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Real Estate Listing Template for Lead Generation, prepared by Decktopus Content Team

December 10, 2023

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Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist and Template

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Real estate agents, consultants, and realtors are constantly looking for the best real estate listing presentation and new tools to create documents. We know that a major part of their job is to create listings, make an offer, and send their customers those offers as documents.

What's Inside?

If life was only about showing houses, everyone could have done it.

One of the things people don’t know about the real estate industry is that half of the job is creating, handling, and following up on legal and financial documents. Also, not every potential buyer is ready after seeing a house. It’s a fact that even after 1-year people might come to their realtor for the property and close up the deal for good. When it comes to conversion, realtors know the struggle, and they sure know how to be patient. But how does a realtor enhance their sales funnel? With follow-ups and preferably the best real estate listing presentation. Here goes the real estate listing presentation checklist.

What does a real estate agent do and what does it have to do with documents?

A real estate agent is a professional who works for a real estate agency or broker. They are responsible for guiding prospective buyers in every phase of owning a property. Real estate agents work for both the buyer and seller. They are responsible for a lot of things that are not shown in real estate shows.

Real estate listing presentation

Use This Template

Some of the things they do are:

  • Answer phones and mails
  • Follow up after seeing or contacting a prospect
  • Schedule appointments and open house or private showings
  • Updating listings frequently
  • Create a draft and final documents
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Search for listings and new properties
  • Creating promotional material
  • Distributing promotional material
  • Drafting and running advertisements
  • Building a website and creating content that will attract prospects

Step-by-Step Instructions To Your Next Listing Presentation

When you're presenting a listing to potential buyers, there's nothing worse than getting caught unprepared. You want to be on top of your game with a solid listing marketing plan and have everything planned out so that the presentation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some easy steps for preparing an effective listing presentation!

Find a Good & Preferably Free Real Estate Listing Presentation

As it is listed above there are a lot of things they have to do other than showing houses. They have to build a lot of soft skills as well as technical skills like using computers and different content creation platforms. However, in recent years a lot of content creation companies started realizing how big and loyal customer segment real estate agents are. Also, the technology companies started creating templates, pricing plans, and special services for real estate agents.

Real estate listing presentation templates

Start Writing An Outline Script and Sales Flow

You've done it. You found the house of your client's dreams and you're ready to make an offer on it, but before you do, take a step back and start writing out a sales flow for the listing. This will help you remember all of the things that need to be taken care of so that when push comes to shove-you can present a well thought out proposal quickly and efficiently. It'll also help keep your buyer from getting cold feet! Who knows? Putting in some extra legwork now might just land you an excited customer who's more than willing to close fast!

Outline your presentation

Brief Bio & Introduction of Your Career Skills

You might want to have a structured bio to be used later. So make sure to work on this. Remember that the best real estate listing presentations are from the best presenters! Here are some examples:

I'm a realtor who has been in the industry for quite some time. I have had my fair share of successes and failures, but what makes me different from other agents is that I am an expert negotiator. If you're looking to buy or sell a home then I will be able to help you through the process with ease.

Here are just a few of my skills:

-I am certified as a California Real Estate Agent by the state department of consumer affairs;  

-I specialize in negotiating contracts;

-I also assist sellers and buyers during showings; and more!

-I've handled all types of transactions, from FHA to luxury homes.

Introduce the Power of Your Brand

Realtors are often the first point of contact for buyers and sellers. They provide information on homes that are available in the market, negotiate the terms of purchase or sale, and help people make decisions about their family's future by providing options. But you are also the person who represents the brand.

Use This Template

So make sure to leverage from the power of your brokerage, but do you know how to pitch it? The key is in thinking about what makes you unique! Maybe you want to talk about the size and scope of your office. Or maybe you want to highlight your connections with potential clients. Go ahead, be creative! You'll see that once people start reading this blog post they won't be able to put it down.

Research and Summarize the Local Market Properties

If you're a realtor and your client asks you what the state of the market is, it's important to be prepared with as much information as possible. It's also helpful if you can give them actual data from reliable sources, not just your opinion or what another agent told you. Remember the best real estate listing presentations offers as much data as possible, in the most easy-to-understand way!

Describe The Sales Process As Easy As Possible

The sales process can be a confusing and difficult thing for clients, but it's your job to make the process as easy as possible.

