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How Students and Bloggers Can Rephrase an Article Easily | 5 Suggested Tools

The manual process of rephrasing the text is not only time-consuming, but it requires a good command of writing skills. That is why people look for simple alternatives to the manual rephrasing procedure. And if you are one of those, this guide is for you.‍

February 15, 2023

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rephasing tools for bloggers and students

What's Inside?

Here, we will discuss the easiest approach to rephrasing an article or any form of text. But besides discussing the step-by-step process of the easiest rephrasing technique, we’ll suggest the five best rephrasing tools. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

The Easiest Way to Rephrase an Article:

Undoubtedly, the manual way of rephrasing the text offers more control. But as mentioned earlier, it is time-consuming. Therefore, if you want the easiest way to paraphrase any text, we recommend trying an AI rephraser, which is an optimized way of rephrasing the text.

Like other fields of life, technology has also automated and optimized the way of paraphrasing text. Nowadays, modern technology-based paraphrasing tools are advanced enough to produce human-like paraphrasing with one click. That’s because they work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its following sub-branches:

Thus, no matter what type of text you input into a cutting-edge rephrasing tool, such a tool will always produce a rephrased version of the input without modifying its theme.

Steps to Rephrase the Text Through an AI Rephraser (Paraphraser):

Undoubtedly, the best paraphrasing tools optimize the way of rephrasing the text. But they will only provide perfect results if you know how to operate them correctly. Therefore, let’s discuss the steps to rephrase the text with the help of a professional paraphrasing tool.

  1. Open any browser and search for ‘rephrasing tool.
  2. Since the internet has several paraphrasing tools, the search engine will provide a plethora of options. So, you can pick any of them. But for this example, we’ve selected the first option from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  1. Once the browser has loaded the web page of your chosen tool, the next task is to input the text into that tool through any of the available text-entering options.

Generally, most rephrasing tools have the following text-entering options:

  • Uploading the document file from local device storage.
  • Typing the new text.
  • Pasting the copied text.
  1. Since most modern rephrasing tools have multiple AI modes, the next step is to pick an AI mode because your choice of AI rephrasing mode will determine the quality of output.
  2. Then, if you have picked a free tool, your tool will ask you to complete the captcha verification. However, if that’s not the case, you can skip this step.
  3. Once you have completed all the requirements, hit the ‘Paraphrase Now’ button to let the tool process your text through its rephrasing algorithms.
  1. Within a few seconds, the rephrasing tool will present the rephrased version of the input. So, depending on your selected paraphrasing tool, you can copy the output to the clipboard or download it in a separate file.

5 Suggested Rephrasing Tools:

As mentioned earlier, the internet has a sea of rephrasing tools, which can confuse beginners. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the five most effective paraphrasing tools. This way, it will be easier for you to select a rephrasing tool. So, let’s see our recommendations for the top 5 rephrasing websites to rephrase sentences and long forms of content.


This rephrasing website is a scholarly paraphrasing tool, which means it is ideal for handling academic content. It takes assistance from advanced AI and NLP technologies to paraphrase the entered text. So, it rephrases the sentences and replaces the keywords with appropriate synonyms by detecting the text context.’s rephrasing tool is a freemium tool. Therefore, if you are a visitor, you can only rephrase 500 words for free and try the following AI rephrasing modes.

  • Fluency.
  • Standard.

However, if you want to extend the word count limit to 1500 and try its ‘Creative’ AI rephrasing mode, you will have to become its premium member.

Featured Benefits:

  • The rephrasing engine of this tool provides decent results. So, let’s look at the output of this tool to see how this tool rephrases the text.
  • You can save the output of this tool in a Microsoft Word file or export it to a clipboard.
  • It is a multilingual rephrasing tool, as it can work in 20 languages.
  • The interface of this rephrasing web application looks attractive and makes it easier for people to try its features.
  • At the time of documenting this review, the official website offers 10% off on the premium plan of this tool.
  • The android and iOS applications of this tool are also available. So, you can download its smartphone application from the respective app stores and enjoy the same features.
  • Trying this tool is entirely safe, as it doesn’t share the uploaded data with other third-party services.

  1. is another multilingual and freemium tool that provides human-level paraphrasing. It takes assistance from NLP and AI technologies to produce a paraphrased version of input without modifying its theme.

