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November 30, 2023

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10 Best Free AI Writer Tools: The Future of Writing is Here

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Are you looking for the best AI writer tools in the market? In this guide, you will find best generators that will make your writing easier and faster.

What's Inside?

There are many Artificial Intelligence writer tools available with rapid advancements in this area. It is hard to decide which one is the best for you. Whether you are a content creator, teacher, student, or business owner, we've got you covered! In this guide, you can find which writer AI is best for you!

Let's dive in!

TOP 10 Recommended AI Writers in 2023

Writer AI Tools Use Cases
Writer AI For What
Decktopus For generating FREE AI-powered slides
Sudowrite For creative writing
Article Forge For generating articles
Simplified All-in-one app
AI Writer For sourcing/referencing
Writerly For marketers
CopyAI FREE option
Writesonic For short-form content
Hypotenuse AI For small businesses
Grammarly GO For daily life


Decktopus is an AI-powered software that helps you compose personally created and purpose-driven slides with ease.

decktopus ai

Key Features:

It is easy to create slides with Decktopus. By simply answering five basic questions, Decktopus will generate a slide! Everything you need will be ready to present in a matter of minutes!

free ai

Decktopus offers over 100 templates for different purposes!

Decktopus can help with your presentation skills by generating slide notes! You will be ready to present in minutes with these tips!

Decktopus is also able to create notes on the Q&A session, for you to lead the discussion and be prepared for the questions!

Decktopus provides Rehearsal Mode to practice before your big day. Measuring the time for the presentation and changes after your rehearsal is possible.

Decktopus AI

There are paid subscriptions available. You can cancel your subscription plans anytime you want, no questions asked.

  • Pro AI: You can extract the Decktopus logo from your exports, create folders, and use analytics. It is $14.99/month or $9.99/month/paid annually.
  • Business AI: Offers all Pro AI features in addition to custom domain connection, track form responses, brand colors & fonts, footer notes & logos, webhook, and creating your team. It is 48$/month or $36/month/paid annually.

For more information, you can follow the link here.


Sudowrite is a creativity-boosting writing tool aimed at helping writers by providing inspiration. With Sudowrite, you can write short stories, assignments, screenplays, novels, and so on!

sudo write

Key Features:

  • Describe: Sudowrite can describe the atmosphere of a text with five senses.
  • Write: Based on your storyline and tone; the tool creates 300-word paragraphs.
  • Expand: This feature allows you to slow the pace and build on the story.
  • Rewrite: After selecting a part, the tool rewrites it. 
  • Feedback: This feature gives three advices for improvement. 
  • Story Engine: This feature creates an outlines for your idea, organization of the chapters, and then writes 1,000 words in your style.


  • Sudowrite offers a FREE trial period without entering credit card information.
  • Hobby & Student: 30,000 AI words for $10.
  • Professional: 90,000 AI words for $25.
  • Max: 300,000 AI words for $100.

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI-powered tool to generate articles. Article Forge creates a first draft outlines for you to make adjustments later. After entering your keyword, article length, and instructions, let it do its magic, and your article will be ready in 60 seconds!

seo strategy

Key Features: 

  • Article Forge is able to write SEO-optimized, high-quality content about any topic.
  • Article Forge is able to add titles, images, videos, and links relevant to your input and output. 


  • Article Forge offers a FREE trial period of 5 days! Afterwards, you can choose a subscription:
  • For 25K words, the price starts at $27. 
  • For 500K words, the price is $247, and you are able to add two more members to your plan.

Yearly paid plans have a discount of %51.


Simplified is an all-in-one AI writing and content creation app. It can help you create short-form and long-form content.

ai writer

Key Features:

  • Simplified offers 100+ templates with 10+ tones.
  • Simplified can write SEO-friendly content. 
  • Grammarly integration, plagiarism checker, WordPress exportation, and rewriting tools are available.


  • Simplified has a FREE PLAN available.
  • The free plan includes a blog wizard, Chatbot, 90+ AI templates, and integration with Shopify!
  • The premium plan has two options:
  • For 35,000 words, starting at $18/month.
  • For 3,000,000 words, starting at $699/month.

For more information, you can visit the website.

AI Writer

AI Writer is an easy-to-use AI copywriting tool. It is an excellent tool for everyone to begin writing and publishing.

ai writer free

Key Features:

  • AI Writer guarantees content uniqueness and originality.
  • All the content has SEO automation and a rewording function
  • AI Writer provides citations and references for your work.
blog post


  • AI Writer only offers a FREE TRIAL for all of the plans.
  • AI Writer has three different subscription plans:
  • Basic Plan: For 40 articles. It is $29/month.
  • Standard Plan: For 120 articles and 3 members. It is $49/month.
  • Power Plan: For 1000 articles and 10 members. It is $375/month.


Writerly is an AI productivity software that focuses on marketing. Designed for businesses, with your team, you can share, edit, and collaborate on the content together. 


