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February 15, 2023

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Content Marketing Examples for Lead Generation

Post by
Decktopus Content Team

Digital marketers unite! Everyone in the digital marketing industry knows very well the power of SEO and the hidden treasure called “The Organic Traffic”. They spend years mastering SEO skills, increasing organic traffic, and creating brand awareness

What's Inside?

Digital marketers unite! Everyone in the digital marketing industry knows very well the power of SEO and the hidden treasure called “The Organic Traffic”. They spend years mastering SEO skills, increasing organic traffic, and creating brand awareness. Because when you skip that line the rest will come.

There are a few ways to bring organic traffic to your website. But one should be aware that in everything a marketer does, there should be a solid strategy. Since the internet is a very crowded place one should plan every step and put realistic goals at the back of each step.

This article will talk about “content marketing” and different strategies to generate leads with it. Because increasing the organic traffic is a pain in the head.

So what are the most common ways to bring organic traffic to the website? You must have heard the crowd saying: "Content Marketing"! The overall goal of a marketing team is to generate leads and transfer those leads to the sales team so they can put a closure to the funnel. 

content marketing examples
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What is Inside?

What is Content Marketing?

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

What is Lead Generation?

How to Build Contents for Lead Generation?

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the things that every company should be focused on no matter what industry they are in. B2B or B2C, content marketing always works. Because in such a crowded place like the internet, people started using filters and suggestions that are suitable for their interests only. So it is harder and harder to reach your target audience these days. Luckily a term called content marketing has developed and thanks to content marketing and detailed audience search companies can reach their customers and generate leads. A few of these channels of content marketing are blog, social media, guest blogs, podcasts, etc… 

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What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

As discussed above content marketing is very important due to reach out to your potential audience. Like in every other important thing in marketing sales one should build a strategy around it and put realistic KPIs. By content marketing, one should build a marketing funnel and work very closely with the sales and business development team. Here’s what a marketing funnel looks like:

Content Marketing Funnel (Source: Neil Patel, Online Sales Funnel)

As shown above, marketing and sales teams should build four stages, plan and produce content around this funnel. If the content creation and branding is at the beginning, one should call it an awareness stage. At the awareness stage, brand awareness, which is the word of mouth term hasn’t developed yet, users do not refer their friends to the product or service yet. There aren’t much of a use case or success stories developed yet. So the goal is to find those ideal audiences who are willing to give a shot to the service, use it and then refer it to their surroundings. To find those people the best method of content marketing strategy is to produce educational content to help the audience so that, they would click no matter what is the content. 

Best Contents for Building Brand Awareness:

Free Cheat Sheets

Free resources are the most important asset while building your mail list. To get the interest and convince people to leave their mail addresses and names to you, you should offer quality content. With the opt-in forms. These contents are also referred to as “opt-in incentives”. To give a sample check our minimalist branding cheat sheet and how we build a mail collector form at the end of it.

Content Marketing Cheet Sheat (Get the cheatsheet now)

Free Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to build awareness, engage and collect persona profiles from your subscribers. As a result of opt-in forms, after building a great mailing list you should build a successful newsletter strategy. Besides your discount and offer campaigns, you should create quality content and nurture your subscribers successfully. Also, a lot of personal branders and bloggers build email lists to share their affiliate links and make money online. A sample of one month of a good weekly newsletter strategy would be:

1. Week 1: Informational Content

Start the month by giving a teaser of informational content so that in the following weeks they would know that quality content is coming. Every week when they get a newsletter, they would remember and open the mail automatically. Informational content can be a success story of your business, a how-to tutorial, any kind of cheat sheet, or a how I do it article. 

You can subscribe to our newsletter to discover how we do it.

2. Week 2: Changing Mindset by Sharing Your Own

The second week is a very good time to share a success story of your business. Since we expect to have the highest open rate the suggestion would be to introduce why paying for such a service or business can bring up to their business or life. At this step make sure to be very genuine and authentic. The content can be a warm article about memories and successes.

Content Marketing Newslette

3. Week 3: Myths of the Industry

Since you have done your initial pitch it’s time to remind them you are not trying to spam their mail folders with a lot of discounts and offers. This week try to share one or two industry myths and clickbait people use to bring traffic to their services. By sharing such content you can regain confidence and bring on a connection between you and your subscribers. Also, this kind of content is always the content that a percentage of the subscribers will share with their friends.

