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The Complete Guide of Repurposing Content

Say hello to the number one topic covered in conversations between content creators and marketers: “Content creation is the key.”. There are a lot of people making money by just writing content and copywriting.

February 15, 2023

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What's Inside?

Say hello to the number one topic covered in conversations between content creators and marketers: “Content creation is the key.”. There are a lot of people making money by just writing content and copywriting. When you get into it, you will see that this is a whole new world.

Content helps businesses to find users, grow and engage. These three things may be the most valuable things for any business owner. For this reason, we created a complete guide to repurpose your content.

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What is content repurposing?

It is reusing content once you are created in many ways. One can reuse content by separating them and using them as a whole new topic or maybe just use the content that already exists in different forms and on different platforms.

Why is content repurposing important?

Some Content Are Better Than Others

They just are. No matter how SEO focused you are, you never know how to hack every title. Also, you cannot find enough resources to cover everything in the world, and you cannot act without a strategy. You should come up with a plan according to your audience’s interest. The whole idea of creating content is to engage with potential and existing users. One of the biggest advantages is having the data of interest in each topic. You have a pool of content and you have information about engagement. It’s a perfect way to create new-ish content that will interest your audience for sure.


Another reason is that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to create content. So it’s safe to say that reusing content is an easy and effective choice.

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Platform Friendly

It’s a fact that not every person is using actively every platform. Some love podcasts and some only use Twitter. Using every platform and feeding people with a lot of content through every platform is helping businesses reach out to new customers.

Content Repurposing Secrets

To be time - effective, one should do its study and create a content repurposing strategy. A strategy should always consist of a few things, like reach, engagement, and a pool of content.

Exist in Platforms

The first thing every content strategist should do is to create a company profile on every platform they can find and also create a personal profile. To understand each platform, one should become a member to be familiar with using and understanding its algorithms Explore content created, interests, hashtags, questions, and channels. Sometimes you can even find inspiration from just exploring. Make sure to take note of everything

Find Your Age-Proof Content

Even though staying active and creating content by the trends are a successful method to engage with users, some topics do not age. The best platform to observe this is Quora. There is an abundance of questions with the same answers and people want to know the same things on different topics. You have to know what your audience keeps asking frequently and likes to read no matter what politics, news, or TikTok trends say. Find that content, make sure to create a mother content, and use it with a cycle in each platform by updating it every once in a while.

Find Your Popular Content

There must be one post that stands out in the crowd. The easiest way to decide this is to change every content to a business account to get engagement insights. Not every post that gets the most likes are the most popular one. Make sure to check the share, save, and comment on each post.

Look for Examples

Like in every other thing, watching for competitors is vital in content creation. Every competitor nurtures others with content and feature idea. Since the audiences are similar and sometimes the same make sure to check out what works for them. In the advanced scenario look for your persona’s interests and find non-competitive but similar businesses like yours. Check your audience’s other interests and feed your content ideas from there.

Timing and Cycling

If we are a technology adaptor, we might be following influencers in companies on more than one platform. That’s why using the same content on different platforms is extremely important when it comes to timing. Yes, every content should be on every platform but not at the same time and cycle. You don’t want to mention the same thing and overwhelm people.

Examples of Content Repurposing

Repurposing Podcast Content

There are a lot of podcasters already creating amazing content and it’s a thing that can’t be underestimated. From the small talks and small info sessions on each podcast, one can add value to its spare time. Did you have an interview request and had an amazing time giving the interview? Summarize it and turn it into IGTV content, Reels, TikToks, and even a blog post. Try to use audio transciption tool like Audext to make your life easier. Check out their services on how to increase SEO ranking with audio transcription.

Round-Up Post

The best way to engage and give back to your audience is to analyze the data you kept and share it with them. Make a list of most read blogs, most asked questions, and tell them what you learned from them. Here’s the end of year wrap up we created at the end of 2020. One of the best performing blog we ever wrote.

Repurposing Content for Social Media

Social media people love short and to the point information. The best content for social media is to share knowledge. Turn your statistics into separate Instagram posts or Twitter posts. Use your Q&A’s and testimonials into Instagram stories and add them to your highlights so that every new follower can navigate in your profile. Check out our social media profiles to take as an example.

Repurposing Content for Engagement Growth

People love information. They look at it online all the time. By turning and combining your blogs into e-books and guides, they will be appreciated by any kind of audience. Create them documents filled with information and resources, they will just love them. You can even create quizzes and fun twitter threads to entertain your followers.

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Using Blog Articles to Create Videos

Short or long, some people like and get everything visually. Trying to create visual content always responds very well. You can turn your informal blogs, tips&tricks posts, and even help center posts into short informal videos. Also, you can do the opposite by using audio transcription while recording a video.

Summarizing Content to Reuse

Sometimes you need to keep it short. You can try to squeeze out of your content and use the extract of information as different forms like cheat sheets, checklists, or even templates. Check out sample decks we created out of presentation template series blogs and best performing post about course creation out of a blog.

Create a New Article on Medium

Medium is a perfect place for starters and has its own suggestion algorithm inside. It already has a build-up audience itself and has proven to be performing very well. Repurposing a rocking blog into a medium post can create great engagement and traffic to your website. Here is one of the medium articles we published recently.

Create a Presentation Out of a Q&A at Quora

Quora is a platform for everyone to ask questions and for everyone who seeks questions that are asked about its niche. Spend a few minutes looking for your topic and just like that you spend hours answering questions. This is a great way to point out important points and emphasize answers. Create a presentation to answer each question asked about the topic and share it with your audience in PDF form. Create your own Q&A document now.

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