-First, you need to find out what a home is worth in today's market. This is accomplished by looking at recent sales of comparable homes in your area and taking into account any upgrades or renovations you've made since the last time it sold. Make sure to show them the way so that they don't think that this is so much of a complicated job, but a time-consuming process. It's the reason you and your expertise come in the way.

-You will also need some information about how much money they owe on the property, as well as their mortgage company details if available.  

- Next, you'll put together an initial list of interested buyers who match most of the criteria from step one including price range, needs for financing, size requirements, etc.

-Finally explain and hand them a list of paperwork so that they don't get overwhelmed by the amount of work.

Reat Estate Listing Presentation

Use This Template

Work on Your Pricing Strategy Wisely

Realtors need to set a price point that is competitive and fair. To do this, you need to be knowledgeable about the market and understand your customer base. It's also helpful to know how much profit you want from each transaction, as well as what other costs there are associated with closing a deal. Many factors can affect your pricing strategy; you must research them before making any decisions.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Research the latest market trends and average prices for homes in your area;

2) Prepare a list of comparable properties that have sold or are currently on the market;

3) Consider what price range will offer buyers an incentive to contact you first.

Real Estate Listing Presentation_3

Use This Template

Gather Marketing Content

One of the most important aspects of marketing your property is making sure you have all the necessary information for your listing. Remember that great photography and videography pieces can make the best real estate listing presentations. If your realtor agency has a marketing brand in hand, you are one of the lucky ones. Just ask for photographs, videos, and color palettes that will match the branding!

Show Trusted Buyers

The average person will have three homes in their lifetime. The first home is usually a starter one, it's small and has few luxuries. The second house is a family-friendly house with lots of space for everyone to run around in. Then there's the third place, the retirement home where you can get everything your heart desires because who cares about money when you're retired? You know who your buyers are.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Testimonial

Use This Template

They're the people you work with day after day, and they trust you to help them find their forever home. And your buyers want to buy from a real estate agent they can trust. But there's one thing that you need to do first: show them that you're trustworthy too! Remember that almost all real estate listing presentation examples have testimonials, so don't forget to accumulate for yourself.

Have A List of Comparable Industry Statistics

Did you know that the number of homes for sale in your area has a direct impact on how quickly and at what price they sell? This is because if there is very little inventory, buyers will be willing to pay more or move off their list. If there are many listings available, buyers can afford to be picky and wait until they find exactly what they want.

As a realtor, knowing this information will help you when working with clients so you can give them an accurate idea of how long it might take to sell their home and at what price - whether it's below market value or above the asking price!

Additional Tips for Real Estate Listing Professionals

Build An Online Presence To Get More Leads

A common question is "How do you get chosen among the sea of other agents?" Well, there are many ways to do so, but the most important thing you should always remember is that to get results, you need to be consistent with your online presence. Your "Brand" needs consistency to rank highly on Google, and when it comes to purchasing something, people will want the product that they can purchase their favorite brand in one place. Also, establish a blog. The majority of people end up forgetting about your business, and this includes those who found you on Google search. For most small businesses, blogging is the best way to maintain an active online presence and build long-term relationships with followers and customers. A successful blog post will always improve your dog's SEO ranking - at least it couldn't hurt, right?

Track Your Online Appearance

The first thing to do is assess the volume of your online presence. The signal-to-noise ratio. This will tell you how difficult it would be for anyone sound or message in your life to reach an audience. If this is easy, even if only a few people are listening, they'll quickly drown out all other messages in your life. On the other hand, if there are no tweets that mention you by name then you have nothing to worry about in terms of being searchable in Google. The keyword here is "online." You can't go wrong with establishing a baseline for your social media presence right now because meaningful conversations happen when both speakers know someone else is listening.

Have Personal Statistics In-Hand

Some of the real estate listing presentation examples include personal statistics that are important for realtors. If you have no idea what to list our suggestions are as follows:

-The number of listings you have right now.

-# Days on market since the last sale.

-# of days on market so far this year.

-% Annual price change vs the average in your city, or state.

-Selling activity

- How many homes were sold in a given month last year?

-How does it compare to the current calendar month?