Due to being a freemium paraphrasing tool, you can only try the ‘Fluency’ and ‘Standard’ modes and paraphrase 400 words for free. So, to increase its word count limit to 1500 and try the advanced AI paraphrasing modes (‘Creative’ and ‘Smarter’), you will have to become its premium member.


  • As mentioned earlier, this tool doesn’t change input context while paraphrasing it. So, it provides state-of-the-art paraphrasing results. But let’s see the quality of this tool’s output from the following example:
  • You can export the output of this tool to the clipboard or download it in a Microsoft Word file.
  • This paraphraser is available as a paraphrasing API or WordPress plugin. So, you can integrate this tool into your platform and enjoy its services there.
  • Like the first rephrasing tool, you can also download its android and iOS applications on your smartphone to try the same features on the fly.
  • Since it provides more AI paraphrasing modes, you can try this tool for paraphrasing academic and non-academic content.

  1. Paraphrasing Tool by

The paraphrasing tool of is a multilingual free rephrasing tool that can only paraphrase 1000 words. It works on the following modes to spin the entered content:

  • Formal.
  • Improver.
  • Smart.
  • Smooth.

Featured Benefits:

  • This tool has no hidden costs, as it is an entirely free paraphrasing tool. So, all four content-spinning modes in this tool are available for free.
  • Besides this rephrasing tool, provides a plethora of handy tools for free.
  • Like the first and second tools, you can export the output in a Microsoft Word file or copy it to the clipboard.
  • Similarly, the language support in this tool is as extensive as the first and second tools.
  • This tool is one of the few rephrasing tools that are ideal for working at night, courtesy of its dark mode. So, you can turn on its dark mode to prevent eye strain while working at night.

  1. works on AI and its sub-branches (GPT-3 and NLP) to rephrase the text. It starts the rephrasing procedure by first understanding the entered text’s meaning. And when it comes to producing output, it relies on the GPT-3 machine learning model to create a paraphrased version of the text as humans.

This paraphrase online takes assistance from the following modes to produce a paraphrased version of the input:

  • Word Changer.
  • Sentence Rephraser.
  • Paraphrase Text.
  • Text Improver.


  • As mentioned earlier, this tool works on advanced AI sub-branches. So, let’s see the quality of this tool’s output through the following example:
  • You can save the output of this tool by copying the text to the clipboard or downloading it in a Microsoft Word file.
  • This tool is entirely free, as it has no paid plans (for now).
  • Despite being a free tool, it allows you to paraphrase lengthy forms of content because it can paraphrase 2500 words at once.
  • The language support in this tool is not as extensive as the other three tools. But it still supports rephrasing in multiple languages.

  1. Paraphrasing Tool by

The paraphrasing tool of is another handy content-rewording tool. So, this tool works on advanced AI algorithms and sub-branches. Still, this tool provides satisfactory output.

Like the third tool, the goal of this tool is to work on content uniqueness without modifying the context of the input. So, the output of this tool may not be as powerful as the first and second tools, but it does the job.

Featured Benefits:

  • This tool supports more languages than the other four rephrasing tools.
  • If you have stored the document file in Dropbox, you won’t have to download that file and import it into this tool. That’s because this tool can directly access the file from your cloud storage.
  • Besides copying the output to the clipboard and saving it in a document file, you can also download the result file. So, it is the only tool that allows you to download the results in a text file.
  • To determine whether the generated output is unique or not, you can click on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button.


Rephrasing is a type of rewording where a writer restates an existing idea to clarify it. However, the writer keeps the original theme of the concept intact during rephrasing.

There are several ways to rephrase an existing idea. For instance, if you are rewording a paragraph, you can start the paragraph from a different initial point during rephrasing. Similarly, you can change the voice of sentences during rephrasing.

However, all the rephrasing techniques have one mandatory requirement—above-average or excellent writing skills. So, can you only paraphrase or rephrase something with better writing skills? Not really.

If your writing skills are below average or you want to rephrase something quickly, you can take assistance from rephrasing websites to paraphrase online. So, read the above guide to determine the best tools for paraphrasing the text and the step-by-step approach to getting the best output from those tools.

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