Virtual events for boosting content strategy

May 2, 2023

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How Virtual Events Boost Content Strategy?

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At the time the internet makes the world go round, it’s important for brands to stay relevant online. This means that to have a good online presence, there needs to be a regular posting of different content. Brands are expected to maintain their feeds with creative content that is posted consistently.

What's Inside?

This helps the consumers trust the brand more, knowing that the brand is doing well. A bigger following attracts new clients and helps you have a wider reach.

Sometimes, it might be mentally and physically taxing for your marketing team to continuously push through with a new board every week, which is why it’s time to think of your virtual events, and how they can help you with your content strategy.

But before we go any further, let’s get back to the basics first:

What is a Content Strategy?

Content strategy pertains to the planning, creation, execution, and monitoring of content that would be posted for an entity’s social media page. Content strategists would research how to make each content useful for the brand’s following, and how it will bring more following to the page.

Virtual events are there to increase your engagements with your clients and it’s usually easier to plan out a content calendar when there is a virtual event coming up, but it might be hard to plan out deliverables for regular days.

What is a content strategy?

And a brand obviously can’t just keep pushing events in such short periods of time, it will be expensive and time-consuming. Lucky for you, if you have a great track record of pulling off successful campaigns, your virtual events can eventually help you boost your content strategy. We’re not just talking about post-event postings, but also events that you guys did after a few months or even a year!

Here are a few things how you can reminisce on your old events and at the same time help your content strategy.

You remind them that they are part of the community

Online brands or organizations are not just names, in fact, they are communities. Depending on your virtual event strategy, it’s most likely that the event you held had loads of interactive segments such as trivia games, forums, and more. For sure, you have photos with your participants who are also your clients. By posting them on your social media accounts, they see themselves and feel connected to the brand. This builds emotional rapport. They’re definitely going to react to a post where they see themselves.

Online community events

Moreover, people who are not yet subscribed to your platform would also be convinced to follow your social media and become avid followers, they too would want to be part of the fun community they see online. It does not only maintain your number of followers but also has the ability to increase it as well.

Creative teams can have a break from conceptualizing

Content creation is definitely not easy. You have to keep creating a posting that your audience will love and interact with. With every content having to be a great idea, companies should really not exhaust their creatives too much as it might affect the quality of their work.  This is why the snippets of your past event can be repurposed and posted again.

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Repurposing these snippets doesn’t mean that you guys are being lazy with your content bucket, it gives your followers an impression that you treasure the projects that you did before. You get this sentimentally and at the same time lessen the workload of your content creators. While your social media managers are posting boards about your past seminar on arts, for example, your creatives team can have enough time to think of new concepts for the calendar.

Team creativity during online events

This idea will surely not fail to get you your engagements anyway, since the audience are receiving content about them, engagement will surely come to your posts.

You subtly get their feedback on the brand and future events

Posting about your past projects can also help in getting your following’s feedback on your event. It’s easy for social media users to retweet and pour their hearts out to tell the world what they loved about your event! They can also be very detailed about what they least liked, and be very open about what they want next and what they want for the future! In the digital age, people can be very serious about their posts.

You don't even have to give them a formal feedback form, you get to hear their thoughts instantly from their postings, and you get an idea on what to do next, and what to improve on.

Online events

If your social media wants to be more direct with it, they can post the snippet with a direct question, “What did you think about our concert last month?” or “Who do you want to see next on our forum?” to get more specific feedback. Consumers will be candid in social media, of course, they are posting on their own walls, they will be confident in their opinion and believe that they will be listened to by your team.

You attract more partners

When you post content about your virtual projects, it’s not only your following who can see how fun and great your team can be, other brands can see it too.

This is also a great way to attract potential partners for collaboration and sponsorship. Think of the postings as your virtual portfolio of successful projects. When other brands see how capable and engaging your team can be, there is no doubt that they would like to partner with you, given that you were able to pull off a successful event independently, what else can your team produce if you had more help. Your future partners would see your team as a great way to enhance their image, and boost their own following.

Attract partners with online events

You didn’t only post a surefire engaging posting, but you also posted an ad for your team!

It’s undeniable that the internet has influenced the world greatly, even the users have flocked to the digital spaces, and now that the market is over there, brands, organizations, and companies must follow, and abide by the wants and needs of its following to stay relevant.

This might be a challenge for brands, to keep up with the fast-changing world of netizens, but at the end of the day, we all just have to look for smart and great strategies to survive and thrive.

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