Real Estate Listing Template for Lead Generation

Real estate agents, consultors, and realtors are constantly looking for document templates and new tools to create documents since a major part of their job is to create listings, make an offer and send their customers those offers as documents.

If life was only about showing houses, everyone could have done it.

One of the things a lot of people don’t know about the real estate industry is that half of the job is creating and handling documents, follow up on legal and financial documents, translating these things for everyone to understand. Also not every potential buyer is ready after seeing a house. It’s a fact that even after 1-year people might come to their realtor for the property and close up the deal for good. When it comes to conversion, realtors know the struggle and they sure know how to be patient. But how does a realtor enhance their sales funnel? With follow-ups and great proposal decks. Here goes the structure.

What does a real estate agent do and what does it have to do with documents?

A real estate agent is a professional who works for a real estate agency or broker. They are responsible for guiding prospective buyers in every phase of owning a property. They can work for both buyer and seller and they are responsible for a lot of things that are not shown in Netflix show selling sunset. Some of the things they do are

  • Answer phones and mails
  • Follow up after seeing or contacting a prospect
  • Schedule appointments and open house or private showings
  • Updating listings frequently
  • Create a draft and final documents
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Search for listings and new properties
  • Creating promotional material
  • Distributing promotional material
  • Drafting and running advertisements
  • Building a website and creating content that will attract prospects

As listed above there are a lot of things they have to do other than showing houses. They have to build a lot of soft skills as well as technical skills like using computers and different content creation platforms. However in recent years a lot of content creation companies started realizing what a big and loyal customer segment real estate agents are and technology companies started creating templates, pricing plans, and special services for real estate agents.

Case Study: How Decktopus created a new business model for real estate agents?

One of the companies that focused on the real estate industry especially during COVID is Decktopus. They saw a big problem with the industry: the need for content. It was not only creating a lot of content but there was also a huge problem with creating professional content. since real estate agencies and brokers have to deal with a large amount of money they have to create professional-looking and consistent-looking branded documents. Not only for social media but also promotional e-books, frequent market updates, proposals, special offers, quarterly summaries for their business professional customers. In this prospect, real estate agents are improved in copywriting and the creation of content quickly. However, one of the major issues was to turn these drafts into professional, branded, easily duplicated, and optimizable content. In the real estate industry now tools like PowerPoint and Prezi are old school because they cannot measure the interaction and performance of the documents.

Right at this point, Decktopus decided to step in and create a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform for business professionals like real estate agents to create stunning and branded presentations. Share them via a link, look for engagement and build a strategy according to it.

Real Estate Listing Template Summary

Here you see a real estate listing template that is customizable according to the branding in seconds.

Use this template

This template includes a lot of important bullet points in almost every real estate document, especially promotional and informal documents should include. Let’s break these into different parts and summarize them separately.

#1 The real estate agent professional resume

One of the most important promotional items of a real estate agency is its team. How well they trained their agents, how experienced team they have, and how supportive their agents can be. So it’s always very important to start any document with the best representation of the agency, the agent. The real estate agent itself is a thought leader which is working very closely with prospective buyers and influence them. That’s why a professional representation emphasizing their experience, especially in years, expertise in various fields, and bonus traits. Always remember that buying, selling, or renting a property requires a lot of money and with that much money and investment in place people won’t take chances. That’s why every real estate agent should own a set of photo galleries with professional and good-looking outfits, an environment, and a decent look.

#2 Testimonials

While investing, people look for social proofs. Social proofs to create trust. The most natural thing for a prospect to look for your past successes and they would want to hear it first hand. Most of the time if it’s not an international broker franchise, people find local real estate agents with testimonials in real life. People come to agencies with referrals so the big chance that a person finds you without you working about it, they might have a friend that has worked with you before.

#3 Process

The navigation slide is one of the most important parts of an introductory document such as a listing deck because a lot of the time people get very scared when it comes to investing. Because a major part of the society is generally doesn’t know a lot of things about finances and investment other than taxes. For this reason, people look for trust and they look for an environment where they can feel safe and feel in control. Make sure to give them a clear route about what’s going to happen in every detail and simple way. People got scared if they can’t understand.

#4 Listings

Since it’s a real estate listing template the most obvious thing to find is listings themselves. Make sure to include at least 3 listings with different styles if this is the first interaction with the prospect ever. It’s always important to find their interest. If they are not into classical buildings, make sure to include a modern house, just not to lose their attention. In listing slides always make sure to include these three things:

  • Location
  • Prize
  • Condition and Size

#5 Interaction Items

It’s very old school to send prospects plain PDFs without placing actionable items. As humankind, we lost our long attention span and a long memory for new things a long time ago. Make sure to create an actionable slide where people take actions and click on things so that they refocus on the content. Also, this rating feature is one of the most used slides among real estate agents since their job includes understanding buyers and creating a list of properties for their interest. For this reason, this rating slide may help you with your real estate agent jobs.

#6 Property Prices

People hate risk and love opportunities. Always make sure to add infographics that are easy to understand and give signals that investing right now is logical. With a simple infographic, you can show your potential buyers that in the next season prices will go up and this is the right time to invest and make a profit.

#7 Open House Schedule

Some prospects can be shy and non-easy to communicate with online. They want to see with their eyes, and they want to measure the value of the proposition. Generally, the ones who show up to open houses are the ones that are not easy to communicate with online. They just won’t answer their phones or emails but they will show up on open houses. For this reason, it’s very important to include an open house schedule in every possible content you have to just remind people that they can come and see for themselves.

#8 Private View Appointment

Appointment taking is a very important part of the process. A private view can mean a lot of things and generally highly interested buyers book a private viewing and generally these are the interactions that real estate agents shine with their persuasive skills. Having a contact form and this kind of technology in your document can build trust with your prospects.

#9 Contact Page

Finally, the last part should be a slide where all of the contact information of the real estate agent or agency is listed. Without that information, people cannot find ways to contact and move forward in the process.

How To Use Advanced Features of Decktopus for Listing Templates

Advanced features of Decktopus enables users to generally measure interactions and improve their documents according to their viewers. These features can be found in full in Business Plan.

Brand Kit

Like in every professional business real estate industry is another industry where documents should feel professional. Agencies generally start with creating a brand kit including brand colors, brand theme, brand font, and a logo. For these reasons, a lot of agencies need to work with design agencies of even bigger teams to make every content consistent. For this reason, Decktopus enabled the customization of the brand kit where you can pick the brand color palette, upload brand fonts, pick a brand theme and add logo as a footer and brand name as a footer note.


Forms are one of the most used features in the real estate industry since lead generation is very important. Sometimes only by a referral document, people can leave their contact information to get a detailed offer and this is the most precious thing while closing a deal. By using the form, real estate agents can place contact forms, private listing appointment forms, rating forms, and many more engagement slides.


The analytics feature of Decktopus shows 3 things; when was the last time the document was viewed, how many times it has been viewed in total, and which pages have been viewed in how many times. These three options can give you a lot of insight into your clients:

  • Did they receive the document?
  • Did they received and saw the document?
  • Did they see the whole document?


Infographics are a major part of real estate agent jobs. Because a lot of the time things can get very complex and it can get hard to explain things in numbers. The best is to describe the things with infographics and make them easier to understand. Rather than spending hours on excel tutorials and editing infographics with the same colors, use Decktopus charts and tables.

"I didn't ask for feedback yet. But if I do, I assume the answer would be a big fat YES." said Kevin about his new documents created in Decktopus
Check out the full story of Kevin, a full time realtor and a digital marketing agency owner, with Decktopus.

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