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Why Real Estate Agents Are Turning Into Content Creators

The real estate industry should really start creating quality content and start capitalizing on content marketing. Remember to keep the content calendar flowing and keep communication channels open for your audience.

February 15, 2023

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What's Inside?

Content Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Who would have thought? When you say real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is typically not content. But, in the height of the pandemic, and as many industries turn digital, many real estate agents find themselves battling with content creation, trying to find relevant content marketing strategies to expand their reach and boost their sales. In attempts to build new customer relationships, enhance their company’s brand value, and reach new consumers, real estate professionals have been turning more and more to the newest content marketing tricks in the market. Indeed, data shows that content marketing in the industry has helped up business’ revenues by three times when compared to paid search.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Real Estate? 

Content marketing is a great channel for realtors to build trusting relationships with their clients, boost brand awareness, as well as drive traffic to their website organically for SEO purposes. Through content marketing initiatives, real estate companies can drive more qualified leads, build up company reputation, and offer innovative solutions to the problems their clients are facing. Additionally, the content you create here will grant you material to share on your social media channels. Overall, there is no doubt that real estate professionals need to be avid content creators; so, here are some content marketing best practices and ideas for the real estate industry. 

Best Practices for Real Estate Content Creators 

Here are some helpful tips on how to approach content marketing in the real estate industry. 

  1. Craft a stellar website experience. Your website is likely going to influence the first impression your customers get from your services. Simple design and uncluttered graphics, as well as easy navigation will be key. You can also create a blog and link your social media platforms. 
  2. Share a solid real estate listing presentation on your website. Interactive document creation platform Decktopus allows you to access amazing real estate listing deck templates and embed these decks into your website with a quick sharing code. Discover the ultimate real estate listing template here. 
  3. Create a content plan to ensure continued content quality. Schedule your content, make you are meeting deadlines and create an editorial calendar. Integrate blog content into the mix. Blogs are really effective in reaching your target audience, as well as boosting brand awareness. It is also significant to write blogs for enhancing your SEO ranking. Make sure you are publishing novel content on a regular basis. 
  4. Start activating your social media. This is where you can share listings, boost connections, and get feedback. Use platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook as additional channels of community building, PR and marketing. 
  5. Start building an email list. Emails are great ways to share content, deliver updates, and grow your outreach. You can use email marketing tools such as MailChimp. To collect lead contact information, you can utilize the form feature in Decktopus and access user emails in the Analytics page. 

Great Ideas for Real Estate Content Marketing 

For your written content and blogs here are couple things you can cover;

  • Brand story and what makes the team excited about real estate. 
  • Employee profiles and quotes
  • Customer testimonials and satisfaction levels
  • Locations and services 
  • History of the geographic location you are covering
  • News concerning the industry 
  • Buyer and seller tips concerning the buying process, getting more value out of the sale, home-improvement, and more. 
  • Frequently asked questions


For your video content, you can create a YouTube channel and provide virtual tours. You can also cover the neighborhood insights, interview employees or happy clients as user testimonials. 

For your visual content, you can create infographics, statistics in the industry, property photos, employee photos, and real estate listing presentations. 

The real estate industry should really start creating quality content and start capitalizing on content marketing. Remember to keep the content calendar flowing and keep communication channels open for your audience. Keep up to date on how your content is being received through analytics tools. Make use of great lead generation tools specific for the real estate industry such as Decktopus

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