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May 24, 2024

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The 12 Most Interesting and Fun 5- Minute Ice Breaker Games

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Is it the first day of school? Or has your work team just formed? Maybe you just want to energize your group members. Here we curated a list of activities and icebreaker games!

What's Inside?

Think of a new group of people ready to work together. Everyone introduces themselves talks about their life superficially, and… there is an awkward silence. Your team or group cannot get used to each other by just sharing their facts.

For a team-building session, ice-breaker games are a must! You don’t want people to get bored and waste time on an ineffective meeting. Rather, people should laugh, talk, and create something together for a more relaxed environment. You can break the awkward silence by playing a 5-minute game, whether it is a virtual or a real meeting.

5 minute ice breakers can be your savior to energize your group!

5-minute icebreakers are indispensable tools for teams to have effective communication. They can initiate successful collaboration and leave participants with happy memories. So, the next time you gather with a group, remember to use these icebreakers. They are the keys to building meaningful connections and setting the tone for the group.

What Does Statistics Say About 5 Minute Energisers?

Be a boss who plans fun activities, like 5 minute energisers! Statistics show that employees become more productive and motivated when their relationships with their colleagues improve.

In fact, %70 of employees stated that friends at work are the most crucial element to a happy working life. In other words, sparing a few minutes from the workday and improving relationships have greater outcomes than expected.  

Who Should Play 5-Minute Ice Breaker Games?

5 minute ice breakers should be played by any group that comes together for the first time. The atmosphere will be better, and a sense of camaraderie will develop between members after a game. A group of students or colleagues can play these games on their first day.

Similarly, in virtual meetings, these games can create a more pleasant atmosphere and boost team morale, rather than awkward staring at the screen. Whether it is a small group or a large group, we recommend trying a few games before starting to work or study.

Why 5-Minute Games For Work, Meetings, or Class?

Of course, there are many types of games. Some games can even take a whole day, such as scavenger hunts and field days. However, in a work or school setting, everyone's time is precious. Or, as they say, “time is money”. So, playing a simple game is better. 5 minute games are easy to learn and quickly make people feel at ease. After, the group will be ready to work together in a more comfortable setting. 

What Are The Types of 5 Minute Challenges or Ice Breakers?

This table provides an overview of the types of icebreakers and their description.

The Best 5 Min Ice Breakers Games: The Complete List

1) Would You Rather Be Questions

2) Two Truths and a Lie

3) Commonalities and Differences

4) My Name and A Thing 

5) Paper Tower Building

6) The Great Debate/ Soup, Salad or Sandwich

7) Random Questions/ Quiz

8) Never Have I Ever

9) What Changed?

10) Be My Angel

11) Who Am I?

12) Draw Logos From Memory

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The 12 Most Interesting and Fun 5-Minute Team-Building Activities

Would You Rather Be Questions:

This icebreaker is one of the best ones. Before starting, you have to come up with about 10 or more “would you rather be” questions. These questions will include two options, and everyone can choose which option is better. Afterward, you can turn it into a debate between the two groups. You can choose a theme for your questions, too, like fashion, TV shows, and so on.

For example, our question is, “Would you rather be able to talk to all animals or be able to talk all languages. Based on the answers, divide people into two groups and make them choose the ultimate answer among themselves. In the last vote, the group with the most members wins!

You can generate many “would you rather be” questions.

Our favorite picks: 

  • Would you rather have a runny nose for the rest of your life or sneeze three times every hour for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?
  • Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
  • Would you rather explore space or the ocean?
  • Would you rather live in a treehouse or in a cave?
  • Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

You can also open this YouTube video and pause to answer:

Two Truths and a Lie

In this game, each member has to come up with some facts about themselves and a lie. In turn, each member shares their three statements. Afterward, the group tries to find which one is the lie. The goal is to pass with the lie. For this game, you can choose a theme too.

