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Why today’s most productive teams need a cloud search engine like Saasuma

When you think about the modern team, what technology comes to mind? Digital communication tools, content creation and cloud storage platforms, CRM...the list goes on.

December 7, 2022

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Why do you need a cloud search engine like Saasuma? prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

Where are we as a digital work culture?

When you think about the modern team, especially a remote team, what technology comes to mind? Digital communication tools, content creation and cloud storage platforms, CRM, the Google Suite...the list goes on. The bottom line is, to be an effective team in today’s work environment, you have to use a lot of software applications.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a freelancer, or a coworker, if you spend most of your day at a computer, you probably have the following priorities:

  • A smooth flow of communication across your team
  • An organized system for storing and accessing documents and content
  • The need to switch efficiently between different tasks and applications

While most teams would agree that an efficient workflow is essential for success, the sheer complexity of our digital environment often leads to inefficiencies that we accept as part of normal life.

Fortunately, the rapid adoption of cloud services has led tech entrepreneurs to offer solutions to our cluttered clouds. That’s where a cloud management platform like Saasuma comes in, allowing us to search and access our cloud files with incredible simplicity.

Why teams swoon over cloud search

If you explore Saasuma’s cloud search tool, the service is essentially a search engine like Google, but for your own documents and data. With a cloud search engine, you don’t have to be an organizational wizard or maintain a perfect memory of where you saved everything. You can use one handy search bar to pull up files from all over your cloud based on a keyword search.

Cloud search users say they save about an hour every day. How?

Saasuma, the cloud search engine

Syncing your cloud accounts lets you search across several applications at once.

You can sync multiple accounts and search across your digital infrastructure for any synced file. Can’t remember what you named it or where you saved it? Just do a quick keyword search. Saasuma’s integrations include email, cloud storage, note-taking and content creation apps, team communication apps like Slack and Asana, the Google suite, and more than 50 common SaaS providers. In the case of Saasuma, if you can sync it, you can search it from one search bar.

Finding documents in seconds instead of minutes.

During busy days or when you’re in a rush to share a document with your team, you don’t have time to open multiple folders and search for that one file. With a cloud search engine, you don’t need to remember where you saved it OR go hunting through folders. These minutes are crucial when you’re collaborating with a team on a deadline.

Making quick edits without opening the software.

When teams have small edits to make to multiple documents, that often means opening up and logging into several software programs. With all your software integrations synced into one cloud service, you can make edits from one dashboard without evening opening the native app. Imagine the time-saving potential!

Cloud storage switching.

Managing documents can be a chore. Maybe you stored hundreds or thousands of files in one cloud storage platform and now you want to share them with a team that uses another storage platform. Instead of copying and pasting files and folders, you can migrate all your documents to their new destination at once, maintaining the folder organization you have in place.

We don’t have to get lost in the chaos.

Tech companies are offering solutions to some of the most prevalent remote work challenges. Features may differ between different cloud management services, but we recommend working with a service that gives you a full suite of tools for managing your cloud, from a cloud search engine to a central dashboard where you can actually view, edit, and share your files without opening multiple applications.

Don’t get lost. Get a cloud search engine!

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