December 15, 2023

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Pros of Adding Video Marketing and Personalization into your Presentations and Digital Marketing Strategy

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A Digital Marketing Strategy is a strategic plan that defines and outlines your business marketing goals on many social media platforms and email as well. Most importantly it gives you a snapshot of which tactics and strategies you will use and how much to invest in using these strategies.

What's Inside?

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A Digital Marketing Strategy is a strategic plan that defines and outlines your business marketing goals on many social media platforms and email as well. Most importantly it gives you a snapshot of which tactics and strategies you will use and how much to invest in using these strategies. One example is a growth marketing strategy that focuses on your social media community of customers and email strategy in building customer loyalty and even allows you to create partnerships with influencers. Whichever strategy you use, especially video content which I will be talking about later, the main focus here is to define your niche and grow your global community.

digital marketing strategy

Why should I use Digital Marketing?

Each company has a set of specific goals and a lot of planning is taken place, I will talk a little more about planning. But why is digital marketing so important? There are many reasons to pick up on digital marketing, the most common reason is mobility, flexibility, and expanding the reach of your company. Another but important aspect of digital marketing is an influential marketing strategy whereas in modern culture there is a large amount of engagement coming from social media and many influencers team up with many many brands to help promote their customer loyalty and growth. Having this as part of your digital marketing creates trust, reliability and helps you gain points in not just creating more partnerships but building a respected, strong reach and community as well.

Lastly, keeping your budget at bay is important as well. Using digital marketing is a huge plus in planning your marketing efforts and it’s considered affordable, lowering the costs of certain things you wouldn’t be able to without a mobile device or laptop.

Creating Trust With Personalization

When it comes to reaching an audience, personalization plays a key role in making your marketing efforts much more worth it. Bringing personalization and strong engagement tactics into your strategy creates a sense of empathy and humanizing your service or product in a way that creates relatability and trust. In all honesty, no one will buy a product or continue to do so if it’s not serving their needs or isn’t making an effort to be somewhat personalized. So how can you achieve this in the best way possible?

Well first, in times of remote work you will run into so many other competitors that will use this as a way to be relatable to people who are working from home, ao what can you do to be more unique in this situation? Well in addition to reaching an audience through this particular set of events of what’s happening in the world today, you can use some bits of what makes your product unique. For example, what specific traits does your product have concerning audiences, and what does your company stand for in terms of its values? What specific impact are you looking forward to making when grappling with today’s issues? Also, look at what your competitors are doing in addressing certain topics and what they have used in the past to move ahead in strengthening their community.

Interactive Content

Interactive content has been placed as one of the best practices when it comes to personalization and promoting engagement. One of the main focuses of using this form of engagement is to fulfill customers’ enjoyment and improving customers' experience. For example, insightful open-ended questions that open honest discussions, quizzes, contests, polls, giveaways can be beneficial to your overall strategy. Using more than one of these ideas can improve customer retention and can keep customers engaged, which helps the long-standing of your page and even views, like on social media platforms. Lastly, it allows you to look closely at customer feedback and it allows them to have their voices heard and allows you to show them that you truly care about what your customers say and can be aware of your company and how people react to your overall mission.

How has the world of Marketing Evolved?

In the world of digital marketing, a lot has changed in regards to using old-fashioned and traditional approaches in prepping you for your marketing presentations. One of the main things that digital marketers are exposed to now is the digital world, filled with so much content, streaming all at once. There are so many ways to connect online, especially using software in the cloud instead of using physical equipment. Now, marketers are most competitive when it comes to adding cloud-based tools and efficient strategies to create a persuasive story to match the digital content.

I will discuss the pros of adding a specific feature to make your marketing strategy not only effective but competitive when it comes to connecting with audiences in today’s digital world. I will also go over some important points of also adding personalization into your presentations and marketing strategy.

Here is a quite short but impactful list of the pros of adding personalization and video marketing to your digital marketing strategy.

  • Instantly deliver your value proposition, mission statement purpose, and message
  • Personalize your content (creates a sense of authenticity)
  • Drive traffic to your content and website
  • Strengthen your brand personality and viewer interactions
  • It builds trust, credibility and enables social sharing
  • Video boosts your conversion rates!

Adding and upgrading your marketing presentations in the digital marketing world

First and foremost, we should talk about how to start a presentation or any document with a bang! For example, lead-in with a brilliant one-liner, a quote, or even a personal story, the more dramatic the netter and even start with insightful questions on the most pressing issues in today’s society.

Igniting emotion in your audiences or clients and creating a clear vision helps in developing a sense of solution-focused approach and will force urgency into capturing that attention into solving their pain points and challenges. There are many ways to do this. For example, start with the major problem and then swoop them in with good news on what your product/service has to offer to solve that problem. The whole point is to hook them in right off the bat, and draw them into your story and what you have to say.

Second, that’s what brings us to the next thing, which is the importance of personalization and storytelling. How can you leverage storytelling into reality and how can you reflect that story in the best way possible in your presentation? So as you are gliding your way through your slides, use interactive, immersive, and relatable examples to combine your presentation cohesively.