The theme can be related to the group or can be something more general. For instance, personal interests, fun facts, family, or random talent can be fun theme ideas. 

An example of two truths and a lie: 

1. I know how to play chess.

2. I am a writer.

3. I speak three languages fluently.

Which one is a lie?

Commonalities and Differences

In this game, you can form groups with 3-5 members. After, give them a piece of paper and a pen. Then, ask two questions at the same time. These are: “What do each of the group members have in common?” and “In what way each group member is different ? ”. Each group will have 3 minutes to write answers for both of the questions. The group that comes up with the most answers wins!

Some answers can be "We all are humans." or "We all have a nose.", but these answers are accepted too. As long as it is not a lie, all answers are accepted! There is no limitation. The important part of the game is to write as many answers as possible.

My Name and A Thing 

For this game, you have to sit in a circle and be able to see everyone. The game starts with a random member. This member tells their name and then the name of a thing. The second player, the one who sits on the right of the first player, states what the first player said and does the same thing.

The third player tells both the first and second players names and things and says their own. In other words, it is a cumulative game, and everyone should be able to name other players and their thing. The player who cannot say are eliminated but can be redeemed when they remember all the names and things mentioned in the correct order.

This game is great for learning everyone's name! Also, it is fun and unforgettable!  

An example to understand the flow of the game better:

  • The first player: My name is A, and apple
  • The second player: A and apple, My name is B and hat

Paper Tower Building

This game is more like a group activity. To play, divide members or students into groups of 2-3 members. Each group will receive 10 sheets of paper. Then, groups compete to create the highest-standing tower. There is a 3-minute limit, which can be more or less, depending on the performance of the groups. Don’t forget, only the standing towers can win! If a tower is collapsed, then it is automatically eliminated! 

An example:

The Great Debate/ Soup, Salad or Sandwich

Before starting the game, ask each member to write a food on paper. After, put these papers into a bowl. In each turn, choose a random food. Then ask: is it a soup, salad or sandwich? Try to classify foods as one of these three. There will be some difficulties in classifying foods such as spaghetti, omelet, beef, cereal, pancakes, and smoothie. You can turn it into a debate, too!

Random Questions/ Quiz

For this 5 min ice breaker, as the name suggests, the game revolves around asking random questions. Thus, members can get to know each other better. Some can find similarities with each other! 

Some of our examples for Trivia: 

1. Are you always cold, or are you always hot? 

2. If you can have an unlimited supply of something, what would you want? (Obviously, money is not one of the acceptable answers.)

3. What is your go-to comfort food? 

4. Do you buy or make your Halloween costume? What was your favorite one? 

5. If you can have any job- what would you want to be? (Money is not an issue.) 

6. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Opinions on mint chocolate ice cream?

7. If you have 20,000 dollars but have an hour to spend, how would you spend it? 

Never Have I Ever

This was a TikTok trend for a long time, but it can also be a good icebreaker for your students and work groups. Everyone stands by opening their ten fingers. Someone tells an action, and if there is someone who has done it, he/she puts a finger down. You can take turns in the group to tell the action. There can be many themes for playing this game. It can be work or school-related. You can ask as many questions a you can in 5 minute, or create a question limit like 15.

Some of the exemplary actions/statements:

  • I have missed some due dates before.
  • I have never been late to school/ work.
  • I have taken a leave two days in a row.  

What Changed?

This game is based on observation. To play, you have to choose a member. Then, others should close their eyes or leave the room. The chosen member changes only 1 thing in the room or in themselves. When members come back, they have to find out what has changed in the room. The first one to guess wins! You can also start this game when everyone is on their break! This will make the game more fun. 

What can be changed:

  • The location of a decoration
  • Tilt a painting
  • Tie their hair if it wasn't
  • Hiding an object

Be My Angel- 5 Min Ice Breaker

This game is not exactly 5 minutes long. The preparation is quick, actually less than 5 minutes, but the game goes on as long as you want and decide. To prepare, match each member of the group with another member. One member will be the other member's angel. All members should receive an angel of their own.