Real Estate Listing Presentation Statistics

Use This Template

Practice Your Presentation Over and Over

-Practice in front of a mirror, videotaping the entire presentation with your phone

-Go through your slides-read them aloud-get used to hearing yourself speak when you are well prepared

-Spend time preparing your talk before you have to do it for an audience

-Rehearse potential questions that may come up -have people ask you these questions in different ways so that you will be able to navigate various types of responses appropriately

-Prepare captivating opening lines or routines upon starting or coming back from break

Ask Questions To Clients

You can ask questions like "What are your first thoughts on this home?" or "Which rooms will you probably be using the most?"

The best way to get information about a house is by talking to the people who live in it, and that includes the realtor. They're experts on what kinds of features may appeal to prospective buyers, so it's worth taking advantage of their expertise. A few pointed questions about their thoughts on specific features or potential issues with certain neighborhoods could help turn an interview into a lasting relationship.

Realtor During Showing

Identify the Buyer's Motivation

Understanding how a buyer may be motivated to buy is incredibly important. Motivation can influence an individual's willingness to do their leg work when it comes to purchasing a property for instance. It can also affect the ability of the potential seller to negotiate with their client to create an appealing offer in response to competing offers. Some questions to start can be:

-Why are they moving and what is their timeline?

-What drew you to this home when you bought it?

Learn About The Local Community

The local community is very important. There are many factors to consider, but you should always do your due diligence first by getting familiar with the area/neighborhood of the property.

-Do you feel safe walking around at night?

-What safety precautions do you need to take daily?

-How will this neighborhood be impacted by future changes in legislation, technological advances, economic downturns or upturns, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events? These are just some of the questions that help determine if there's a good potential for return on investment.

Real Estate Photography

Dress for Success Always

As a real estate agent, it's important to dress sharp to present yourself professionally. For men, make sure the clothes you wear are neat and presentable. This doesn't mean getting dressed in an expensive suit every day but make sure your clothes are clean, tailored, and well fitted. A sharp blazer will do in most cases.

For women, nobody wants to take their home buying experience seriously if you show up wearing sweats or jeans - or worse - sneakers! There is no hard and fast rule about what type of clothing you should wear but remember that not every day is Casual Friday at work so dress up for each client meeting (just like any other job). Keep the color palette simple. Here are some of the best examples for real estate listing presentations:

- Professional clothing is best, try wearing a dress or skirt with a blouse. Keep your heels minimal, no higher than three inches.

- Don't wear anything too tight around the waist and shoulders. A cropped top can be perfect if you're already close to a professional cut on the bottom half of your body.

-Try going for low heel pumps that are sleek but lightweight in color and texture while still being professional enough for any work setting. If you want some extra fashion aspect to this look, choose one fashionable accessory like an ankle bootie, pencil skirt, or colorful scarf to spice up the outfit without compromising professionalism completely. (If you think that's possible.)

Real Estate Listing Template Summary

Here you see one of the best real estate listing presentations we have that is customizable according to the branding in seconds. You can start creating your own best real estate listing presentation right away!

Real Estate Listing Template


This template includes a lot of important bullet points in almost every real estate document, especially promotional and informal documents should include. Let’s break these into different parts and summarize the real estate listing presentation outline used here separately.

#1 The real estate agent professional resume

One of the most important promotional items of a real estate agency is its team. How well they trained their agents, how experienced the team they have, and how supportive their agents can be. So it’s always very important to start any document with the best representation of the agency, the agent. The real estate agent itself is a thought leader which is working very closely with prospective buyers and influences them. That’s why a professional representation emphasizes their experience, especially in years, expertise in various fields, and bonus traits. Remember that buying, selling, or renting a property requires a lot of money. It is true that with that much money and investment in place people won’t take chances. That’s why every real estate agent should own a set of photo galleries with professional and good-looking outfits, an environment, and a decent look.

#2 Testimonials

While investing, people look for social proof. Social proofs to create trust. The most natural thing for a prospect is to look for your past successes, and they would want to hear it first hand. Most of the time if it’s not an international broker franchise, people find local real estate agents with testimonials in real life.

