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Presentation Template Series 1: Homework Presentations

It is back-to-school season! Whether we like it or not, it comes around every year. But are you really ready for this semester? Did you miss the homework struggle? For this reason, we prepared a guide for homework presentations. Enjoy!

December 1, 2022

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Homework presentation template prepared by Decktopus Content Team

What's Inside?

It is back to school season! Whether we like it or not, it comes around every year. You know what that means. Deadlines, projects, homework, exams, parent-teacher conferences… In the 2020-2021 Academic Year, statistics show that over 56.4 million students will attend elementary, middle, and high school in the United States. Even though college enrollment is about 6% lower this fall, a staggering 19.7 million will attend college and university in Fall 2020. The new normal for the world of academics is undoubted “distance learning”. The pandemic has forced many students to transition to online learning as physical school buildings may be critical sights where the pandemic can spread. This presents critical challenges for students in many ways, including online assignments.

If your school started early, your deadlines might be just around the corner. I can bet that these assignments include an online presentation. But somehow, the presentation is not seeming to complete itself, is it? What are you going to do?

The ultimate way to go is to find an appropriate homework presentation template from an online presentation tool like Decktopus. It makes things so much simpler. With the template already there, all you need to do is to place your content. Let’s walk you through an example to see what a homework deck needs:

1. An Introductory Slide

This slide is your regular first slide that introduces the presenter names, a title, and an image or gif that captures the audience's attention. Introducing the name of your class and professor may also be necessary. Always check the rubric!

Homework Presentation Cover Slide

2. A Sample Question Slide

Starting with a question will support more audience engagement. This way, you can capture your audience from the beginning and raise their investment to your content.

Homework Presentation A Sample Question Slide

3. An About Slide

Here is where you introduce what you will be talking about.

Homework Presentation About Slide

4. General Introduction and Summary Slide

Place your initial remarks, expectations, and so on in this slide.

Homework Presentation General Introduction And Summary Slide

5. Key Terms Slide

Listing out the key terms on the topic domain is helpful to prevent any confusions that may occur in the content of the upcoming slides.

Homework Presentation Key Terms Slide

6. A Quote Slide

Quotes help create room for brainstorming and influence novel ideas for your presentation. They can also introduce a new direction for your presentation. You can also use quotes as something that will reinstate your main message and rid it from any distraction.

Homework Presentation Quote Slide

7. Different Categories Slide

This is where you can create a table with bullets to explain or differentiate the categories or the subtitles of your general topic. Seeing the different categories separated may help the audience better understand the outline of your presentation.

Homework Presentation Different Categories Slide

8. A Timeline Slide

This helps set the historical background if a certain history needs to be explained in chronological order.

Homework Presentation A Timeline Slide

9. Visual Slide

Place this in the middle of your presentation as a breather for your audience. The attention span of an individual may differ but is shorter than you think! A breather may help refresh their minds and be sharper to listen to the rest of your presentation. Visuals are a necessity in other slides as well.

Homework Presentation Visual Slide

10. Conclusion Slide

Talk about the main idea, sum up your points, and highlight your key takeaways.

Homework Presentation Conclusion Slide

11. Any Questions Slide

Many teachers will expect that you end your presentation with a question. Ending on a question can help your audience remember your presentation as they have to ask themselves about a certain aspect of your content. Coming up with an answer will reinforce their understanding. Taking questions will allow you to highlight your main message again.

Homework Presentation Any Questions Slide

Some classes will ask that you include a bibliography at the end of your presentation. Again, you must have a good understanding of your homework rubric so that you don’t miss any points.

Check out our Homework Presentation template video here!

When you are looking at presentation templates for your next homework presentation, make sure the sample deck includes these presentation slides! For a good homework deck, check out Decktopus now!

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