Afterward, everyone continues their daily life. However, during the day or week, the game continues. Angels aim to do good deeds for their matches but not make it obvious. At the end of the game, each member is asked about their angels. If a member guessed their angel correctly, then the angel won! 

Angels can help their coworkers in the forms of:

  • Giving compliments
  • Helping them with their tasks
  • Offering them snacks
  • Opening the door for them
  • Giving them drinks while getting for themselves

Who Am I?

Who Am I?” Game: A Fun Outlet for Kids with ADHD and LD

This icebreaker is sure to make everyone interested! Before playing, everyone writes 1 thing about themselves that others do not know. This can be a small secret or a not well-known fact about themselves.

Then, throw all the papers into a bowl and choose one of them at random. Read it aloud and match the secrets with people. The game can be played in groups or individually. Also, everyone can write more secrets too, if you want the game to be longer. 

Here are some examples:

  • I have 3 cats.
  • I have a podcast.
  • I have 7 siblings.

Draw Logos From Memory

This game can be best used when there is a small group or when in a remote meeting. Before playing, create a pool of global and famous brands. Then, in turn, assign everyone a brand to draw its logos! This is a great game to show your drawing skills and memory. You can rate the drawings or just give points to the correct ones. You have to make sure that the colors and the fonts are similar to the original brand logo before deciding whether it is correct or not. You can give bonus points for more creative drawings! This activity is great for a group to get to know each other and decrease anxiety.

Some brands you can add to your pool are:

  • Dominos
  • Coca-Cola
  • Mercedes
  • Olympics
  • Visa
  • Cartoon Network
  • Converse
  • Disney

Frequently Asked Questions

12 Great Icebreaker Games Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

What are 5-minute icebreakers, and why are they important?

5-minute icebreakers are quick, entertaining games that break the ice and promote conversation in social situations. They are crucial because they reduce anxiety, increase involvement, and foster a calming environment. Icebreakers are particularly beneficial for a sense of teamwork and motivating members.

When should I use a 5-minute icebreaker?

A 5-minute icebreaker can be used at the start of meetings, training sessions, or at the beginning of the new semester. 5-minute activities can be used to establish a good tone, encourage participation, improve relationships between members, and create a comfortable learning atmosphere.

What are the benefits of using 5-minute icebreakers?

Making connections between participants, decreasing the anxiety of members, increasing engagement, promoting inclusivity, setting a positive mood for the event, encouraging team building, and boosting team morale are just a few of the advantages of using 5-minute icebreakers. In addition, these advantages can be achieved quickly.

How do I choose the right 5-minute icebreaker for my group?

To choose the right 5-minute icebreaker for your group, start by understanding your group's characteristics and the purpose of your gathering. Consider the group size, time constraints, physical setting, and your goals for this activity.


In conclusion, 5-minute icebreakers are the keys to unlocking the full potential of any group, whether it's in the classroom, the workplace, or even in virtual meetings. They make it easier for group members to become more familiar with each other and transform awkward silence into laughter.

5 minute energizer games are powerful tools for building relationships, boosting productivity, and enhancing motivation. In a world where time is one of the most valuable assets, these quick and efficient activities become more useful.

There are many types of 5-minute icebreakers for every occasion.

  • For playful debates, you may choose a game like "Would You Rather Be" or "The Great Debate."
  • For a group activity that strengthens relationships between members, you can choose "Commons and Differentialities" or "Tower Building."
  • For a more brainy activity that relies on memory and observation, you can choose "My Name and A Thing" or "What Changed?."
  • To make your group more familiar with each other, you can choose activities like "Two Truths and a Lie," "Who Am I?" or "Random Questions/ Quiz," and "Never Have I Ever."
  • Lastly, to spread kindness and goodness between members, you can choose a game like "Be My Angel."

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