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How To Promote Your Online Course Step by Step Guide

Here are 8 effective tips to market your online courses and coaching services! If you are looking to develop and market your online course and grow your audience, this is the place for you.

September 5, 2022

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Online Course Creation is Key in the Era of E-learning

What's Inside?

Tips & Tricks to Increase the Reach of your E-learning Content

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Why Should you Create an Online Course

Online Course Content

Over the last two decades, the revenue created by e-learning has increased by 900%. What’s more by 2025, the global e-learning market is expected to be worth around 325 billion dollars. The pandemic has definitely accelerated the upward mobility of online learning and digital course content creation. Here are some other trends that manifest or capitalize on this trend:

  • IBM has saved around 200 million dollars upon switching to eLearning systems
  • US based companied have generated 42% additional revenue through eLearning
  • Virtual classrooms, video learning, digestible modules, gamification of online course content and mobile learning have definitely become go-to trends. 

With the global pandemic, a majority of the global educational systems had to transition into online learning. This transition caused teachers to look for ways to create effective online course content and to be able to promote it well. But, those who create online courses are not only academics. Now, anyone who is looking to share their expertise and know-how in a field of their preference prefer creating online resources for coaching. These include nutritionists, marketing experts, sports instructors, mindfulness coaches, etc. If this sounds like you, let’s walk you through how you can boost your online course content. 

What Do You Need to Boost your Course Content

promoting online courses
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Here are 8 effective tips to market your online courses and coaching services!

1. Publish a promotional video on YouTube:

Youtube is the second most popular search engine receiving huge traction on a daily basis. A good portion of this audience may be interested in exploring content in the area of your courses. You may choose to create a YouTube channel and create promotional videos for your course content, and publish your videos here!

2. Create a Course Podcast:

Publishing course content in a variety of different formats may be effective in catching certain audience segments who have a preference for how they would like to learn. Some people are visual learners, and some people prefer audio! For some tips on public speaking, check out our earlier blog.

3. Approach your courses as a product set:

This means that you should be treating your course content as a product that you can build, promote and sell! Create a solid user interface for how your students will access your course content and be sure to use effective tools in promotion. 

4. Use Social Media:

Go ahead and announce, tease and promote your course content on a regular basis through social media. But, when it comes to social media, you should not let quantity trump quality. Yes, consistent posting is significant, but so is having the right social media strategy that will address the right kind of audience and deliver the correct content. 

5. Create a webinar:

A critical feature of online courses is to make them user-friendly. A key way to ensure that you course content and delivery is optimized is to engage with your audience. What better way to do that than to run routine webinars? You can also utilize these webinars to connect with potential students.

6. Create a Teaser Course:

A freebie is always a good way to lure and capture an initial audience base. Let them see how great your course content is and stick with the rest! There is a reason many companies utilize free trials; it is because a lot of people tend to decide to buy a product after having a rehearsal run. Building up the course structure in the right way will help you manifest the depth of your topic, demonstrating to your students how little they know about the topic. 

7. Create a sales page for your course:

You should build a landing page that let’s your audience know you speak their language, can offer a value proposition with your course content, share a course proposal, and highlight a super catchy and user friendly call to action. There are tools that allow you to share your course documents through a custom domain and embed the documents into your website. Check out what they have to offer! 

8. Build an email list for your students!

In the end of the day, your course is your business. You will need to be approaching your students like potential customers that you want to convert into full time students that keep coming back for more. The best way to do this is through lead generation. Embed forms into your documents, collect prospect data and convert them by creating a comprehensive email list that you will routinely email to. Decktopus offers forms that you can easily add onto your website and a custom dashboard where you can see the information you collected through the form. Here is more on lead generation

An Era for Online Course Creation in the Digital Revolution

Through following these steps, you can easily create your online course content and market it to the right audience. It is wise to look out for tools that can help ease the process! Check out the special benefits Decktopus offers to those who are looking to create and market online courses. 

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