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Tips for Giving Persuasive Presentations with Examples

Sometimes convince our customers for a sale, sometimes our teacher for an A+ and sometimes our bosses for promotion. To be successful one should strengthen persuasive muscles.

December 1, 2022

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What's Inside?

We give presentations to convince people. Sometimes convince our customers for a sale, sometimes our teacher for an A+ and sometimes our bosses for promotion. To be successful one should strengthen persuasive muscles. For this manner we gathered some tips to become more persuasive in this article, enjoy!

Do your research well

Before coming to the presentation make sure you research your audience well. It may be only one person or a whole group but make sure to learn about their interest. What are they more likely to laugh at, what are they more interested in and what are they more sensitive to? These 3 questions will help you to manage every situation and strengthen your story.

Have goals

Every action we take should have a goal - professionally. We suggest picking one major goal like, making the sale, getting a term sheet, or getting an A+ and flavors the goal with 2 additional goals. Few good examples could be, explaining the next steps, convincing for a budget, or just bonding with the audience. It’s important to keep in mind that every presentation and document should have a major goal and should not talk about a lot of things. It has to be simple and to do point. So avoid off-topic situations.

Get the most out of the first 1 minute

The first moments of the presentation are the timezone your audience decide whether they are interested or not. The rest is to wait for the finish line. To grab the attention we have a secret sauce. Start with a one-liner where you explain your goal with the shortest and simplest sentence you can come up with. Then start telling your “why” with a story. Remember that story is a way of explaining things by bonding with your audience. We have a few tips to grab attention while telling your story.

State your idea right upfront

Use the big text for attention grab and the subtitle for the one-liner. Take Steve Jobs in 2007 for an example.

By choosing Title+Text you can start your presentation in a bold way by emphasizing your “big idea”.

Then you should start right up, without distractions, to start to tell your story. To be engaging use a joke, a surprising statistic, or a personal anecdote to grab the attention of your audience. Our suggestion will be bold text and bold statistics. Use number+image layout to have an eye-catching story slide.

After giving the statistics offer a story or an experience from your life that everyone in the room can relate to. This how you can interact with your audience. The best way to track engagement is to see how many people nod their heads or smile at you. To emphasize use an image of you from that time. Start with “this is me when…” and use image layout.

Use Visual Help

By summarising your idea with visuals and charts rather than long texts you can help the audience understand what you are trying to say. If your audience understands the topic they might be more receptive to it. Check how a startup used the Number+Image slide to explain the budget.

Be Consistent and Simple

Having the same colors and design consistency throughout the deck will reduce confusion. It’s fact that even when we change the room we’re in our mood changes. So make sure not to use too many colors and too many things on the same slide. At Decktopus we offer clean and simple layouts with professionally designed color palettes.

Practice Conviction

Practice makes everything perfect, in baking, driving, and in conviction. To give a solid and persuasive speech one should be confident and ready. Confident people give a positive message to the audience and more likely to make that sale. To be precise ask your friends to come and listen and ask for genuine feedback. The most important part to do before practicing is to write a script. Decktopus enables you to write your own script while practicing at the rehearse screen.

At this screen, you can give yourself timing goals, watch professional speech tips, and take notes. Also to make sure everything sounds great and relatable you can record your voice over slides and listen for yourself. This is the best way of improving your speech.

Tips on Being More Persuasive Speaker

After writing the script and memorizing everything and doing your breathwork, the day has come and you are at the stage. Try to have eye contact as much as possible and make sure to talks slow and come back to your major goal once in a while. With each repetition, you bring your audience to the present and remind them why you are there. Also for the finish line, the worst way to finish is to thank them if you are trying to be impressive. Try to end the presentation by asking for a thing like, “I will be very happy to answer your questions” “I will be very happy to connect at the coffee break and talk more about partnership opportunities.”.

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