Another important way to do that is to add illustrations and figures to your examples, not just any kind of graph, but a fitting graph where it makes your presentation look sophisticated and gives an aesthetic feel. More and more people are becoming more visual than ever, so having this is important. Backing up your example with data-driven marketing forces you to specify information and the source where it comes from.

Next, have you just glided through your slides and it was just taken over by so much text, so much text that it causes you to realize that this was not what you expected in creating that insightful quote or life-changing story? And counting how many times experiencing or witnessing that much text in 50 slides was even hard to comprehend in the first place. Just follow up on that, the average human’s attention span today is poignantly low. And when it comes to keeping your audience’s attention, it’s important to keep them engaged throughout as much as possible. Especially with remote work, it can be extremely hard to do this.

So what should you do to avoid wordy slides? Well, simplify, simplify, simplify! Work with only key points in your slides instead of stuffing all of the slides with the text you will explain. Use your slides to simplify and support your pitch or proposal. And with the support of your personalized story, it’s also important to incorporate images, GIFs, and what we will talk about later is video content. All of these tips can help aid in the overall understanding and purpose you want your audiences to understand when you first think about those insightful quotes or life-changing stories.

Video Marketing

In 2021 and surely beyond, video marketing is becoming the number one trend in creating successful content in today’s tech-savvy generation. For example, live streams, stories, and many other video content is becoming a part of a highly sought marketing trend and many brands are using video content streams to push their content and products to audiences. In order to create and edit such high-quality video content using an online video editor is the best way out. These tools come with a host of features that will help you create engaging and professional-looking video content with minimal effort for your potential audiences.

Video content is a way for marketers to connect with clients and audiences on a much personal level and with that, you can see a lot of growth in adding video marketing to your strategy. To expand your audience reach further, consider integrating live streaming into your video marketing strategy, however, make sure to explore the differences between SDI vs HDMI connections, as this knowledge is crucial for ensuring seamless and high-quality broadcasts.

Video content at large is a simpler way to connect with others and because of remote work, it has become a success with brands who want to reach audiences not just globally but locally as well. With this in mind, always look for new ways to build a story that makes your service offering unique, and always think about how do you want potential customers to feel when they see your content. By doing this it will become easier for you to adapt and work with what you have.

Online Course Content

Video Marketing, more specifically creating video online course content is a great way to reach potential learners and students. For many online coaches, especially online coaching, video content is huge in retaining customers and having them constantly learning from your very own content. If you are looking into teaching courses or even offering special tips and advice on your particular niche, you can check out some blogs here on How To Promote Your Online Courses Step-By-Step and Course Content Creation for Beginners and take the 2-minute brand quiz!

Create Video Content that is Customer-Centric

Let’s be honest here, it's about what your audiences’ needs and wants are, it’s not just about the product or your background. What do you have to offer to show that what they’re experiencing or having problems with can be solved? What in particular makes your product unique? Use that in your video content and you will soon see a boost in your views and conversions.

When crafting customer-centric video content, consider what will capture the attention of your target audience and deliver information in an engaging way. As with any type of marketing content, it is also important to ensure that videos are error-free and professional in order to maintain credibility with potential customers. By collaborating with a company that offers video marketing services you can create  informative and visually appealing videos that will help you achieve your business goals.

Planning Your Digital Marketing Content

As an important part of developing an effective digital marketing strategy, planning and getting familiar with planning and goal setting are just some of the important things to think about. Your marketing strategy has to be specific and measurable. In this particular set of goals, you will want to create long and short-term goals. What impact are you trying to create or what issues are important to your company. Most importantly, what is some of your key values when it comes to certain topics? These messages are important because what you are sending out makes a difference in your company’s growth and long-term growth as well. For example, what does your mission say about topics like diversity, creativity, productivity, well-being?

What are some topics you look forward to in adding to your email marketing and social trends that most speak to what your company represents? Add these to your presentations when talking to your clients and let them know that you are in partnership with them when it comes to alleging their values. However, it’s important to show rather than just have words in bullet form on one presentation slide.

Use Humor to stand out

Last but not least, just because you may presenting a matter that may be serious or something quite urgent, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring light into the zoom room with your presentation. Humor is the best medicine and can make you stand out. It will keep your audience well engaged. You can never go wrong with relevant humor in your content. The best way to do this is with GIFs and memes. However, as long as it’s relevant and not forced, audiences will see the humanity in that and know that you take this seriously yet you also know how to make light of anything. An even better way to add memes and images that perfectly fit your presentation is using the Decktopus presentation feature to instantly look up amazing high-quality images! Just by searching the relevant photo, it automatically adds itself into your presentation without having to modify or shaping the image to fit!

Call to Action

Lastly, you will want your audience to be left with many engaging comments or even last-minute questions that should close them in with the deal. In this particular moment, tell them what they should do next. How should they use this information and the story to solve their major pain point, what are the next action items for them? Summarize your important points and ensure that your value proposition is clear and straightforward, make sure it is clear at the beginning and the end of the presentation. Your CTA should address two-way communication and should allow you and the audience to discuss any last-minute questions and allow a moment to exchange ideas. Leading out with a CTA that demonstrates your overall message and next steps is crucial in making your marketing strategy a success, regardless of the outcome.

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