4. Week 4: First Product/Service Introduction

By the end of genuine conversation built between you and your subscribers, it’s time to introduce truly your service with every feature and solution you have. With the relationship you have, they would more likely to consider your service since there is some kind of trust between you. For this one make sure to plan good content, to ensure that it’s good content ask your friends and colleagues for their opinions and feedbacks.

5. Week 5: Start the New Month with a Tip

At the end of the fourth week, you will have some unsubscribers that are not interested in your product. But the rests that have stayed with you are the ones that are interested and the ones that we call quality leads. They are more likely to convert and consider purchasing a package of yours. So this week share a good tip related to your service and do a harder pitch than the last week. A hard pitch always consists of a good insider discount.

You can subscribe to our newsletter to discover how we do it.


Checklists are great content to find starters in the industry. They generally have a little information about related products and services so there is a higher chance for you to shine and come in front of your competitors. To generate leads with this content you can use tools like Decktopus to ad opt-in forms at the beginning of the documents so that they had to leave their information to get the content.


Infographics are contents that can be placed in your articles for the ones who search their audience. Make sure to use valuable content or the best is to do your own survey to share with the target audience. You can have an opinion of our presentation statistics which is one of the best performing content we have on our blog page.

Content Marketing Infographics

Blog Posts

A blog page is the most important part of the website to generate organic traffic and shine up your SEO. Articles have to have strict rules come to front on search engines. Here are some starter tips from us to you:

  1. Have a Content Search Tool
  2. Have a List of Keywords
  3. Use your URLs According to the Keywords
  4. Use H1 and H2 Wisely
  5. Update Blogs Recently
  6. 1500+ Will Help You Step Front 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the next step that comes right after increasing your traffic, especially the organic traffic. One can divide lead generation into two separate steps one is getting leads and the other is to make the sale. So what is a lead and what is lead generation? As discussed in previous articles lead is called to a potential customer. And turning into contact for your business is the thing called lead generation. What does it mean to turn into a contact? It means convincing that people to listen to your pitch. As discussed above one can initiate lead generation process however to generate more and more quality leads due to the engagement there are also different strategies such as:

Free Webinars

Free webinars are a great way to measure the interest and professionalism of the audience in the field. By planning webinars and doing partnerships brands can take 1:1 questions the audience has and have an opportunity to convince them about the questions they have on their heads.

Case Studies

By talking and interviewing loyal customers companies can show other people that what they can do with the services offered with real experiences. Also having big brands on use cases will bring on real trust for your brand.

Review and Testimonials

Always save reviews and keep detailed documentation. When a potential lead visited your site they want to see good testimonials so they know that they won’t lose money by subscribing to your services. Best review collection opportunities for brands are Product Hunt, Appsumo, G2, and Capterra.


Youtube is one of the best performing social media platforms. For this reason, other than descriptive marketing videos always produce interviews, quick tutorials, and tips and tricks on video content. Because a lot of people rather watch quick and informational videos rather than spending a lot of time on blog pages. Check out our quick business presentation tutorials as a sample.

How to Build Contents for Lead Generation?

There are a variety of methods for creating content for lead generation. If you ask us, we suggest spending some quality time by reviewing existing content on the internet to build up really good quality content. After reviewing what’s outside always plan titles. To decide on titles always use search engine tools to find the best performing keywords and see what people are asking. The goal will be to use low to medium competitive questions and titles. After deciding titles always think about where to put those contents? The best places can be at the end of articles, and social media posts. To place those content always build good op-tin forms into your landing pages. If you are not tech-savvy or a single founder consider getting help from lead generation companies. Here is a sample on how to build a quick content and measure/collect quality lead;

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account and create a deck from the dashboard.
  3. Then pick one of the sample decks (online course is suggested) or start from scratch.
  4. Place your content.
  5. Add one of the form layouts.
  6. Apply your branding by adding a footer-logo.
  7. You can also connect your domain to push this deck as a landing page with Google or Facebook ads.
  8. Get the share link and place it on the proper channels.
  9. Now you are ready to collect your leads! Get an e-mail notification every time someone interested leaves their contact information!

To learn more plase visit help center.

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