennials say buying a home is a priority. We all know that millennials are very familiar with digital communication and shopping.

Real estate agents need first-class portals and websites to meet customer expectations. This means Optimal page speed (less than two seconds loading time) and enhanced SEO practices. Visually stimulating user experience, available content, convenient functions for booking appointments, calculator, questions, and answers are a must. Chatbots, social media widgets, payment processing, cards, picture/video galleries, resource centers, functional links, calls to action, contact information, social proof dates, form downloads, logical site design are also additional facets to integrate. A strong domain lays the foundation for a strong brand image that is designed as customer-oriented as possible.

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It is Time to Integrate Strategic Content into Your Online Channels

The bottom line is that a real estate company may not have the resources to dive right into all of the marketing campaigns mentioned above, but making quick profits is pretty easy with the help of a marketing agency. Improving website speed and optimizing are pivotal.

The most complicated processes, such as creating timeless content or reaching influencers, on the other hand, require careful calculation and creativity. Like real estate agents and others. For entrepreneurs wanting to establish themselves or differentiate themselves in their respective markets, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so. With just a small down payment and relaxed terms, a marketing campaign could be yours forever.

What About Social Media Marketing for Realtors?

Our daily lives have become dependent on the internet and for some, it involves making choices about the home of their dreams. People use online platforms to find their ideal home. We check out YouTube videos to compare houses, and even look up hashtags on social media. It can lead you to a variety of options and information. It’s great, but also overwhelming.

Homebuyers have moved from the yellow pages to Google and social media. And for real estate agents, there is nothing better than doing the same thing: Take your business online through the various social media platforms. Perhaps you are a new real estate agent looking to build your online presence. Or, you may have already taken this step but feel that you are not getting any significant effect. Are you doing it wrong? Remember: every contribution is important.

Check out our last blog post on “Why Real Estate Agents are Turning into Content Creators”.

20 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

These social media content ideas are designed to help real estate agents increase engagement, increase brand awareness, and be remembered. Be sure to update your social media with new offers to add a little zing to your new home.

#1 Novel listings

Add important details about the house - how many beds and bathrooms? What does the house look like inside and out? Finally, add a link to the website that lists.

#2 Gifts or Contests

Who doesn't like free stuff? Schedule regular competitions for your loyal fans. Just make sure that you clearly state your competition mechanics, answer inquiries immediately, and don't forget to post a photo of the winner (with the prize!)

#3 News or useful information

Be a reliable source of information. You can post local real estate news or snippets of information about buying or selling. Articles, add an excerpt from the story or share some personal thoughts on it. Remember: people would click if it was interesting.

#4 Local businesses and community events

Potential buyers want to see and feel their community to see if it fits their lifestyle and personality.Make sure to post about relevant events around the neighborhood and feature a booming business around the area regularly.

#5 Home Walking Tour Videos or Neighborhood Guides

Uploading home walking tour videos or neighborhood guides can attract potential buyers who are unable to visit a real estate website. Not a professional in the field of video recording? It is not a problem! Videography companies can help you record videos of your home in a professional manner- with drone images and video effects at will. Highlight its notable features and make your audience drool over it. Who knows? Maybe they'll find the perfect home for them.

#6 Testimonials from real estate customers

Build trust with prospects by posting comments and stories about your successful real estate transactions. Let your customers share how you helped them with their new home. Add some eye-catching pictures and link to the full post on your website. "What's it like to live in a place like this?" This is a common question among property hunters. Let them experience their home by recording "A Day in the Life" videos. The goal is to show your clients how your property, with its amenities, can make life comfortable for everyone.

#7 More Free Resources

Again, everything is appreciated for free. This time around, treat your audience to some helpful resources like a guide on the home buying or selling process.

#8 Video Series

Your audience may get bored with routine and predictable posts. come back and make a series. For example, run a regular series every Wednesday of homes in dire need of renovation, then give the series a memorable title.

#9 Behind the Scenes Videos

Let your personality shine through in your contributions. It can be footage of what you do each day to prepare for a customer meeting or a home call. You can also do a Behind the Scenes (BTS) episode for your property tours. Encourage potential buyers to request additional information. Add some trivia about the homes you sell that you normally don't include in your sales pitch.Finally, use relevant, high-quality photos to make your fun facts fun.

#10 Q & A

Answer the most frequently asked questions from shoppers and provide help whenever you can. Share the story behind your club and highlight the unforgettable experiences you had with them. Create a photo post or record a short video with your business partners about your IG story.

#11 Happy posts

Put a smile on your fans' faces. Post about this fun experience on your last vacation or share an uplifting quote. We all need that kind of rest.

#12 Lists of How-To and DIY Tips

“Household and DIY Tips for Beginners and Dummies” are helpful content domains that can build viewer engagement in a fast-paced world; people are looking for reliable and practical ways to get things done.

#13 Expert Real Estate Advice

Help your audience make smart decisions. Offer real estate advice based on your experience as a real estate agent and homeowner. For example, as a first-time buyer property, you can create a "What not to buy" list.

#14 Customer Events

Keep your fans informed by posting about customer events. Thank everyone who attended and mark their names on the photos you upload if you can.You can also encourage attendees to take their photos and upload them to the event page. This is good when you want to get more followers!

#15 Publish the Closure

From time to time, you brag about your victories; B. when closing customers. For everyone who helped you with this, please provide a few details about your customers, your transaction, and your new home. Don't forget to tag the people in your photos

#16 Christmas Messages

Spread your Christmas greetings in a fun way by posting them with graphics, fun facts, or a personal story. Let them get to know you (and the holidays).

#17 Better Memes

What's the fastest way to get the viewer's attention? Try the memes. They remind people that serious things can be fun and entertaining. This is also a way to showcase your brand and what you do subtly.

#18 Trust is the key to a successful transaction

Show people, you know your way around to prove your expertise. Provide relevant information about the housing market. However, avoid using too much industry jargon as it can bore your audience. Make your post more visual than text-heavy, link to the source, and briefly explain why these statistics are relevant to buyers/sellers.

#19 Purchase goals

This post is an opportunity to clear up any uncertainties by instructing your customers about the steps to buy a property. You can also share why now is a good time to buy and encourage them to take the next step.

#20 Give them an idea of ​​who you are

Let your personality shine through with your posts. It could be your recent trip, your family outing, or the simple joy of waking up to a nice view out the window. You shouldn't miss the post. The next buyer could be your assistant! Keep your contribution short and concise and include important details: address, date, time, and pictures of the house.

Don't forget to encourage your audience to share the post as well. Wrap Posting on social media seems trivial, but it can earn you loyal followers and customers if done right. Get started with these tips, tweak your posts, and add other real estate social media post ideas, and post!

Looking for a stellar template where you can let your real estate content shine? Discover real estate templates on Decktopus, the next generation of interactive document creation at your disposal.

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