Real Estate Testimonial


#3 Process

The navigation slide is one of the most important parts of an introductory document. Because a major part of the society generally doesn’t know a lot of things about finances and investment other than taxes. For this reason, people look for trust, and they look for an environment where they can feel safe and feel in control. Make sure to give them a clear route about what’s going to happen in every detail and simple way. People got scared if they can’t understand.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template


#4 Listings

Make sure to include at least 3 listings with different styles if this is the first interaction with the prospect ever. It’s always important to find their interest. If they are not into classical buildings, make sure to include a modern house, just not to lose their attention. In listing slides always make sure to include these three things:

  • Location
  • Prize
  • Condition and Size

#5 Interaction Items

It’s very old school to send prospects plain PDFs without placing actionable items. As humankind, we lost our long attention span and a long memory for new things a long time ago. Make sure to create an actionable slide where people take action and click on things so that they refocus on the content. Also, this rating feature is one of the most used slides among real estate agents. Their job includes understanding buyers and creating a list of properties for their interest.

#6 Property Prices

People hate risk and love opportunities. Always make sure to add infographics that are easy to understand and give signals that investing right now is logical. A simple infographic can show your potential buyers that in the next season prices will go up and that this is the right time to invest and make a profit.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template_3


#7 Open House Schedule

Some prospects can be shy and non-easy to communicate online. They want to see with their eyes, and they want to measure the value of the proposition. Generally, the ones who show up to open houses are the ones that are not easy to communicate with online. They just won’t answer their phones or emails, but they will show up on open houses. For this reason, it’s very important to include an open house schedule in every possible content you have. In this way, you can remind people that they can come and see for themselves.

#8 Private View Appointment

Appointment taking is a very important part of the process. A private view can mean a lot of things. Generally, highly interested buyers book a private viewing, and generally, these are the interactions that real estate agents shine with their persuasive skills. Having a contact form and this kind of technology in your document can build trust with your prospects.

#9 Contact Page

Finally, the last part should be a slide where all of the contact information of the real estate agent or agency is listed. Without that information, people cannot find ways to contact and move forward in the process.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template_4


How To Use Advanced Features of Decktopus for Listing Templates

Advanced features of Decktopus enable users to generally measure interactions and improve their documents according to their viewers. These features can be found in full in Business Plan.

Brand Kit

Like in every professional business real estate industry is another industry where documents should feel professional. Agencies generally start with creating a brand kit including brand colors, brand theme, brand font, and a logo. For these reasons, a lot of agencies need to work with design agencies of even bigger teams to make every content consistent. Decktopus enabled the customization of the brand kit where you can pick the brand color palette, upload brand fonts, pick a brand theme. It also enabled adding logo as a footer and brand name as a footer note.


Forms are one of the most used features in the real estate industry since lead generation is very important. Sometimes only by a referral document, people can leave their contact information to get a detailed offer. This surely is quite valuable when closing a deal. By using the form, real estate agents can place contact forms, private listing appointment forms, rating forms, and many more engagement slides.

Real Estate Presentation Software


The analytics feature of Decktopus shows 3 things:

  • The last time the document has been viewed
  • The total number of views
  • Which pages have been viewed

These three options can give you a lot of insight into your clients such as:

  • Did they receive the document?
  • Did they receive and see the document?
  • Did they see the whole document?


Infographics are a major part of real estate agent jobs. Because a lot of the time things can get very complex, and it can get hard to explain things in numbers. The best is to describe the things with infographics and make them easier to understand. Rather than spending hours on Excel tutorials and editing infographics with the same colors, use Decktopus charts and tables.

Case Study: How does Decktopus create a new business model for real estate agents?

One of the companies that focused on the real estate industry especially during COVID-19 is Decktopus. They saw a big problem with the industry: the need for content. It was not only creating content but there was also a huge problem with creating professional content. Since real estate agencies and brokers have to deal with a large amount of money, they have to create professional-looking and consistent-looking branded documents. Not only for social media but also promotional e-books, frequent market updates, proposals, special offers, quarterly summaries for their business professional customers. However, one of the major issues was to turn these drafts into professional, branded, easily duplicated, and optimizable content. In the real estate industry tools like PowerPoint and Prezi are old school because they cannot measure the interaction and performance of the documents.

Right at this point, Decktopus decided to step in and create a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform for business professionals like real estate agents to create stunning and branded real estate listing presentations. Share them via a link, look for engagement and build a strategy according to it.

"I didn't ask for feedback yet. But if I do, I assume the answer would be a big fat YES," said Kevin about his new documents created in Decktopus

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