January 23, 2024

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How to Write Perfect Sales Pitch with Examples and Ideas

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If you are looking for the perfect sales pitch for your company, than you are in the right place! With this guide, write guaranteed sales pitches, and use Decktopus's templates for an easier process.

What's Inside?

How to Write Perfect Sales Pitch with Examples and Ideas

A sales pitch is the first impression you will have on your clients! A well-prepared sales pitch will become a representation of your business. To attract clients and increase their interest in you and your product, a sales pitch is a must!

As they say, sharing all your knowledge in a short amount of time or in a shorter paper is harder than a longer one. You have to be proficient enough to know what to include and exclude. It is also important to have the right template! 

Thus, in this blog post, we will dive into the sales pitches. Let’s explore how to write them, present them, and how to shine in the crowd.

What is a sales pitch?

Contrary to popular belief, a sales pitch is a short talk or presentation about your business. It is not an hour-long presentation in front of business investors! It is a short talk that can be in the form of phone talks, a speech at a meeting, or at a business convention. 

A typical sales pitch is around two minutes. Commonly, it is also referred to as "elevator sales pitch" as well. Its name comes from the idea that an elevator ride is short, and you should deliver your business points in a short amount of time.

Contents of a sales pitch

A sales pitch should explain the nature of your business. Keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to attract customers, make more sales, and attract investments. Thus, a sales pitch should emphasize the benefits, advantages, and your clients while also vaguely emphasizing the commonalities your clients and the listener have. 

Elevator pitch ideas & examples

Sales Pitch Tips

What to do? How?
Tell a story Before your pitch, create a connection with the audience by telling a story! Try to appeal to their emotions, build empathy, and emphasize what they will value!
Create a WOW moment Your pitch has to be memorable. Thus, you may try to induce shock, excitement, and curiosity with some interesting ideas, facts, or statistics. Use whatever is suitable for your company.
Try not to use metaphors Keep it simple to understand. You want clients to clearly understand you. You don’t want them to be confused or feel belittled.
Emphasize what they will miss out Without your product/service, what will they miss out? What does the importance of your product come from? Create an argument on this.
Practice! Makes perfect! You have very limited time for a sales pitch. It has to be flawless. If you stumble or take time to think about it, then you can lose clients! Make sure you know your pitch by heart and show your expertise!

How to prepare a sales pitch

The structure of the sales pitch is important! A sales pitch should be smooth, convincing, and attention-grabbing. Also, an ideal sales pitch should use some of the proven methods and tricks! 

However, preparing a sales pitch is not easy! As it has a lot of requirements and limited time to convey your message. Thus, using a template is a wiser choice! 

Decktopus is an online presentation tool that offers over 100+ templates on different topics! One of the most popular templates is designed for creating easy sales pitches!

Let’s go over the components of the sales pitches on Decktopus’s E-Commerce Sales Pitch Template!

1) Prepare an outline

As we mentioned, this is a very short talk. An ideal sales pitch is 2 minutes, and if it is shorter, that's even better! However, this restriction comes with a greater question:

  • What will you add to your short talk? How do you keep them interested and get the message across? 

Prepare an outline indicating your points. This will make your job easier in the long run!

2) Tell your story! 

The success of a sales pitch comes from interpersonal connections. Before you talk about your business, you have to establish a connection so that the other party will hook up and converse with you! In other words, you have to think as a salesperson!

Improve your storytelling techniques!


3) State the problem

What is the problem that caught your and your company's attention? You may give details depending on your audience. Talk about the struggles or problems they may face as well, so that they will be able to relate the necessity to solve this problem.

Don’t be afraid to emphasize the pain!

small business

4) And the answer is…

Now that everyone is aware of this problem, time to move on to your product! How does your product plan to solve this problem? What are the main objectives of it?

How would it benefit your audiences if they were to buy it? Glorify your product by emphasizing its value proposition.


5) Highlight the prominent features 

So there is a problem, and your product is the answer. But how? Talk about the features available on your product. Present your product as the ultimate solution!

Talk about the distinguishing features and newest features of your product. Talk about what they will lose if they don’t use your product.


6) Provide evidence for your claims

You have talked and talked about your product and how well it is. However, can you back up your claims? Give evidence for the wellness of your company!

You may talk about where your product stands in the market, the growth of it, and customer reactions. You may benefit from the use cases to show the versatility of your product.

product trend
product compression

7) Contact details

Briefly mention the prominent figures in your company, like the CEO or CMO. To do so, you will subtly emphasize to whom the stakeholders should contact. You may also mention their backgrounds and roles in the company if you have time!

contact details

This concludes our sales pitch! By using Decktopus’s templates, you can have the outline of this sales pitch. However, Decktopus offers many other templates for your sales needs! 

Discover interactive and easy-to-use templates with several customization options and limitless color palettes!

Examples of sales templates on Decktopus

1) Case Study Template For Sales Teams

  • As any sales team knows, case studies are an essential part of the sales process. They help potential customers understand how your product or service has helped others, and they can be a powerful closing tool.
  • This template is designed to help you quickly and easily create a case study that highlights your team's successes!
Case Study Template For Sales Teams
Case Study Template

2) E-Commerce Sales Pitch 

  • This template will surely attract potential customers or investors for an e-commerce business.A well-structured e-commerce sales pitch can increase customer engagement, drive sales, and help to increase your business growth.
  • With customizations available for almost all e-commerce niches or industries, such as fashion, electronics, or health products, you will create a sales pitch in no time! Additionally, it may include visuals, customer testimonials, or case studies to support the pitch and enhance credibility.
 E-Commerce Sales Pitch 