Key Features:

  • Writerly has a Chrome extension that allows you to brainstorm while browsing.
  • Writerly allows you to create quick Gmails or even work on your Google Docs documents!
  • Writerly has department-specific templates, such as e-commerce, marketing, advertising, sales, recruiting, and so on!
  • Writerly can be trained to meet your brand persona in terms of writing tone and voice.
  • Writerly has a spell and grammar checker. It is also able to create SEO-optimized content.
grammar check


  • Writerly has a FREE PLAN. Writerly offers two different types of plans.
  • Free Plan: 10k words are allowed monthly.
  • Creator AI Chat: Unlimited words and usage provided. Some suite features are not available. It is $4/month.
  • Creator AI Studio: All suite features are available. It is $14/month.
  • Team AI Studio: This plan supports up to 3 team members. Team sharing and collaboration are provided. It is $34/month.
  • Nimbus: Supports up to 5 team members, $69/month.
  • Stratos: Supports up to 10 team members, $219/month. is an AI writing tool that can be used by freelance writers, marketers, and copywriters to create various forms of content, including sales landing pages, Pinterest descriptions, TikTok scripts, slogans generators, blog sections, and so on! After choosing your title, keywords, tone, and goal, it will create the best content for your needs!

ai writer free

Key Features: 

  • has 90+ tools and templates with an easy-to-use interface.
  • By adding a brand voice to CopyAI, you can create SEO-optimized content that is more compatible with your brand voice.
copy ai


  • offers a FREE PLAN with no credit card information required.
  • Free: Up to 2000 words per month.
  • Pro: Allows 5 team members. It costs $49/month or $36 per month/annually. 
  • Team: Allows 20 team members. It costs $249/month or $186 per month/annually.
  • Growth: Allows 75 team members. It costs $1,333/month or $1,000 per month/annually.
  • Scale: Allows 200 team members. It costs $4,000/month or $3,000 per month/annually.


Writesonic is an AI authoring tool that can generate content for your preferences and needs. For writers and freelancers, this tool can create website copy, blog posts, advertisements, social media posts, and more! Writesonic also provides pre-written content.

writesonic ai

content writer

Key Features:

  • Writesonic can generate SEO-optimized articles.
  • It offers tools such as a paraphrasing tool, expander, text summarizer, rephraser, story generator, grammar checker, image generator, landing page generator, and other 100+ templates.
  • Writesonic has browser extensions- both for Chrome and Opera.
  • Writesonic can integrate with third-party services, like Semrush or Surfer.
seo optimized


  • Writesonic offers a FREE PLAN! All the plans provided are listed below:
  • Free: Offers 10000 words monthly.
  • Freelancer: Unlimited words, costing $20/ month or $16/ month/paid annually.
  • Small Team: In this plan, several options are possible. 
  • The most basic plan offers 100000 words with 1 user, costing $19/month or $13/month/paid annually.
  • The most advanced plan offers 4000000 words for 5 users, costing $499/month or $333/month/paid annually.
  • Enterprise: Starts with $500+/month. Reach contact sales. 

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is an AI writing assistant tool specialized in e-commerce and marketing. By creating SEO-friendly content, Hypotenuse will make your products more visible on the Google search!

hypotenuse ai

Key Features:

  • Batch generation: You can create different product descriptions at once. CVS or Shopify can be imported!
  • The tool includes some features: a summarizer, grammar checker, rewrite, paraphrasing tool, fact-checking, image generator, and reference-giving options.
  • It can create many types of content, including announcements, Google ads, Instagram captions, and product descriptions.
writing tools


  • Hypotenuse AI has a FREE trial period of 7 days that can be accessed without entering credit card information.
  • Hypotenuse AI offers two different plans based on your needs:
  • Individual Plan: This plan has two options.
  • 25.000 words and 5 uploads, the price is $15/month or $12/month/annually.
  • 50.000 words and 10 uploads, the price is $39/month or $32/month/annually.
  • Teams Plan: This plan has two options.
  • 120.000 words, 30 uploads and 5 members, the price is $59/month or $49/month/annually.
  • 200.000 words, 60 uploads, the price is $119/month or $99/month/annually.  


We have all heard about Grammarly as a grammar checker and revision tool. GrammarlyGO is an improved add-on, allows users to polish and create texts suitable for their writing.

ai tool

Key Features:

  • Ideate: Provides thought-provoking article ideas.
  • Compose: Write a complete piece for you. Based on your preferences, it can be composed from scratch. 
  • Reply: Respond to emails, questions, or messages.
  • Rewrite and Organize: Revise your content and organize and rewrite parts that you want.


  • GrammarlyGO offers a FREE plan! Here are the plans offered by GrammarlyGO:
  • Free: This plan provides 100 prompts per month.
  • Premium: This plan provides 1000 prompts. It is $30/month or $12/month/annually.
  • Business: This plan provides 2000 prompts. It is $25/month or $15/month/annually.

There are many apps available online. You can try and find the best one for your needs. For more information on other AI writers, like Rytra and Frase, you can follow here.

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