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Prepare the Ultimate Real Estate Listing Presentation

Building a list of prospective clients is difficult enough; the listing presentation should be a piece of cake. You need a presentation that is going to land you a new client, up to your prospects for selling a house, and can be easily reusable for the upcoming presentations you have.

December 1, 2022

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What's Inside?

5 Steps for the Ideal Real Estate Deck Any Realtor Should Know

As a realtor, you know how difficult it can get to land a listing appointment and then ensure a conversion with the client. It is like making it to the top of a mountain and then noticing that there is no view. Building a list of prospective clients is difficult enough; the listing presentation should be a piece of cake. You need a presentation that is going to land you a new client, up to your prospects for selling a house, and can be easily reusable for the upcoming presentations you have. 

What comes before? 

Preparing for the Real Estate Listing Appointment

Before you get to the listing presentation, you need to prepare and do your homework. Make sure you are doing these three things in the most comprehensive manner possible: 

  1. Getting to know the property inside out as if it is your own house. Be ready to answer any questions about it and do your market research for comparison. 
  2. Do your research on the seller. Knowing the property is not enough; know who you are selling it for. At this point, it is going to be so critical to know what is valuable and specifically necessary for your sellers. Target them with strategies that they will appreciate. 
  3. Get to know the community dynamics at play. Where is the home located and what does the market look like there? What are the top restaurants, parks, colleges, schools, recreational areas, cades, markets, and stores around you? What does the neighborhood value? This will help you connect more with your prospective buyers. 

What a Solid Real Estate Listing Presentation Template Should Look Like

You landed the appointment, now it is time to crush it!

The first pro-tip before we get started is finding the right real estate listing presentation template for you. Thankfully, Decktopus has just the one to get you started. What does our template include? 

  1. Introduction of the Licensed Real Estate Official and Credentials
  2. Quotes from happy customers
  3. The process: Consultation, House Research, Negotiation, House Inspections, Closure & Sale
  4. Current listings in the season
  5. Properties: location, price, and size
  6. Property Images
  7. Property Ratings 
  8. Property Pricings across seasons
  9. Open house timing and locations
  10. Application for private viewing 
  11. Realtor contact information

Our real estate listing template allows for real estate agents to collect interaction and potential interest from their sale prospects. You can send your listing presentation to prospective clients, or share it with your house owners for easy feedback collection. Our easy graph feature introduces seamless ways to add house listings and price comparisons across seasons, as well as testimonials, associated images, and contact details. You can also watch out for prospect interest through our rating feature and personalize the consulting sessions that will follow. Need to start another listing deck? Don’t start from scratch, easily change the look and feel of the entire deck with one click without having to alter all aspects of the slides individually. Finally, seamlessly share the deck with one sharing link that you can customize according to your custom domain. You can also embed the presentation on your website, email, or download it as a PDF or PPT. 

5 Things to Watch Out For in a Real Estate Listing Presentation

Let’s start simple; your listing presentation should include a lead, a proper setup, and optimized delivery, a smooth question & answer session, and the closing. Dive into what these will look like: 

A lead

This is where you capture audience attention in under a minute, introducing yourself, why you are extremely qualified for the job, and hype up your listings. Think of it as if you are hyping up your LinkedIn profile to someone; make it interesting. Connect with them on a personal level and show them you know what you are doing. It could be your education, your previous user testimonials, your conveying of the story. Make it appear as if you are involved in their homeownership journey and that you want to help them find their next dream house. Clarify your intentions and walk them through what this presentation will look like such as “I am beyond excited to lead this next chapter of your life with you. I will be walking you through the amazing offerings I have in my portfolio, and then take any questions you may have in the end. Does that sound good?” Make sure to keep your prospects engaged the entire time!

A proper setup

You have clarified your intentions, now it is time to set up for the listing presentation. Show you’ve done your research about the property, you have a good understanding of the community, and you are clear on what the market looks like. In light of the current real estate climate, you can show how you are the right person for the job in selling or relating to the estate. Is the current market significantly cheaper than last year; state it and show how you are providing a solution? Do not lose audience attention here; keep them interested in what’s next. 

Optimized Delivery 

Anticipate any questions and elaborate on what the plan is. What are the new properties, the competitors, the availability, the right time, and more? Reassure the homeowner that they are being represented well, utilize assets such as video work, and then work to expand your reach. Video platforms such as Zoom offer live broadcast options on Facebook and Youtube. You can also go live on Instagram to increase your prospect reach. Video is a great solution and tends to raise interest surrounding the house. You should also refer to the public speaking tips on the Decktopus suggestions. Make use of eye-catching images and gifs and make sure you are keeping text on-page to a minimum. Decktopus offers limits on texts per slide which is a helpful tool!

Smooth Question & Answer Session

This is your time to shine. Solicit feedback and open it up for questions that will help you show your market knowledge, your property expertise, and your recommendations. This is where you can ensure there are no missing pieces in your prospect’s head and gauge their interest. Ask them what you can do to make things clear in their head. Collaborate with them on the process and make them feel like you guys are walking in this journey together. It is important to be wary of their reactions and tier your presentation accordingly. 

The closing

Here is the most important part to tackle and your ideal shot at a sale. Your prospect will make a decision and they may go with a yes or a no. Close it by saying that you would be honored to assist them in the process and to see if they would be interested in getting started on paperwork now. Getting them to a yes is going to take some effort, but the tone should not be begging. Moreso, show how you know what you are doing and that you can help them come to a good decision. They have a need, and you can help them get there. Be proactive and supportive, but show that you are the most qualified person for the job. 

After the presentation, you should also prioritize proper follow-up. Decktopus survey options allow for you to collect contact information that you can use in your later outreach. The insights will be provided to you on your analytics page! The later outreach is also a great way to say thank you and to ask if there is anything else you can help with!

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