3) Network Education Sales Teams Template

  • This template guides the training and development of sales teams in the education industry. Outline the knowledge and skills required for success, providing training resources and materials, and establishing performance metrics and evaluation methods.
  • By using a network education sales teams template, organizations can ensure that their sales teams are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively promote and sell educational products or services.
Network Education Sales Teams Template
Network Education Sales

4) Minimal Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template

  • This presentation template will show you how to put together a lean, mean selling machine that will help your business close more deals and drive more revenue. It'll cover everything from the structure of your team to the type of training and support they'll need to be successful.
  • So whether you're just starting to outsource your sales efforts or you're looking to streamline your existing team, this presentation is for you. Let's get started!
Minimal Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template
Minimal Outsourced Sales Team Proposal

5) Formal Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template

  • As any sales team worth its salt knows, presentation is key when it comes to generating new leads and closing deals. And while an in-house sales team can certainly put together a decent presentation, there's always the chance that someone will drop the ball.
  • By entrusting your presentation needs to a group of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your message will be communicated effectively and efficiently.
 Formal Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template
 Formal Outsourced Sales Team Template

6) Sales Proposal Template

  • Sales proposals are one of the essential documents salespeople use and refine.
  • This sales proposal template is prepared to kickstart a sales offer and take the tension out of sales teams. Containing the most critical bullet points, this template is useful in every sales deal!
 Sales Proposal Template
 Sales Proposal

7) Sales Case Study Template

  • This presentation template is designed for salespeople to present and discuss case studies in sales meetings. With its professional look and engaging layout, your clients will be impressed with the level of detail you put into your analysis. 
Sales Case Study Template

8) Oil Gas Company Sales Sheet

  • The Oil & Gas Company Sales Sheet is a document created by an oil and gas company to increase sales of its products and services. It includes basic information about the company's products, services, and contact information.
  • The document is designed to be used by salespeople when they are meeting with potential customers. 
Oil Gas Company Sales Sheet
Oil Gas Company

9) Sales Representative Document Template

Sales Representative Document Template
Sales Representative Document

10) Sales Meeting Followup

  • The sales follow-up presentation is perfect for the marketer whose goal is to close more sales. The deck includes a payment slide, a booking slide, and a feedback slide.
  • Now, there's no need to leave your presentations after you've given them! Decktopus allows people to close sales without ever leaving their slides unattended - it's never been easier than this!
Sales Meeting Followup

11) Product Sales Sheet Template

  • This template is perfect for anyone selling anything! It's simple and lean, which makes it easy to get started without feeling overwhelmed. You can customize all you want and even add your own branding!
Product Sales Sheet Template
Product Sales Sheet

12) Elegant Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template

  • If you're looking to impress potential clients and win more business, an elegant proposal template is a must have.
  • Decktopus’s outsourced sales team proposal template is just what you need to showcase your company's strengths and capabilities and convince clients that you're the right team for the job.
Elegant Outsourced Sales Team Proposal Template
Elegant Outsourced Sales Team

13) Furniture Sales Sheet

  • This template can be used to list the furniture items that are for sale. Furniture Sales Sheets can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small shops to large retailers. They are a helpful way to keep track of inventory and ensure that customers are aware of all the furniture options available.
  • Furniture Sales Sheets can also be used as marketing tools, as they can be distributed to potential customers or posted in public places. When creating a Furniture Sales Sheet, it is important to include all relevant information in an easily readable format.
  • This will help customers make informed decisions about their purchases.‍
Furniture Sales Sheet
Furniture Sales

14) Sales Proposal Template

  • Designed specifically for the convenience of salespeople, this template will help prepare optimized proposal offers.
  • By using this template, you can list your services, make a difference, ask to agree to your terms & conditions and proceed to checkout, which fastens the buying process. 
Sales Proposal Template
Sales Proposal Template

15) Sales Report Template

  • A sales report is a document that can report an offer to a client of a document who reports to the sales supervisor. This template can be used to present offers and analyze the results.
  • At the end of the template, a chart layout is used to show the number of returns and conversions. One of the major jobs of a salesperson is to analyze the performance and improve it!
Sales Report Template
Sales Report

16) Sales Project Proposal Presentation Template

  • Decktopus offers exceptional slide layouts to increase the engagement and attractivity of decks. One can add forms, rating slides, clickable links, charts and many more. These features will make your proposal stand out, and they will make your deck viewers want to click and engage.
Sales Project Proposal Presentation Template
Sales Project

17) Sales Plan Template

  • This sales plan template is designed for salespeople or small business owners to create a good-looking and solid sales offer to their employees. If you are looking for a professional-looking template to go to your clients, this template is your starting point.
Sales Plan Template
Sales Plan

18) Sales Document Template

  • Sales documents are one of the critical documents salespeople use and optimize. This sales document template is prepared to kickstart a sales offer and take the stress out of sales teams. 
Sales Document Template
Sales Document

19) Sales Business Proposal Template

  • Sales proposals can mean the difference between losing a sale and making a sale, and if done correctly, an offer will not only help close the sale but will also make the sale bigger than it otherwise would be.
 Sales Business Proposal Template
 Sales Business

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a sales pitch script?

A sales pitch script is a written dialogue that you can practice on. This script can contain your speech and possible questions with their answers. While performing a sales pitch on the phone, scripts become handy!

2) What are the most frequent questions for sales pitches?

Though this can show differences based on your product/service, the most common questions are:

  • Where your business is located?
  • What are your goals?
  • Can you give me an example?

If you were to create your sales pitch on Decktopus, you can take advantage of the Q&A function! Decktopus AI will analyze your slides and create a Q&A session for you! Be prepared for the questions that will surely come.

3) How should the sales pitch structure be?

A sales pitch should include

  • Introduction- A personal anecdote
  • Problems
  • Answers to these problems

You can refer to our guide above for more detailed information! On Decktopus, these headings come ready for customization with their specific templates!

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